Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm missing it everyday.

Not a day pass that i didn't miss this place.

Yes, Redang.
I miss every minute there; from the friendly people, beautiful ocean and cool sea breeze... it's like... the most purr-fect place in the world.

Watching Mamma Mia! reminds me of one thing i enjoy doing most in Redang.
Jumping into the cool sea water without a care in the world.

Ok it isn't true, the only worry i have (the moment before jumping) is not being able to see any sea turtles (and i shall not rest till i do btw). But you get what i mean.

If only i could be there now... i would swim every day.
Never mind the life-jacket, say "boo" to the snorkeling equipment. Just me, a pair of goggles, and i'm off.

If only i could be there now... i would be one with the ocean.
Swimming in the big blue sea among the fish like a local. Like i belong there. Of course, not forgetting to take breaths in between, but that's it.

If only i could be there now...

Someone bring me back there? Please?

Mamma Mia!


Wonderful feel-good movie really!
I had a good time just by laughing, and the songs are wonderful!

I feel like standing up and to sing and dance in the cinema =D!!

Favourite part being, when random people and strangers just suddenly jump out of nowhere and sing and dance along!!
My most favourite part out of all my favourite parts, would definitely be when (spoilers ahead) Sky and Sophie were on the beach singing to "Lay All Your Love On Me", when all of a sudden a group of men suddenly appear out of the sea (with goggles intact) and kidnaps Sky!!

This is what you call the spirit of musical! Random people appearing out of the blue (pun intended) and sing and dance with you!

How i wish that would happen in real-life ok!! But no, it would never, not unless planned (duh)! Otherwise you would be shipped off to Tanjung Rambutan before you can even get to the chorus of the song!

No wonder why life is so boring. Hmm.

Anyways, OMG, Meryl Streep is wonderful! She's so my idol!
Then again, all people born around her birthdate are always wonderful! Hahaha!
She's the living proof that age doesn't matter, it's what inside that counts!

I'm so going to buy the soundtrack! I mean, i like ABBA's songs to begin with, even before the movie (come on lar, if you don't know ABBA, you must be really outdated ok?)... but there's just a lure with songs from a musical! You just feel more inclined to sing and dance along with it, since it'll remind you more to the movie, as compared to the original version! But maybe it's just me?

Ok, it must be (just me), considering the fact that my brain wave and mental state is at a different level than the average human.

Oh, and another part i simply adore from the movie! I'm sure you know it!
Did you see how beautiful the sea is? OMG, i love the beach and the sea!
OMG, that's one reason why i would love to live by the sea! A beautiful one (like Redang), of course!
In one scene, Sophie just get to the jetty, took off her dress, which she's wearing a swimming costume underneath btw, and jump off it, and starts swimming to the boat!
It's things like this which makes me feel like moving to Redang or Hawaii!
Especially Hawaii!! WOOT!!

Just strip, and jump into the ocean (whenever you want) for a good swim! Ah, bliss!~

I don't care, i'm so going to watch the movie again!!
Musicals rock!!
*sings and dances randomly*

ps: BTW, i can't *believe* i haven't watch Hairspray! If i can remember which idiot who told me not to watch because it wasn't nice... gosh, why did i believe that person...
I mean, i love musicals lar, so even if it's really not nice, *at least* i'd have watched it ok!! BAH!!!

Michelle Pfeiffer, James Marsden (this guy can SING!), Amanda Bynes, Zac Efron etc... wow loads!!
Ok, must hunt for the DVD!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Bow to me, my loyal subjects.

Just in case you forget, i am *still* Princess Eiko.

Why the sudden mention?
Well, somehow or rather, i felt after HRH Princess Kim HeeChul, it's like i've gave my title to her... because i rarely refer to myself as "Princess" anymore, since there is *someone* who is much more a Royal pain-in-the-ass than me now... apparently... stupid fat cat...

But there's no denying that i'm still, forevermore, Her Royal Highness Princess Eiko.
Or eiko-hime.

And you shall bow to Her Royal Highness, mere subjects.
Mad, retarded and delusional, just the way i like it.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Me love 13 boys and when it rains.

You know what would be a good way to watch the SuShow DVD?

On a weekday (because i never really like weekends) with nothing else to do or worry about, raining heavily HeeChuls and Gambas... with me slumped on a comfy sofa with the fan running as the cool wind from the rain outside blew onto my face...
One hand patting fat HeeChul whose beside me, the other hand snacking on fruits - strawberries, cherries and green apple - and also strawberry cakes, ice-cream, cookies... all accompanied by a glass of bottomless cold green apple orange juice, my favourite.

Ah... bliss.
*slaps back to reality*

Ok, i guess the last few ones are rather difficult to accomplish, especially HeeChul's part... but nonetheless, it'll be best if when watching my SuShow DVD - when it arrives that is - it's raining!

It's strange that as much as i love the beach, i seriously love it when it rains! It makes my mood better and happier knowing that it's raining, *especially* if it's those super heavy type (drizzling? Poo, tak mau!)!! As if a storm is coming or something (but er, not a real storm, just very heavy rain)!

I guess it depends on where i am! If i'm on the beach then not preferable, but otherwise, if on a normal day at home, raining? BRING IT ON!!

Ok, busy now, got to start preparing for the "ceremony", in hopes it will rain (heavily) when my DVD comes!!
*starts praying altar for rain*


Last February...

I still remember last February like it was yesterday.

On the contrary, i think i remember last February better than i remember what i did the day before.

My memory is (always) failing, but somehow, the memory of last February stood brighter than ever. Maybe not every little detail, but it still stands out compared to any other memory. I can still remember almost every detail when i was there.

