Thursday, January 31, 2008

Absolute cruel.

I love watching TVB dramas, but i'm so enraged by this recent TVB drama, Wasabi Mon Armour 和味濃情, which is all about Japanese food. To begin with, i find the drama pretty boring, but the food looks good really.

But anyways, since its all about Japanese food, they did show Sashimi Horse Meat, a famous delicacy in Japan (around Kyushu if i'm not mistaken).

I don't like the sound of it, but like the whales and dolphin sashimis, there's nothing much i can do right? Moreover those horses are actually bred to be eaten.

However, what enraged me is, one part of the show was filmed at the Horse Meat factory, which i don't like, but the worst part was they actually showed the whole horse carcass (without skin) and how it was then being cut up to be divided which portion etc!!

I've seen pig and cow carcasses, but somehow just seeing that its a horse... makes me feel rather sick...

I really don't know why, maybe because i felt its a very "sick act", i mean... its a horse... so overall...

Its sickening.

Ok, as much as i love animals, i love meat too, so despite i tried my best to stay away, well... okirestmycase... at least i stick to only those few types of meat and thats all. I would rather die than any other types of meat. Especially wildlife - over my dead body.

But anyways, i know i've said before that "as long as the animal is breed"... but somehow or rather, i just felt sick from seeing that horse are *actually* eaten.

Maybe because i'm not used to the fact that horses are as "delicacy"... and well... me no likey... and... yeah... seeing the horse's dead body is just... ugh...
And here comes from the woman who actually loves watching wildlife documentaries on Animal Planet.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What i did today.

All other stuffs aside...

I bought HeeChul to the vet today! She was such a good girl, i'm so proud of her XD!
Check her Blog for the full story!

And i cooked Spaghetti Carbonara today (^^ )!
Ok, i bought those cans-versions, but heck, who cooks Spaghetti from scratch these days?
(I know people do, but erm... hehe =P!)


But yes, i've got to stop my addiction to GARLIC!

I love them so much XD!
I was actually tempted to use one whole Garlic, but i decided "half should be good"...
And i ended up using 3/4 of the Garlic, left like, 3-4 cloves nya =P! Hehehe!

Well, Garlic is good you know XD!
Despite the GARLIC BREATH!
But i don't mind it really, i like having garlic-y taste in my mouth!

Just be a bit paiseh if i have to go out (and talk to people) nya =P!

Oh yes, and this Aunt *here* is rather good (touchwood) sometimes when putting her little niece to sleep! Hehehe!

And i *was* good at putting Ethan for naps last time when he first came to Malaysia!


My mother's "nickname" for me is rather true now it seems (= =")?

I promise i'll Blog soon with more pics yah (^^ )!


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Nobody understands.

Thats why i hate it when people give me false hope.

Honestly saying, if i shall be put down, it better be from the start.

I hate it when you are brought up so high, then suddenly you are left to drop, or kicked into, a bottomless pit.

Its as if a scene from some movie.
I rather it be...

*jumps down myself*

Monday, January 28, 2008

Oh me.

Mom started calling HeeChul as "the cat"...

Soon, she'll start calling me as "girl", then "the daughter"...

And then she'll start calling my rabbits as "rabbits"...
Oh yah, she does call my rabbits as "rabbits"...

But anyways...

Yeah thats it.

Something just happened.

I'm going to bake now.

Friday, January 25, 2008

For the love of Cats and Dogs: Part 1 - For the Woofs.

Since last year October till now, i've been to TWO dog shows, and TWO cat shows.
But i have still yet to post about any yet.

Yes, i'm the all-time famous bloody procrastinator.

So, before i waste any more time, lets just proceed to pictures!
Also because to avoid me from blabbering and bores (and confuse) everyone and all =P!

These are pictures from LAST YEAR's Malaysia Responsible Dog Ownership Day 2007 which was held on 7th October 2008 at Central Park!

I went there with JungAh, and considering the fact it was my FIRST time to a Dog Show (loads of pwetty babies around!), i woke up exceptionally early for it (also because JungAh is good at waking me up... sorta... imagine that scene when EeTeuk was trying to wake KangIn up... very similar...)!

We arrived early, before the sun can even shine properly to kill everyone, and as early as we come, there were already loads of dog-owners and their babies around!

I'll just go by breed, considering the fact that it was last year, my memory is bad, and i didn't want to blabber too much till i get side-tracked as usual! That wouldn't be nice!

Oh behold the beautiful babies (of last year's dog show)!

Please don't mind the number of BIG DOGS (or WORKING DOGS) on most pics!
One: I'm NOT a fan of Toy Dogs. In case of toy dogs i do like, its mostly because i like that individual dog, and not by the breed (except perhaps Pugs?). I guess i'm probably prejudiced against them. Please do note small dogs and toy dogs are different; small dogs are useful because they are working dogs, but not toy dogs.
Two: I find my eyes scanning far and wide for more "rare-breeds-in-Malaysia", and most "rare-breeds" you hardly find around Malaysia are well, BIG DOGS!

First up, the REAL BIG ONE! St. Bernards!

They are BBB - not "Big, Bold, Beautiful" - but rather, BIG BEAUTIFUL BERNARDS! =P

This one here is so friendly, i love her/ him so much! Rottweiller!

She/ him just let me fuss all over her/ him, and you can see she/ he really enjoys it!!

One word of advice:
Never judge a dog by its cover - always ask the owner (^^ )!

You know whats BEAUTIFUL HAIR?
Afghan hound!

I think its this one, but anyways, the owner also has "long beautifu hair" albeit black! Hehe!

Cute Lab-"bee"-dors!

Hehehe, BEE-DOGS! This is the second time i see them!


I can't tell you how much i love this breed! Except the fact they are hard to care for, otherwise i definitely want to keep them in the future! They're precious (^^ )!

Great Dane!

Never be intimidated by size! This one's adorable as well!

I really love BIG DOGS yah XD!~

Ok, i realize i'm coming up with lame-and-lamer tags with the pics! Woops?

Chow chow! I really like the cream one!

No dog show are complete without this pure-baby of mine (and Er Jie's!), German Shepherd!

Pure-black! Such novelty!
And he/ she is really smart too! This one's with the Johor Working Guard Dog Association or something (can't remember)! But anyways, i'm really amazed with the guarding-performances by them! Not one you should miss really!

Ok, some blabberings from me!
For my adoration of BIG DOGS, i really like Siberian Husky, till i met this cute Alaskan Malamute pup at an SS2 petshop! Its just 8/ 10 months-old, BUT ITS SO HUGE ME LOVE (its the size of a St-Bernard adult... even though its just a PUP!)!

But then, the more i found out about how to care for that breed (i enjoy asking owners questions on "how-to-care" about their fur etc, just in case in the future when i want to keep that specific breed of dog, i'm all well-prepared! Explains why i know so much about dogs - i'm KPC =P!), its so difficult as compared to Siberian Huskies (Malamutes have thicker coat)! So i converted back to my dream of owning a Siberian Husky instead!

Another factor is because i think most Husky has a very nice face which i like! Of course, Malamutes have a handsome face too, but i prefer Husky's =D!

And with no further a due...

Grand huh (^^ )?

Here's a Husky!

I prefer the darker black shade to this breed; either those greyish snow, or darker black, or red!

Another Labrador!

If i remember correctly, this guy got excited and almost bite me, luckily i "siam" (Hokkien) just in time!
But his still really adorable really! Just had a swim in the pool!~

Boxer baby!

Not to be mistaken with the wearable type obviously!

Another RARE-BABY!

I love their fur! So soft and nice! And this one is really cute too!

Ok, just in-case anyone got "bored" of BIG DOGS (but honestly who will?), here's some SMALL ONES i like!

Mind, they are more of those "rare-breeds", as in those you hardly see in Malaysia! I a bit the malas take pics of those you can see everyday (with the exception of big dogs)!

I always mistaken call them "Welsh Corgi Pembroke" =P! Oh well, terbalik the origin name nya mar!
Apparently, these are British Royal's most favourite dog, and i've heard a few of them are apparently really "famous" for being feisty! Ah, life of Royal Dogs!

A cute pic!

The owner is really friendly too, and she has THREE of 'em!! Woot!!!

Shetland Sheepdog!

This baby is really friendly! Because me and JungAh were pampering him (free without leash), and she/ he kept running away from the owner around us, so we could continue sayang-ing her/ him!

This one is a malu-case! Sorta-lar!

Its like this, i saw this dog and approached the owner, i asked "Is it a greyhound?", and the owner replied its not and its a "something-something", which i forgot, and because the owner isn't exactly friendly, so i didn't bother getting the name right, just quickly ask if i could take a pic then i chow already!
If anyone know what breed it is tell me ok? It really is a rare-breed ne?


Got to love them! But i prefer those without the "eyeliner" one, lotsa cuter i think!

This dog is like famous yah? Almost every dog show's pics sure got him one! Hehehe!