It's probably the first time i wasn't homesick. Surrounded by wonderful people, especially 13 boys - if i may put it that way - with loads of different stuffs to do everyday. Places to explore everyday. New experience to try everyday. And of course, the nonstop walking to do (oh my poor leg).

I love traveling. There's just a certain lure with wandering around a busy city, which is not somewhere you grew up in, taking in the sights and sound as you explore.

I love traveling. Of course it's more fun if you have someone who you are comfortable with along with you, but nevertheless, i realised traveling alone can be fun too!

The 7-hour flight alone from Kuala Lumpur to Seoul.

The bus-ride alone from Incheon to MyeongDong where my guesthouse is.

The bloody walk alone up the bloody hill to where my guesthouse is.

With just a book filled with instructions on how to get to different places, a map, and a guide book, that's it. Oh yes, music. Never forget music. And i'm all set to explore a city so foreign which i've never ever set foot on before. A city which is purely in a language which i'm not fluent at. But nevertheless, excitement fills me instead of fear. It was an adventure.

As i look back at what i've did, i still take myself by surprise. The things i do for my 13 boys.

And yes, *for them* i realise that i can actually do a lot of things by myself, things which i would never have done if i leave it to myself to do with... i would just have deemed it impossible and move on, but yeah, *for them* i bravely took a step forward and embrace every thing which was an impossibility before and turn it into a possibility, and it all happened.

Especially the traveling alone part.
If you would've told me a year before that i'm going to travel alone to Seoul, and in winter when it's still freaking cold nonetheless, i would say you've had too much to drink coupled with the fact that you're barking mad.

But hey, i did it. I really did.
So perhaps i'm the barking mad one now?
Oh yeah, i messed up a bit. Falling sick because i didn't take care of myself properly, and the clothing part...
It was my first time traveling alone, so i didn't pack efficiently, in the sense that i didn't know what i need until the time comes.
It wasn't my first winter, but it was my first one alone. Oh yeah, a long-john which was worn for at least 10-days!! Classy alright! I cringe at the thought of it, but i needed it badly, so what the heck... luckily it's of jersey quality so it wasn't that bad!

Now i know... yeah, i need 2 pairs of long-john, if i ever do go to Korea again. In winter that is. And oh, the fact that looking good always wins over the fact of wearing the same clothes again! So yeah, the next time, pack more nice-looking clothes (which are warm at same time) too!

Oh gosh, i miss Seoul an 'effing lot.

But i guess i miss the feeling of traveling much more than the place?

It really is one of the best experience ever!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

My thumb.

I think need to masuk kilang soon.

It feels sore even when i type SMS ok... luckily can still type or hold pen, but still... i can imagine both my thumbs bandaged-wrapped like some thumb-mummy or something...

I feel as if i'm in the situation like in Jay Chou's advertisment below...

Er, no, definitely not because of SMS...
But rather...
I *think* i played too much Super Mario Bros on my NDS (which is named Keita btw) (=v=")...
Like at least a few hours marathon everyday!!
It's fun ok!! I'm damn good at it ok (okfineicheatedwhateverman)!

But considering the state of my thumb... er... also whatever lar... play first, worry later? ROFL!!

And hmm...
Maybe i should learn to play with my toes too?

Of nail polish.

Cheesie once told me, "once you go OPI, you never go back."
Ok, maybe not that exact sentence lar, but the meaning is something like that.

I have a fetish for doing nails - well, depend on the "season" lar, it's like a durian or rambutan season thingy - and mind, though i'm not creative with the designs, i'm rather good at sticking stuffs.
I think i should add sticking stuffs to my list of OCDness?
I love sticking stuffs, whether it's stickers, using excessive cellotape on something which actually only requires a tiny bit, and the best - POST-ITS!! Gosh, i'm so weak, you should see me when i see post-its and nice stickers, i'm happier than a Kid on Crack.

Yeah, back to what Cheesie said. Initially i was rather skeptic. Come on lar, how good can a RM45-50 bottle of OPI be? It's still just nail-polish.
To me, in the end, you'll still remove it and all, and what if it's not nice yada yada? No point wasting so much money for nail polish. Sometimes i even cheap RM7.90 to buy the nail polish ok!

That is... until last Tuesday... i was proven so wrong.
See, it's been a long time since i've applied nail polish (Season over dee). I also lazy use the clear ones - which mom bought from NailTex for about RM50+ because apparently it strengthens nails - because it's a bit sticky, and finishing, so very susah to apply.
Some more what's the point. Being the rough er, sporty person i am, and since the word gentle is not something in my dictionary... after a few days, the surface (of the polish) tends to get loads of scratches, with some ends of the coating chipped off.
And since i'm such an OCD person, if i see the coating chip off even a bit, i get very geram and will re-do it (unless i'm lazy)... so might as well just stay away from it.

Then, mom bought a bottle of OPI nail strengthener, which i used... and wow...
THREE FREAKING DAYS... not a single scratch on the surface, nor are the coating chipped off (unless if you really force it, like when i tried to remove a key from the key ring *only* the coating came off)!! Even my toe nails, and i always wears sandals!
And mind, these days i just went about doing stuffs as usual! Sometimes when i do stuffs i'll think "aiyar, sure the coating kena scratch adee"... i didn't check immediately, but after a few hours when i did... THERE WAS NOTHING.

So seriously, what you pay is what you get, i realize. I don't know about the effect of whether or not it really does strengthen your nails (this one have to ask mom), but talking about quality coating and pure surface... WOW!!