Got alcohol?


Golden Retrievers!
I seriously can't tell you just how much i adore them! Its my biggest dream to be able to own a Golden Retriever! And it still tops my list since i was like, 12 years-old and learn about different dog breeds! I can actually go mad (in a good way of course... depends how you see it) when i see really beautiful, well-groomed ones! Honestly!
I actually prefer the English-type, because they are bigger-boned! Some Goldies can be a bit wee too small of course i love them all the same, but i generally prefer bigger ones!

As much as it is probably Malaysia's MOST POPULAR BREED (if you see most of my pics above, there'll always be a Goldie in there somewhere!), almost everyone have them and you may not be able to "steal-the-spotlight" at dog shows unless your dogs fur is really nice and all, but i still love them a lot, and am VERY determined to keep them!!... in the future!

I want a Goldie!!!

Ooh, and concluding last year's Malaysia Responsible Dog Ownership Day 2007 with one last pic for that day!

The weather's freaking hot, and look whose the smart one!

As for THIS YEAR, 2008!
The Malaysia K9 Day 2008 which was held on 20th January 2008 at Central Park!

Unlike last year, i went slightly later this year (couldn't wake up =P) with Amanda! Ooh, and i met up with AhMa!~
I took less pictures this year, because apart from the fact i went late, i've seen most of the dogs there before the previous year, so no point taking some of their pics again!

But there's two very special ones at the end! Read on!

BTW, something actually DID happened to me at the dog show, something "not-very-pleasant", but i'll leave the story to another time! This time is specially just for the dogs!~

No dog shows are complete without...
Golden Retrievers, obviously (^^ )!

I think thats a Great Dane behind it!

For ErJie!

This one is a darling!


I love how fruffy they are (don't ask me what "fruffy" is, it just pop into my mind)! Adorable things really!

This Afghan Hound's hair just got shaved! Where me pretty hair XD!!

The name's Kuru Kuru if i remember correctly! CUTE!

I was about to approach the owner to ask for a picture (of the dog of course), when he suddenly give it such a tight hug and it was difficult to get his attention, so i just snap the picture like that!

Alaskan Malamute!
I see more of them this year! Another "rising-popularity" breed in Malaysia yah!

Chow chow!

I wonder if its the same one last year?

Ok, the following pics... despite how i say i'm not a fan of toy breeds and all, but somehow or rather, i found myself capturing the pics of the following toy dogs!

The most ironic part is i had claimed i really dislike Chihuahua (except perhaps the long-haired type - they look much nicer!)!

But when i saw this, i *thought* it was a teacup-size, but its not! Eitherways, its really puny i guess it deserves a place in me camera!

I've already said i don't mind Pugs, so this is normal really!

Cute yah?

This one is probably the odd-est pic of em' all! Because Silky Terriers are SO COMMON in Malaysia! I don't know why i took a pic of this girl (guy?)!

Maybe because of the hair, and the friendly owner? Hehehe!

I told you how much i adore Goldies right?

I especially adore this type! Nice-thick-beautiful fur with a charming smile XD! Hehehe!

This one is a cool dog yo!

With Shrek ears, hehehe!

I like this pic a lot!

So friendly!

And i saw some FAMILIAR FACES!!
The two St Bernards!

And the Afghan Hound with the pretty hair who came with the owner who also have pretty hair!

Puny =D? Hehehe!

You were probably wondering now about the "special story" as mentioned above? Well, actually there's two special stories, and the first one would be meeting...

The Maltese Princess Cheddie!

Cheddie and her mommy Ringo!
Her nails are so nice I WANT (albeit i'll break it in an instant - but its nice, so i'll try my best to take good care of it!)! Another thing is Ringo's REALLY petite, that if me and Amanda were to hug her, i predict instant death =P!

Again please let me clarify, i've said i don't like toy-breeds, in case of toy-dogs i do like, its because of the dog's own individuality!
Like BiBi's Lucky and Tweety who i adore so much, i like Cheddie too because she's really cute, and though i don't know her personally, she's really so manja its adorable!

And yes, she is REALLY a Maltese Princess! Her fur is SO SOFT AND SILKY!! And she is cuter than in the pictures! I've seen loads of Maltese before, but somehow their fur just doesn't look like Cheddie's! And she's so small too! Hehehe! Really looks like a marshmallow with three dots XD!
Thanks to AhMa for informing me where Cheddie is, otherwise i would've missed her, because i was about to leave at that time!

Ok, and as for the second story!