Nah, not going to get bottles of OPI just because it's that good (too expensive and i kiamsiap), but my opinion on OPI nail polish is converted. It's really is good!

ps: But if you're worried about your nails turning yellow from the excessive polish... your nails will *still* get yellow even with OPI, unfortunately...
But apparently my aunt who uses Chanel nail polish (very cheap, RM80 or so a bottle nyah... *dies*) and frequently colours her nails, her nails still look nice. I didn't see for myself or know the frequency of her (my aunt's) use, but at least that's what my cousin sister told me, so i'm taking her word for it.

pps: Speaking of expensive nail polish, i believe my mom has a super old bottle of Christian Dior nail polish, and despite the age, it's still good as new! Though my mom rarely uses it, but seriously, not even a tinge of stickiness nor is it getting dry etc! It's as if it's a new bottle!

And uess how old the nail polish is?
More than 10 years.


HeeChul being manja again.

(This is a backdated post written on September 22nd, 2008)

I watched the "High School Musical: My School Rocks" Finals last night.
And boy, am i glad Team Philippines won the "High School Musical: My School Rocks" Finals!
They were the best in the whole show - no other competition - because they have creativity in their dance steps, very original, nice outfits (compared to some others which are just plain horror) and most of all they give out the "High School Musical" spirit!

The team which horrify me most was Team Taiwan, i mean... seriously... they are like half my age but they are "sexy dancing"!! Waving and all... just plain weird!! Hello, it's a "High School Musical" competition, not "The Next Lee HyoRi" competition!!
I mean... if it's Lee HyoRi then it's sexy and hot, but "little girls" doing it is just wrong and looks as if they are trying to hard with no originality. Plus the vibe they gave out is just totally contradicting to the "High School Musical" spirit (youth, cheerfulness, high school feeling), and they are constantly waving (their bodies) it's like it's the *only* step they know.
I slept early last night, around 12.30am?
However, why can't i wake up early? And instead i slept till 12pm (= =")?

Was it because i slept late too often so it's becoming a habit? But at least, i wasn't tired when i wake up! Yeah, a day full of energy!!

Speaking of Her Royal Highness Princess Kim HeeChul...
I locked put her in my room for the night, and despite protests of wanting to go out (hungry), i pretended to sleep and so she gave up, and followed me to sleep too.
One thing i love about HeeChul, she won't hesitate to wake you up (if possible) in the morning, but if at night, and she see's that you are already sleeping, she'll stop the ruckus and wait for morning instead(because she knows you wouldn't wake up). Isn't it adorable?

Anyways, my radio is switched on to the radio station 988 every night, and long story cut short, i awoke in the middle of the night only to realize someone changed my radio channel the day before (because it wasn't the usual program i hear every morning), so i had to drag myself up (i think 6am or so?) to change the channel, that's when HeeChul got up too and was rubbing against my leg while i was changing the channel, so i let her out after. But after awhile she meowed outside my door to be let in, so i have to get up (again) to let her in, and whaddya know, she was super manja upon coming in!! I guess she was glad she gets to come in again after she went out, because usually i'll be sleeping like the dead to open the door again =P!

She jumped onto the spot next to my head, which means her head was only cms away from mine, and started purring so i pet her to her heart's contend. When she had enough, she walked to my feet and start rubbing her head against my feet. I wriggled them (my toes) to kacau her, and i think she likes it because nonstop purring. I don't know, maybe she likes my smelly feet?

However, because she was enjoying herself too much, rolling around on her back and all... she accidentally fell from the bed onto the floor XD!! I was too sleepy to know, but i heard the sound so i assumed it must be! Every time she sleeps too close the edge sure kena one, hahaha!
Then she jump back up my bed onto the spot next to my head again!! Manja-ing there letting me pet her as she purrs, then when she realize i'm actually too sleepy to pet her properly, so she walked back to her bed.
You see how spoilt she is, i half asleep also must entertain her... ehem...

But Kim HeeChul really is Kim HeeChul! You never know what's going on in her head! One minute she doesn't want you to be near her, the next she'll start manja-ing to you! Weird cat!

But nonetheless, Super Royal isn't she?
She's even more royal than me, and *i'm* the original Royal!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Of band names.

When i first know about "indie bands" from my brother, i actually thought it *meant* Indian bands you see... stupid, i know...
Anyways, i'm more of a mainstream person, but i do find Malaysian indie bands have super cute name!
Example, Meet Uncle Hussain, 7 Collar T-Shirt (something like that)... funny ne?

Actually, i find that generally, most bands have very cool name: Simple Plan (rocks!), Estranged, One Republic etc etc...

Wow, now if *I* form a band, i know what name to give them.
It would be: "HeeChul is a Fat Cat"!
I know, cute ne XD?

But honestly, this is not my first choice. My utmost favourite one, is this:
"HeeChul's Pink Butthole".
Cool band name yah XD!!

But the name is copied from The Princess Diaries (with the cat's name altered of course), unfortunately... so not very original. But then i like it a lot so... hehehe!
Hey, if i *do* form a band, maybe i'll get permission from Meg Cabot to use the name? I really like it, so adorable!

My Her Royal Highness deserves every ounce of royal treatment, attention and stardom she can get, which she *does* get all the time... and effortless... just by sleeping... which she is doing... now...
So anyways, yeah, i have a cool band name now!! YOOHOO!!!

ps: Ok, because i'm always so obsessed with MY HeeChul, i've always forgotten that she was named after the *REAL* HeeChul.
So unless you know MY HeeChul, if you first hear about my bands name... wouldn't you think otherwise?

Oh well, it's still a cool name yo!! YEAH XD!!!

pps: Oh yeah, if my band releases our debut album, *you know* what picture would be on the main cover XD!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Horrible day.

First i was late. (ok, i'm not, but it makes it sound more *drama*)
Horrible people. Which totally ruin my mood.
Throw-ed tantrum and couldn't even breath properly for a few minutes.
Nevermind. It was ok after i calmed down, and also got strawberry parfait to make up for it!~

Then came the more horrible part at night:
I didn't get to watch my Disney Channel. But it's ok - repeats.

And i forgot about my bloody Japanese class, which means i'm not getting a cert now (bloody hell)... and i'm seriously damn pissed (about it) but nobody is available for me to kacau. Everyone too busy packing *hint hint*, hmph.
It doesn't seem a matter i should bother with, but i really am *damn pissed* (with myself and Mario - both the game and the Choi just because). It's like thinking someone is treating you to Fridays only to realize you're only going to a road-side mamak.

To make it worst, 6 lousy peeps *heavily emphasized* but who i loves loads are leaving tomorrow, and i don't even get to see them before they leave *pouts*.

If you guys don't update asap upon arrival (or worst, forget me), i swear i'm going to make a call to Reading, and get the giant squid to sit on you guys.

Muahahahahaha *evil laugh*!
But the most horribly worst of it all:
The boys are in Bangkok.
I've gotten past the "distance" stage... sorta... but what made it so horrible was...

... I don't know about anything it.

Road Trip gone wrong.

The title sounds like some horror movie title... hmm...

On a side note, i forgotten my Japanese class today, making it to 3 classes i have missed, and totaling to the fact that i cannot get the bloody cert which although has no importance to it - I REALLY WANT IT!!
*jumps out of living room window*

ANYWAYS... to distract myself...
Yes, road trip gone wrong... why?
Genius here (akame)... missed the turning (to our destination) and went straight on, only noticing something amiss when the surrounding turned really kampung-ish, and had to U-turn.

We took almost an hour to get to a place which could've taken only half-an-hour (= =")...

But it was fun! Singing at the top of our lungs together to songs we like, and laughing at everything in sight along the way!!
I'm going to miss you guys so much (ㅠ.ㅠ)... let's do it again (except the wrong turning part) when you guys come back!

Sam very not ngam lar in this pic!!

Much better!~

Oh behold my horrible PS-ing skills XD!

Where are we going???
Will upload the story soon! Watch out for the ramblings XD!

*sing and dances* We're all in this together...
*notices glares*

This is so going to be (one of) my theme-song.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Shark Week is a documentary about birds.

I finished my KLPT (Korean Language Proficiency Test) exam today!
Long way to go, but at least, one part done!

I was a participant of The 14th Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK)!
Only ONE batch short from 13 (which was during April)!
That said, there were 13 of us (from our group), so either ways, still and only13!!

Heck... nobody remembered how *important* today is to me (= =")... nobody even remember what i'm doing today!! Not that it matters...
Ok, it matters, grr!!
But i'm just playing, i don't need the wishes when i've got the brains... woot!!

Ok JUST JOKING, seriously, because they simplify the exam so much (THANK GOD *tears of joy*!!)... i can actually do (the previous batch's) with my eyes closed - ok, i'm exaggerating (duh) - but honestly, as compared to me needing all 13 pair of eyes (and mine as well) for the same exam 5 years ago or so!
Then again, if my 13 can sit my exam for me, i would already be taking the advance one, muahahaha!

Anyways, ehem... no seriously, it's rather easy this time round, still difficult, but a whole lot better!! Am happy i'm not sitting for this 5 years ago... or worst... the first batch, the one 10 years ago, can actually send me straight to my coffin!! That is how difficult it used to be!

Everyone thought it was some not-important silly mumbo-jumbo "school given" exam (ok, maybe only a few person)... but it's a freaking important exam ok, at least, an important exam to test my proficiency in Korean...
Ok fine it's only important to me (= =")... again..

My favourite was the essay part *receives daggers from fellow classmates*... though i almost fail it actually because i don't understand the question... luckily i stick to my "die-die-lar" guts and just tembak, and luckily it was correct!
I like it a lot because i get to mention Super Junior and the ocean inside, muahahahahahaa!

And typically me... i had a nightmare the night before.
First i dream i couldn't wake up, and we had to rush there and i got dozens of missed calls from my classmates!
Then when i finally officially wake up (mom woke me up), i don't know why i wake up this early for at least a few seconds till i remember.
This always happens to me when i wake up early, so its actually a bad start to the morning feeling all haughty and annoyed and all...

Oh, and guess what, our exam was from 9.30am till 12.30am, but i skipped and came home at 12.30pm.
No kidding, see the banner.

Do you seriously expect us to stay that long? Er... no thanks.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Guess how fast tears welled up in my eyes the minute i saw the picture above?

Though it wasn't the usual cry-my-lungs-out-because-i-miss-them-so-much-and-i-am-so- happy-omg-the-sky-is-blue type of cry... it was still good.

I love my 13 boys so much they are the reason my sky is blue!
Full of Pearl Sapphire Blue balloon (^^ )!~

Don't forget!
Super Junior 1st Concert DVD - Super Show (Folded Poster)
Super Junior 1st Concert DVD - Super Show (Poster in Tube)

OMG i so can't wait for it XD!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gossip revealed.

Yes, i'm currently watching Gossip Girl!

A BIG THANKS to Sam for the introduction, and my cousin bro's friend who is really nice, now i'm super addicted to the series!
Although i've finished all episodes broad casted, i find myself repeating the whole series again and again!

I was wondering if i was feeling "restless" throughout last weekend because i can't wait to watch the show? Because after Sam's introduction (i hate you and love you for getting me addicted! XD) to the show, i gatal go watch the trailer and was hooked onto the show! I couldn't wait to watch it!
But one thing leads to another, my original supplier (that's you dear!) wasn't free, and though i could've got it from my cousin bro's friend... he was busy on Sunday night, so i thought i will only get to watch it on Monday or so, but baby, the stars shine bright (in my house anyways)... my cousin bro's friend brought the show to me on Sunday night itself! YAY!! It was really nice of him (^^ )!