Ooh, everyone, well-trained dogs who comes from a good-line are nothing to be afraid of!
Meet Tara!

She's a Doberman! And despite the Doberman's prejudice "aggressive" reputation, like the Rottweiller, it really depends on if they are well-trained, with a good, responsible owner, and if they come from a good line!
Tara is just adorable!
In fact, she's so adorable for a split-second i considered wanting a Doberman too! Hahaha!

Tara is Amanda's friend's dog's mother (Tara's owner is a breeder), so the three Doberman owners are actually chatting about their dogs when Amanda approached his friend to see his dog, when suddenly, Tara's owner just thrust Tara's leash to Amanda and got her to walk his dog!
I was really excited, but Amanda was taken by surprise i guess, in the end she let me walk Tara! Yeahs XD!
The whole thing was a long story, but anyways, the owner gave us some good tips on how to train and handle dogs, very useful informations! And also gave taught me some stuffs about the breed (being a breeder himself)!

And why is Tara such a darling?
Well, she kept leaning her head against my body (being such a big dog herself, if she stood up she would've reached my height!), so i could continuously pet, pamper and sayang her! Isn't she adorable?

And finally, LAST BUT NOT LEAST... the last picture of the day!!
FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY the last picture... because i'm so tired now!!
I actually spent 3 hours or more doing this post, when i could do better things like sleeping, annoying HeeChul or playing with EeTeuk!! So you better appreciate this post XD!!

No dog show is complete without...

I love to watch swimming doggies!
When i have a dog in the future, i'll train him to be a SUPER good retriever!

Ok, i go sleep first!
Watch out for the Cat Show post next (^^ )!

SM should go and die...

Wait, why did i even say that? Its like such an obvious fact. I'm like just so wasting my time saying it.

I don't know the whole facts and truths and all behind it, but as of now i really want to say...


ELF's power are not to be underestimated.

Its possible that the 13 will make more money (for you).

Honestly saying.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This is sad.

I rarely like "ang-moh" actors, really.

I just don't find anything attractive about them, thats all. I may think they look hot and all, but it ends there.

But that said, of course i do have a few who i especially like watching their movies and all, mainly due to their voice and accent, and one of them is Heath Ledger.

Its so sad to hear of the news of his death.

And considering the fact i have loads of emo-moments now... it all adds up to one big bad news...

Its funny how sometimes when artists who are very well-knowned has passed-on, it just seems unbelievable that they really had passed on.

The one and only Royal Highness...

Her Royal Highness Princess Kim HeeChul.

"And you shall approach and worship."

닥 · 숭

I just realized...

Sometimes the cause of it is always the cure for it...

On another note...

The regime shall cease only when i call upon it.

Otherwise, do you think it'll even come about?

Its not about being most absolute, but rather its about preserving one's current existence even if it means perishing in dispute.

It shall be divided...

But it'll never be liberated unless as had been indicated.

Once obstinate, forever intractable.

닥 · 숭
Approch. Worship

Where's my Angel?

내가 죽으면, 그들은 나를 위해 울지?

넌 나를 위해 울지?

유희가라, 매노나가니노나미다와, 사이고마대모나가래루... 가나?


고와래타노고고라노타매니, 시누고토가대기마수... 가모내?

소노바가노히토타치이가이노고토와, 센부모간가애루시타구나이...

사미시... 다래모이나이... 다가라다래모와가리마샌...






For "self-memory" purposes only, please disregard this entry.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I like this picture a lot!

I suggested to Amane that we do it the next time we go to OU, and she asked me to be the one to get the picture taken (because most of the time i'll be behind cameras, its only fair i volunteer my head for this one - moreover the fact i suggested it), she even offered to photoshop the picture of leader EeTeuk opposite me! OH XD!~

Which then she suddenly think its a bad-idea... hmm...

But anyways, i protested, i would prefer HER, and the picture of the DEAD FISH we took in Penang last time!

Which DEAD FISH you ask?

This one.

The idiotic fish she actually kicked high into the air (see dead fish swim in the air!) to prevent it from being washed away, again, by the waves...

The idiotic fish we actually *looked for* all around the beach just so we could take a picture of it...

Ah, the things we do for photography (= =")...

But honestly, as regarding 大東's pic up there, i seriously reckon we should get PrettyCousinKat to do it as well!

Because i can imagine her expression will definitely be much nicer XD!~

Ah, someone fly her back from Thailand??


Big Bang's MV!


Just finish watching 거짓마 and 마지막 인사!
Yes i very slow in watching their MV =P!
Although i've told myself to go watch it for ages, but somehow... i kept on forgetting about it (i have a feeling 13 boys have something to do with this...)!!

I love their MV because its like, out of nowhere they'll just pop up and started singing beside the MV's lead!
Well, they are actually "non-existence" in the MV (of course, otherwise it would be really freaky when you're walking along the road, and suddenly 5 cute guys came out and started rapping, dancing and singing next to you - though i wouldn't mind really XD!), so its really cute, kinda like "ghost"!
My favourite part from 거짓마 is when the lead lady was in the lift, and G-dragon was like singing (rapping i think?) next to her! Its as if its a scene from some horror movie, albeit loads more adorable and not scary at all!

Then there's the part i like when the girl got into her car, the rest just stuffed to the back seat and continued with their song, but of course, they are "non-existence" in the MV, so the girl just acts as if she's alone, but its really funny i find XD!

How i hope they could come to Malaysia! But no, we're treated to "pulaus", which i don't mind really, i find the drummer really cute and "squeal-worthy", but of course, i definitely prefer "B to the I to the G (bang bang)" (lyrics to 마지막 인사)!! Teehee!!!

Ooh, not forgetting SeungRi and DaeSung and G-dragon are retards! But i find SeungRi magnae most adorable! Hmm, i think i have a thing for magnaes! But only KyuHyun and RyeoWook gets to stay in the pocket =D! And if i really want to take SeungRi home, i'll stuff him into the bag or something (or BiBi's bag - i doubt she'll mind!)!

Pocket strictly remains KyuHyun's territory (^^ )!
*gets drags off by KangIn*

ps: If you don't get about the "pocket" part its ok!
Its just something which pops into my head the moment i saw KyuHyun!~

I love magnae so much!~

As scary he might be, his retarded, so its ok!~

리타듣지만 괜찮아 =P!~


Are you "shuttle"?

... aka "Are you "prawn-head"?"!
(Read the title with a Chinese-accent to get what it means.)

If you don't get it, go watch 惡作劇2吻: They Kiss Again XD!~

OMG I LOVE Joe Cheng aka 鄭元暢!~
I have taken a strong liking to him when i was watching 薔薇之戀 (The Rose), and it just escalates from there!~

His just adorable in every way XD!
And his hairstyle is so like Keita's now, watching the drama makes me go extra squeally =P!

Also, me, him and Ella from S.H.E. can actually make up the group, the triple Js (following Ella's Chinese name, Jia Hua 嘉樺), due to our birthdates *wink*!~

In fact, the three of our personalities are so similar yet so different at the same time!
Well, Geminis, can't blame us =D!
(And i *think* i'm glad i'm not the one with the smelliest personality?)

Mind, i'm not really a "drama-person", a drama that i can actually start watching and stick till the end and finish it within 1 year is definitely a good drama... most of the time!
(Yes, i have brilliant "drama-watching-records", seriously!)

By "drama", i meant Taiwan, Japan and Korea dramas. HK tv-series are excluded - i grew up watching them, i understand what their saying most of the time without the need to look at the screen (and comes the wonderful times of multitasking!), so i doubt i'll give them up any time soon, unlike the 3 categories above.

And personally, i prefer HK tv-series much more, because its *usually* not as predictable and not as draggy, albeit it *might* be lamer at times, but its still good =D!~

Ooh, and honestly saying, i so prefer Joe Cheng (小綜) (so much much much much much MORE times as compared to Mike He aka 賀軍翔 (小美)!
Sure 小美 is hot, but... i still prefer 小綜 over him anytime XD!~

I don't know, me disliking "bad-boy-types" could be one of the reasons!
And probably because of the fact
小綜 *can* be retarded as wellXD!
Another reason could be because its difficult to get bored of looking at 小綜, whereas somehow or rather, i already got bored of looking at 小美!

So... yeah XD!~
Ok, me go sleep now, NIGHTS!~

ps: Look out for the Dog Show post next XD!~
I promise you loads of love!~
Or soon... i hope =P!
Considering the fact i still haven't Blog about the Dog Show last October (which i don't think i'll be blogging it already lar, hehe, lazy)...

But this one is SO much more eventful, that i *really* got to Blog, hopefully XD!~


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Of all the good times to fall sick...

I guess now would be the time.

Apart from the fact its actually chivying me off to bed as soon as possible, like erm... now, so for once in these few days maybe i won't sleep as late?

Though its already 3:26am regardless.
Still, better than nothing!
But ah... i really should get it into a habit (sleeping earlier)!