So yeah, hence begin the addiction which i gladly spread to dear A. You know what they say, always share good stuffs! Hehehe!
I can't wait for the next episode!

Against all odds, i love all the main characters! I can't choose really!
Well... except Vanessa, i find her annoying whichidon'tknowwhy. I hope it'll get better as the series progresses? Jenny is ok, but i'm only mentioning the five main characters i really like!

And yes! Not surprising...
I adore Dan, aka Scott Tucker XD!!!
His voice... *dies*

I love to hear him talk (even since before), and it's a good thing his character is so talkative! Especially the rambling part XD!
It's like he has a noncontagious cold... EDWARD (because Edward has replaced the word sexy)!!

And i love Chuck "Because i'm Chuck Bass"'s character!

Ok, i know he may *seem* like a "villain" at the beginning, but the more you watch... his character just grows on you! A and i adore him to bits!
And i like the way he is so... infatuated with Blair's character, it is just so sweet in a way!
Mind, i'm not exactly a fan of "bad boys" (Dan is a good example, i like good boys!), but there's just something Edward-ish (read: sexy) about Chuck which is just so attractive!
And his British!!... *dies*
Why couldn't they just make Chuck British so we get to hear his sexy voice accompanied by that sexy slang of his?

Such a sucker for voices, ehem...

And yes... Nate's really cute! Adorably cute! FLUFFY HAIR!!

I like it when he has the fluffy hair, it's so adorable!

Then of course, there's Blair's character who i really like too! Sure she *can* be bitchy, but you also can see the good caring side of her, and i especially like how protective she was of best friend Serena! Hehe, and her attraction for Chuck XD!

So fashionable!
It's a different one every time! I especially like the one which has a lacy fluffy collar (picture on left)! Classic ne!
Seriously i love their uniform! I have a great time just looking at all their uniforms! The guys uniform may be typically normal, but it still looks mighty fine ok!

Gosh, why can't Malaysia schools have uniforms like theirs? Especially guys!

Oh yes, we would die melted by the hot scorching sun of Malaysia, how can i ever forget that?
But with uniforms like theirs, it does make me wish that Malaysia is a four-season country... er... no, i prefer the heat much more than the cold to sacrifice it for uniforms which i will only wear for a few years... not forgetting my beach paradise... but you have to admit it's good eye-candy (whether on guys or girls)!!

BACK to Gossip Girl...
Serena is another one with very nice uniforms, albeit a more casual one as compared to Blair's lacy cuter ones!
Her character's interesting to watch! I love seeing her with Dan!

Seeing their uniforms kinda makes you (ok, maybe just me) wish you are in their shoes and studying in their school, ne? So pwetty!


I want their uniforms!
It would be nice if Malaysia schools allows us to design our own uniforms, right? Or at least, let us fashion-it-up or something, so it doesn't look so "ah-ma" (come on, our blue pinafores freaking Ah-Ma ok?) and so boring!

Ok lar, we shouldn't request for so much (especially when it's an impossible feat). At least change our uniform into something more pleasant for the eye right?
Maybe something simple like the one below; plain white shirt, dark-coloured skirt and a tie or ribbon, right?

... ok... wait... i take back what i've just said.

I'm selfish, and a bitch.
I have endured 11 years of education in a public school which forces me to don on really ugly uniforms for almost every school day of my life!
So if i had endured so, may all you ickle younglings who are succeeding me now in public schools (aka my juniors) also have to endure what *we* seniors had!

After all, learn from your seniors!
*cue evil laugh*

You know you love me.
Ok, confirm kena Blair's bitchiness.

Before i turn in...

I should Blog something...
Ok, nights!

ps: Am currently so infatuated with *something*... that it's just so... so... gossipy.


pps: You must be mad to not know what it is after being shown two biggest hint XD!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Drew Seeley.

His voice is so charming!!
*fangirly squeal*

Don't know who he is?
His starring opposite Selena Gomez in Another Cinderella Story (A Cinderella's Story's part 2 - but straight-to-video release instead of cinema... oh well!)!

His cute, but do you know his best part?
HIS CANADIAN! *waves flag*
... ok stop, i only studied ICPU in Malaysia, what the...

Anyways, apart from that, there is another little-known fact about him!
His actually the singing voice of Zac Efron in High School Musical!
Don't ask me, i don't know why. Maybe Zac can't sing then?

I've been listening to the HSM's soundtrack a lot these days, and i love his voice!
Very evidently, you can hear the difference in Troy's voices from Breaking Free, where Zac only sing the first few lines, and after 30 seconds, it's Drew Seeley's voice!

I am a sucker for voices aren't i? Gosh!
It's an added bonus that his Edward (because apparently, Edward replaced the word "sexy" XD!)!!

Nice voices are hard to come by honestly!
Ok, that's a lie, i came across 13 and loving it XD!~

ps: What's with the ang-moh galore these days?

Get me out of here.

I think it's funny how er... whoever whose behind it (because i never understand politics, government, etc and how it works)... chooses to detain someone who reports the news, rather than the person who allegedly spreads the racist remark.


I want to watch Gossip Girls!
I hate you Sam!! You got me hooked onto the show!!
Ok fine, i sendiri gatal go watch the trailer first, but still!!!
OMG so many drama, and expensive beautiful people XD!!

Ok i sound stupid, so good night!
With hopes i remember to set an alarm to remind myself to go to sleep early tonight!
Funny how i need an alarm to remind me to go to sleep, as opposed to using it to wake me up... because apparently, alarms can't wake me up anymore. So does phone calls, etc!

I constantly amaze myself!~

My song-list.

I am so unpredictable.

I was at looking my song list - which unsurprisingly, thanks to my OCD-ness it's very neat - so proud of it *sob* - and it has come to my attention that:
  • I have a lot of "old" songs, in the sense it's "old-used-to-be-hit-few-years-ago" songs. Proving that i don't like moving out of my comfort zone, and i rarely venture onto new popular songs unless i stumble upon it... otherwise i'm happy sticking to my "old" songs.

  • I have songs of almost every genre possible. Ok, not every maybe, but definitely a lot of genres. I'm very open with any genres, i just like whatever that soothes my ears. My preference would be upbeat rock songs, but that said, i can surprise you any day.

  • My playlist surprises me! It has songs a wide limited variety of Korean songs, Japanese songs, English pop songs, and rock songs (Simple Plan XD!!) and not forgetting... cartoon songs!! Soundtrack! Yeap, i'm random alright!
BTW at press time (rofl), the song constantly playing and repeating in my car is Simple Plan (YEAH CANADA *waves flag*!!)! Er... songs from their second album =P!
I realize if i like one song, i can actually repeat it the whole day till i feel like it. Sometimes, the same song can be played repeatedly for say... 3 days or more?

Rofl, i'm random alright!

Oh the biasness.

Hah, i got to watch DC (with no interruption) from my 9pm to 10.30pm slot today!
It's nice to be able to *fulfill* my DC-quota of the day, rofl!
Ok retarded.
I can't believe i'm actually 21 this year.
I know 5 year-olds who are even more mature than me, who are probably watching CNN while i'm watching DC. *snorts*

Anyways, just now while watching That's So Raven, i finally manage to catch Larry, played by David Henrie (of Wizards of Waverly Place), on the show! His voice hasn't break then, and his so different now! But of course, 3 years back, so no surprise!

Ok, i think i'm updating a bit too much these days. I guess i have a lot to say (and i still have a lot of pending posts as well) and i didn't want to sum it up into one entry... just because!

Before i end today's "entry-quota", watch this:

Oh the menyampahness of one boy!
The rest are fine; one can be a better girl than me, another looks normal with two shining from the rest!

I'm bias and loving it!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

The menyampahness.

I take back what i say about JoKwon (of 2AM) in my previous post.

The more i watch the clip, i feel he a bit the menyampah, and that is saying something because he is a real GUY!! I don't feel so when i watch SNSD perform "Girl's Generation", nor did i feel so when i watched WG perform "So Hot"!!

The most extra saying something part is, i adore cute little boys and can never find them "menyampah" no matter how "act cute" they can be! They just make me go "awwww"!
But JoKwon has brink on to the level of menyampahness i have never. ever. seen. nor felt before, especially for a guy. I haven't even felt so for a girl ok? (ok, maybe i had but not so bad lar.)

So this is really saying something how a *guy*, more over a very suitable "little boy" candidate to my "nuna-ness", can make me feel like shoving him into the soil of Sam's prized garden.


On the other hand...
I should have registered for the previous Summer Olympics, in the weight-lifting event!
I think i'll bag Malaysia's first gold medal if i had joined *proud sombong look you would want to slap*...
If only they allow shopping bags to replace the weights... guarantee i'll get the Gold Medal, RM1 million and RM5k every month for the rest of my life! WOOT!

Keeping in line with the Olympic stuffs...
I dream of Michael Phelps last night!
The adoration!!

SuWen would want to hear all about it, HAHAHA!!!

Edward Bella.

I was reading the wikipedia page on Breaking Dawn, where a magazine criticizes "Bella's "unwavering passion for Edward" and having no other goals".
Although i've learned not to take to heart bad criticism against stuff i like - like total ignore - what the person said gave me a "food for thought", if i may say so.

You see, i think the reason why Twilight's Edward and Bella's love story is just so... intriguing and attractive to all of us "mere mortals", is because of how they dare to love with no boundaries.

Society sets us such that i daresay are there anyone who dare to love like them nowadays? Nothing else or nobody else, but only their opposite self.
This is the reality. Bella is right when she said that nobody loves him as much as she does. I doubt there's anyone in this world who could love like Edward and Bella. Yeah, maybe when it just started, the burning passionate first love and all... but as time goes, will it still be? This is reality, mind.

I hate to be so reality-wise - prefer to live in my own world if possible - but i have to come to face the facts. The critique who says about Bella not having any other goals... gosh, he or she must be a sad person! Don't you think it's beautiful how Edward and Bella just dare to love like that?
The relationship and love they had for one another is beautiful beautiful because it's fiction. They have no other worries in life, so yeah, just go ahead and love!

I guess also because you know how the love is two way, and there are no need for insecurities there. Can there be such love in reality? With no worries over each other's families, third-parties, etc etc?

That's why the stories are beautiful. I love how Edward and Bella proclaim their love for each other, without the slightest fear of insecurity. Even better than Romeo and Juliet, because they don't die, and can't die.
Well, i don't find it that great to die for love honestly (unless it's for Edward Cullen), i think it's silly. Then again, i think it could be "reality" telling me to *think* it's silly, because i want to grip on reality and not let emotions run me.

So seriously, i understand different people different opinion lar... but that critique seriously got to feel younger and dream a bit. She's being too realistic already. Isn't the point of a fiction novel, especially one for young adults, to let ourselves free in our own imagination world once in a while, without the fear of reality?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rainy season.

I love this picture!

It gives you a mystical feel doesn't it? It even looks like a drawing (to me at least)!