However... the only "bad-part" is...

I'm having a stomachache now (= =")....

I suspect its "food-poisoning" or mild diarrhea?

But anyways...

I'll be lucky if i ever get to sleep tonight

SJF: Valentine's Day is coming

Valentine's Day is coming! Its supposed to be a romantic celebration between couples, but these days, Valentine's Day are becoming more commercialized and celebrated by almost everyone, whether or not they have another special half. I guess every chance there is to celebrate is a reason to celebrate? But with so many gift-giving occasions out there, it is easy to run out of ideas on what to give. Have anyone thought of online coupons? Whether it is Diamond International coupons for your wife or Dell coupons for the kids, it may not be romantic, but its the thoughts that count.

Because marine life rocks!

Everyone knows how much i love animals, especially for marine animals!

No this is not for the Sharks (though i honestly hope this is), but this is for another even more cruel cause:
Please do sign the petition at Whale's Revenge, a campaign to gather 1 million signatures from all around the world to demand a stop to the killing of whales.

I know that whaling occurs in Japan (and some other parts of the world) because i *thought* there was a demand in "whale-meat", a delicacy in Japan, but apparently, every year thousands of these precious mammals are also slaughtered in the name of "so-called-scientific-research"?


If you think finning was bad, i think this is as horrible!

If people don't get why i stand-up for Sharks, i'm forced to understand; i admit they are not very "pretty animals" by normal-human "appearance-matters" standards. Unless you know how to appreciate inner-majestic-beauty.

But whales?
I mean... they are not exactly "cute toy poodles", but you have to admit they are majestic grand and beautiful animals.

Its just so wrong to harm them.

Oh, and apparently, Japanese whalers have plans to kill about 900 minke whales and 50 fin whales by mid-April as part of their "so-called-scientific-research-program-my-foot".

The minke whales' conservation status is near threatened, and fin whales are considered endangered. And do you know fin whales are the second largest animal in the world?

But near threatened or endangered or not, its just WRONG to hunt them.

I hope thunder strikes where it should strike.

On another similar issue, just today i read in Section 2 of The Star newspaper about Hayden Panettiere, who stars as Claire Bennet in Heroes, and i was really touched by her efforts in trying to save and stop dolphin hunt in Japan.

I really admire her bravery and guts!
She had actually swim out into the sea with surfboards in an attempt to reach a pod of dolphins to stop them from being killed by the Japanese fisherman.
And it was sort-of a real life-threatening situation, considering that it was an open sea (there'll always be danger) with loads of Japanese fisherman in need of SERIOUS anger management... if you know what i mean...

Watch video here:
Be warned that some may find its contents disturbing.
I cried like mad watching it, its just SO SICK.

If you think whaling is "sick", this is even worst.

And also, an arrest warrant on her has been issued in Japan for her "interference" in the dolphin hunt.

OMG, its like, haven't the Japanese authorities heard of the word:
Save the cheerleader, save the world?

Apparently... no.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kim YoungWoon!

Happy Birthday!

Just because XD!~

The original idea i had for the cake didn't turn out well, so i had to made do with whatever i have, and plus the fact that its getting late (because i started late...)...

So its not exactly as *purr-fect* as i would've preferred...

... but its from the heart (^^ )!~

Happy birthday my YoungWoon-a!~

I rabu you so much XD!~

ps: A closer pic of the cake!
Told you it isn't purr-fect =P!

Just in case you're wondering, the black dots are the chocolate chips, and not my chocolate cream smearing or anything!!

I promise i'm quite a good writer using cream if i'm given the chance to practise beforehand =P!

pps: I admit i messed up on the words, "KangIn" and "생일축하 해", but the word "김 영운" is written really nice i promise =P!~

A haywired schedule.

I NEED to sleep early.
Its not a *want* anymore, it has become a *need*.

Long story ahead...

Just this morning, my alarm woke me up at 10am plus.
I was having a dream that its already Sunday (20th Jan 2008), and i was calling Amanda to discuss about out transport arrangements to the Dog Show.
Oh, and i have Korean class on 9am this Sunday as well, but since i've made arrangements to the Dog Show *way* earlier, i decided to skip Korean class, and maybe attend it later if i can make it in time.

So anyways, then when i woke up... my head was surly, and i thought (due to my dream)...
"OMG... its Sunday 20th of January 2008!".
Considering the fact that i slept really late last night *coughfiveamcough*... i was all blurly, and also my eyes was too heavy to even *look* properly...
So when i look at my handphone, i only see the time and its 10am plus!

The first thing which came into my mind was:
I missed the Dog Show.

And i missed the Korean class as well.

Although technically, since i missed the Dog Show (sorta, because i want to leave early for it), i *could've* attend the Korean class, but it was almost 10.20am so i abit the paiseh if i go this late, and i remembered that i haven't call my teacher the past few days to inform her that i couldn't make it (to the class). So if i really go now a bit the weird right?

So i messaged Amane asking her how is the class, where is it, and if she thinks "its-ok" for me to attend the class now.

After messaging her, while waiting for her reply, this few thoughts came to my mind.
"OMG i missed the Dog Show."
"I wonder when will the next one be?"
"Should be quite long ler, the last one was around October wasn't it? I don't want to wait so long lar!"
"I wonder if its ok if i just leave for the Dog Show now?
"Hmm... i wonder if i'll meet AhMa there if i leave now?"
"I wonder whats happening there now!! OMG!!!"
"Oh, Amanda hasn't call me, i guess she forgot about it too?"
"I want to meet Roxy!! And play with Kyra!!!"
"Why did i wake up so late?"

Then the thoughts went on about the Korean class.
"I wonder hows Korean class now? I got some stuffs i need to ask teacher lar."
"Seriously, is it a good idea to leave now? A bit "paiseh" right? If i had call earlier to tell her it would be a different story..."
"Hopefully Amane and KeonBin (another classmate) told teacher i would come late, then i can leave now and join them right? But like... still not nice lar..."
"Gosh, how can i forget to call teacher? I thought i wrote it down in my SuJu diary to call her adee??"
"Stupid SuJu diary."
"Well, if i didn't check my book, can't *blame* it, but really..."

Then, the "best" part...
"Wait a second... something *isn't* right..."
"... i had not write until as far as SUNDAY in my SuJu diary for this week yet...!!!"

I jumped up and checked my phone, sure enough, the date shows:
(My precious KangIn's birthday XD!)
O. M. G.
I need sleep, is what i honestly feel, think, and agree.

Yes, it actually took me *that* long to realize i got the date and day wrong (=v=")...

I quickly msged Amane an apology on messaging her a message... which actually should be delivered 3 days later, instead of now =P...

Really very char dou lar ok (=v=")... OMG...

LUCKILY i only msged her, imagine *the horror* if i had call... or worst, MESSAGE... Amanda, AhMa and everyone else...

Will be super malu adee ok (= =")...

Saved by my SuJu diary!~

ps: No, i didn't get my priorities wrong (Unlike Hermoine, teeheehee!)!

If i had call said peoples, my blur "just-woke-up" voice would be very good evidence that i'm actually BLUR, and yes, just woke up, so thats it.

As opposed to the fact that i sound very awake, alert and normal when i msg people, despite the fact i can fall asleep again after replying the message, and when i wake up i would totally forget if i even messaged anyone.

So yeah, imagine you got a very serious, normal and clear message from someone... when the truth is that *the* someone is not even awake, except her hands are "awake" to type the message nya... (i doubt my eyes are even open then, unless if i need to check the message for typos, seriously...)

I would definitely find the latter more embarrassing honestly =P!

Gone were the days...

You could sit and play video games for hours and feel nothing.


I'm getting old (-┏).

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Childhood reminiscence.

I was just reading ErJie's post about Ultraman (which i still really like honestly, the cartoon-version - because its cute =P)... and what she wrote reminded me of another childhood show i like a lot then...


(If you're not from my zaman, and thus don't know what it is, click here.)

I've Googled it, found some clips... and after i watched this clip for the show...

The following thought came into my head...

Oh well, we *were* young and innocent then...

And now that i'm on this topic...

I want to see the transformation part where the robot starts making cart-wheels in mid-air (= =")...

Honestly, i really miss that part, even now, because it use to make all of us laugh like mad XD!

Ah, kids these days are so lucky yah?
They turn on the tee-vee, they have not one, but up to 3 channels (or more) of 24/7 cartoon waiting for them.

Last time, we (those from my zaman) have to actually sit in-front of the tee-vee, and patiently waiting till its 5pm for our daily dose of entertainment.

If you miss it, TOO BAD.
No repeats.

And even if we waited till then and didn't miss it, it's just a measly half-an-hour or so.
And that's it.
But we're still easily contended then aren't we?

Though that said, as regard to how lucky kids these days are to have the cartoons and entertainment presented to them these days, unlike us whose the "other-way-round"...

Nothing beats the fun watching...
Seriously XD!