This picture was taken while i was on my way to Centerpoint, and the rain and the wind was so strong, it made the road ahead looked misty! As if it was some scene out of a horror movie (you know those scene where the leads are on the way to a haunted house and there are loads of mist around?)!
I couldn't get a good snap of the "misty-feel" because the wiper kept interrupting, but when i switched off the wiper, rain water build up on the windscreen so it did not look exactly as what i see... close... but still not as pretty what i've seen!

I miss the rainy season so much! I love it when it rains, don't you?
It actually makes my mood better when i know it's raining outside (the heavier the better)! Though of course, if the rain spoils my plans then...

But either ways, i still love it most when its raining! I guess it has to do with the pitter-patter sound which i love listening to! And perhaps the occasional thunder... raining rocks!

That said... i'm really *always* contradicting myself aren't i? For someone who love the Summer and sunshine and beach so much...
I guess it depends where i am! I think as long as i'm not on the beach, i would welcome the rain any time, any day! It'll be even better if it's the whole day XD!
I just love the feeling of being in the house or mall when it rains... and even driving in the rain! It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, just knowing that it's raining!

I know, i'm weird aren't i XD?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Forbidden love.

Have you ever thought of forbidden love? And what does it really mean?

Not of the Romeo and Juliet type, but rather... maybe vampire and mortal (you should've seen this coming)... a prince and a mermaid, or perhaps even someone from the past with someone from the future? Or even an Angel and a human? Or even a Devil and an Angel?

I think the term is rather suitable especially for a vampire and mortal?
Because honestly, two person who are forbidden to love each other due to different background (perhaps an Angel and a human?), or different species (a Prince and mermaid?) or even... i don't know... is just... ok only... but... vampire and mortal are still most interesting of them all, don't you think?

Nothing is exactly preventing those two to be together... but the ultimate questions remains:
Do you love him enough to let him take your life? Does he love you enough to give you your life, even though his first instinct is after all... to take yours?

Oh yes, i have no doubts that this entry is inspired by Twilight. But i am, after all, a big fan of fantasy stories. Anything to keep my imagination running. Maybe that's why i never grow up, or rather, i never wanted to.

My "first" vampire novel back in form 2 or 3, it didn't really give me any thoughts, then come the Twins Effect, and the Undead series...
My mind is always working, albeit the wrong way, but it's still running. I think.
Sometimes when my thoughts caught me in the weirdest most random way, it got me thinking about the forbidden love between a vampire and a human, even before Twilight... though i never dwell much on that thought till now.

Reading Twilight gives me an answer to it, that it is possible. But of course, it depends on how your vampire works. There has been so many vampire novels around, each with its own different way of living or co-existing with humans. Twilight's is the first novel i came across with vampires who actually need to survive by killing, though the Cullen's have a "vegetarian diet".

But ultimately, what does it really mean?

A love which is forbidden, or two person who aren't just meant to fall in love, fell for each other? Or any other way you see it?

Not patriotic anymore.

I don't feel patriotic anymore honestly.

Before, i actually think i'm rather patriotic. Sure, my country is not perfect, but i like it the way it is and hope for improvement. Food, people, just the way it is.
However, after what happened... seriously... why do i want to stay in a country where i'm considered an immigrant? Though i was born on it and every single cell on my body grew up on this land?
Might as well go to another country, and be called an immigrant there right? At least it's justifiable to be called an immigrant! And if my kids are born there - whether the parent is also an immigrant or maybe a local - *at least* they won't be considered an immigrant there.

The things we're teaching our younger generation now honestly.

It's better for my kid to be born there, than being born here, and *still* be considered an immigrant, even though 3 generations down from them are born on this very land!

If that guy, whoever he is (you know someone pisses me off big time when i refuses name-referring), justifies what he said actually meant "Chinese pre-Merdeka are immigrants (and so we do not deserve any rights)"... since it's *already* Merdeka, and 51 years down the road, so does that mean we should have our rights now? Tentatively speaking?
It is, after all, 51-years down the road after Merdeka, since apparently that is what he meant.

Seriously lar, this is the first time i've so considered moving away from here. I hate racism, yes, i do poke jokes at other races occasionally, but after all i do live in a multi-racial country so i learn to be part of the society and don't be racist. Love and respect fellow Malaysians.
But apparently, not everyone is so here. And to think we are "lead" by people like that? Whoever he is.

Shame on you, and people say we should learn from our elders. *snorts*

Elders always teach us, if you made a mistake, apologize. Seriously, i'm 21, but i do believe i have better knowledge and manners than some people.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The temptation to be a Twilight vampire.

There are just so many vampire stories around, spun by either legends or the creative minds of authors who worked their brain-juices out so to give us good stories!

But nonetheless, of all vampire stories i've heard, Twilight's vampires are by far my favourite one! Obviously and no surprise right?
I guess the reason why i like Twilight's version of vampires so much, is because it's so unlike those typical "vampire legends" you know! Not stereotyping at all! Except the blood, strength and beauty part, otherwise everything else is just so... unique and attractive! Just brilliant!

My favourite is that they can walk about in the day - though with limitations!
But the best part remains...
(and the "coffin tradition"... except to Amane (ps: Volturi is calling for you!)!)

Imagine all the extra time you'll have in your hands if you don't need to sleep!
Like Edward said, since you have all the extra time in the world, might as well use the time to study, increase knowledge etc! Think of all the things i could've finished just by being a Twilight version of a vampire!! No more procrastination excuses!

But that said, i love sleeping. I've once said, "If i can sleep when i'm awake, i will..."... so you see how much i love my nap time!
But having to wake up early is just torturous (if you sleep late)... i was so dead tired these days from the late sleep and early ups!!