I finally found the clip.
The Flashman Theme.
(Forward to the end at 3:01 if you just want to see the mid-air cartwheels part)

Its so amusing it brings tears to my eyes.
This is even more retarded than by my usual standards.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Not getting any better...

Still cold... VERY...

Today's not any better.

Again... annoyance from the whole world...

So i bake...

... and i accidentally burnt my hands (= =")...

I think i should say...

The whole world PLUS things are annoying me.

Well, but guess i couldn't blame the pan (which i can actually really do), my heart is, after all, not in what i'm doing.
So where is it?


With the 13 idiots.

What is this (-┏)?

It's going to be cold...

Popsicle kimchis!~

The whole world is out to annoy me ne?

Or is it because i *choose* to be annoyed (-┏)?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'm so proud of Little Boy!

The Elongated Little "Mr Coconut" Boy!

Whose limbs are all so abnormally long... as usual...

Taking everything from BiBi's Blog! (no need ask permission too =P)
[TVXQ Member Quietly Joins Taean Cleanup]

ChoiKang Changmin, better known as Max of Korea’s hottest idol group TVXQ, has quietly lent a helping hand to Taean County devastated by the nation’s worst oil spill last month.

His secret volunteer work was revealed when a volunteer posted his sighting of Changmin on the TVXQ fan site. The person who saw Changmin wrote on the posting that it was a big surprise to find Changmin among the volunteers. The weather down in Taean had been cold and snowy, but Changmin and his father joined other volunteers in cleaning up the oil. The posting said that since no other TVXQ members were in sight, Changmin must have come to Taean by himself.

TVXQ had spent most of their time in Japan last year, but returned to Korea for a short New Year’s break. TVXQ’s agent confirmed that Changmin had been in Taean for volunteer work on his first day back from Japan. He was not accompanied by other members.

credits: bww2> source: KBS WORLD

They all make me feel so proud supporting them (ㅠ.ㅠ)...

ps: This just reminds me of something...

ChangMin's "other-name" MAX...
Thats one of the names i want to name my dog in the future XD!~

I *think* i might've realized it before?

But because i don't call him "Max" (usually call him ChangMin, Little Boy or Mr Coconut or Retarded Boy most of the time!), maybe thats why reading back his name "Max" now rings a bell =P?


My first experience in using a "unisex-toilet".

And i think i would never ever get use to it. No matter how many times i use it.

Imagine a group of girls checking out themselves, or tidying up themselves by the mirror and all, and suddenly some other guy just come barging in to use the loo (= =")...


Its annoying really, to be sharing bathrooms with guys!


Of course if you know them it's ok, but as for complete strangers... just WEIRD!

But the funniest part was talking to the guys in the toilet!

Its as if we've become girlfriends yah =D?
Lol, just kidding =P!


But you can't deny its funny XD!

SJF: Four eyed?

I've been wearing glasses since primary school, and well, lets just say the style of glasses then are very old-fashioned and "corny" if i may say. If only there is Great Discovery: then, wow, imagine all the types of hip and stylish i could've gotten! Apart from a huge selection of frames, they also offer a wide selection of lenses from tinted to bifocal lenses. Although Zenni offers low prices, you needn't worry about bad quality, because Zenni only sell their own manufactured frames direct to their customers, with no middlemen or advertising budget, thats why they could forward all the better prices to you.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Miss me don't you?

Don't be jealous of my beauty.

Approach and worship.

닥 · 숭

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I love Old Mans.

I love Old Mans.

(Instead of *men*, because both are highly special individuals so precious to me they deserve to be mans, instead of just men.)

One is good, two is even better.

Two Beautiful Angels!~

Yes, i call both of them Old Man (plusDongWanfromShinhwa)!
Considering the fact i enjoy giving nicknames to everyone i love, whether it is a "good or bad" nickname...
These two shouldn't miss it (having a nickname) especially (because of The Precious Factor)!~

Just because (Gosh i love that word XD!) i hardly mention him these days, it doesn't mean i don't like him anymore!
He still makes my heart jumps whenever i think of him occasionally, yah XD!~

And that said...
A few nights ago, HeeChul attempted destroy at the Jay Chou board in my room (= =")...
No pics, because the minute i realize it i quickly rescue it!

Luckily its tough!


On the other hand, as calm as i am now, my heart is jumping non-stop and my hands are shaking and i'm having goosebumps!

I'm sorry Oldest Man, the Old Man wins this round.

On the other other hand...

My guess is so accurate...

I want to kiss myself (-┏).

Image credit: MyDaily.