Oh... that said... since i'm a morning-sunshine-beach-summer-sunrise type of person, i guess i should be the last person to be transformed to a Twilight vampire?
Because i can't go out under bright daylight or risk being realized i'm not... human?! So yeah... not a good idea i guess... though i love it when it rains...

Ok fine, and i'll miss the food... ah...
But gimme someone in the form of Edward Cullen, who is tastier than sleep, daylight and food... then ok, i give in XD!!!

Ok, guarantee brain damage.

ps: If you're thinking... i don't know... since i've finished reading Twilight, i would stop posting about Twilight stuffs anymore...?

But sorry to burst your happy thought, but i have 2-3 posts pending which are all Twilight-related stuffs, and i think i have a few more coming?

Love me!

Breaking Dawn.

Just finished Breaking Dawn.
Same seat, same light-setting, same channel on (DC lar, what else?).

The title which represented Bella, which now i can also use it to express myself, since i've finished the book!
Hypothetically, it's like since i haven't finish the book, i was in the dark... but as soon as i finish it, twilight, and dawn breaks.

I love how i can always relate myself to stuffs! No matter how vague the connection.
(But it's a negative trait, not something to be admired nor attempted at all.)

I finish the book with a warm fuzzy feeling all over me!
It's been a while since i last felt so... the last one should be Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (which btw, i've read more than 100 times of all 7 books in the Potter saga combined together! I'm re-reading book 6 now XD!)!

I love all these fantasy books!
As much as i like chick-lits, fantasy books - which attracts me - rules like... totally! I love the fantasy and imagination world they bring me too, absolutely out-of-this-world (of course)!

I love the book! I actually felt so grateful that i started this book this year at this moment, when all the hype about it is has just started to pick up (in Malaysia anyways)... and the movie is just a few months away!

I also felt lucky because i started book 1 on August 20th, and book 4 was released on August 2nd! I don't even need to wait to begin with!

I love the characters to bits, i love how the author is so descriptive - though sometimes when you're in a hurry to want to know what happens next it can get quite annoying because you just want to get over with it but the description is just too long-winded - but i still love it! It really pushes your imagination!
I also adore the new fantasy stuffs she brought to light with this book, which gives you more opinions on how vampires can live, all the fantasy stuffs. Cool isn't it?

And i don't know if it's just me, but do you feel the connection between the book titles? So elemental, i like! I love all these elemental stuffs!
I especially love how it started with Twilight, and ended with Breaking Dawn! The title's are so connective aren't they?
(Because twilight is the time before sunrise, called dawn, and the time after sunset, called dusk. So after twilight it's dawn isn't it? - I love how i actually realize this all by myself XD!)

And because i especially love twilight hours and dawn (and sunrise!), i adore the connect-y-feely i feel with the book (here goes my "relatedness ability" again, weeee *sarcasm*!)!!
Honestly, if i can dig myself up - very willingly without tiredness etc - i would actually wake up every morning at twilight to wait for dawn and sunrise!
I love that morning feeling (especially if its by the beach)!!

Overall, words couldn't sum up all the feelings i felt for this book in general!
And the relatedness!! What is it you say? Shee, i'm not telling... yet XD!!


ps: I'm re-reading book 1 XD!!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Body ache.

It's better now!
If not i would've went on a basketball massacre. Or something.

But the last two days had been torturous! Especially Friday!
My back actually hurts when i laugh! Can you imagine the aching pain if i were to do anything more extreme such as scratching my head (which i did and... ouch!!)?

Also, if you were to tore off my limbs then, i wouldn't have noticed the difference, because it just freaking hurts no matter what!

But i'm happy!
K in the afternoon (voice-sport), archery after that (arm-sport), movies in the evening (eye-sport), and midnight-basketball XD!!!

I've got my long-waited exercise (apart from walking around the neighbourhood which really, isn't much of an exercise and it's rather dull), and i enjoyed the time spent with a bunch of crazy people *runs for cover*!!

Next time, let's try sky diving =D!!

ps: I forgot to take picture with Zac Efron, dangs!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Bad idea.

What is (the bad idea)?

Watching Disney Channel while reading Breaking Dawn - especially book 2 - is not a good idea.
Well, if you're me that is, and Corbin Bleu is your imaginary Jacob Black.

Don't get me wrong, i've watched Disney Channel (DC) a lot of times while reading books from the Twilight series, but somehow or rather today... it seemed more... weird... because Corbin Bleu kept appearing (on DC)!! Especially when i was reading about Jacob!! It's like, damn freaky ok!!
And mind, i wasn't watching any show of his. It's all during the commercials ONLY!
(There was the Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream clip, then some video clip from High School Musical 3: Senior Year, and even High School Musical 2's video clip, "You Are the Music in Me".)

It's bad enough i was "in" Jacob (ala Corbin Bleu in my imagination)'s head while reading book 2, but the REAL Corbin Bleu kept appearing on screen every chance he gets when the commercials plays??? WHAT THE???
And a few times when i read the word Jacob, i look up at the tee-vee, and i see Corbin Bleu (= =")...

And you know the ironic part of the whole thing?

Apparently Kristen Stewart, or Bella, has actually starred in a movie called "Catch That Kid" with Corbin Bleu before.


Anyways, i can't wait till November 21!!
And i pray for a good film-adaptation!
Not getting my hopes high, but just hoping for a good movie overall (^^ )!!

ps: I think my Blog are getting a bit the "overload" on the ang moh pictures these days. I can hear my 13 boys complaining.
Gosh i miss them (ㅠ.ㅠ)... and i feel so bad i'm so out-of-touch with them these few days...