Friday, January 30, 2009

The next time someone don't listen to me when i talk...

I'm going to sms that person!~

Calvin; "其實因為他不喜歡聽我講 所以我傳給他."


Thursday, January 29, 2009

My brother is MEAN.

First, he *almost* finish my favourite "kuih kapik with bakhu". The whole container ler!!
I managed to salvage what's left, but need to say, it does not look promising.

Then when i told him that FFXIII's English version will only be released after April 2010, he said what i had expected him to say...
"I can play the Japanese version *big grin*!!"

Then i went:
*dances victory dance like in Final Fantasy when you win battles*

But he went:
"I can buy PS3."

At first i went (= =")... but i managed to hide it and said: "Then can please buy Versus??? We share??? Then i can play Shotgun guy WEEEEE!~" *twirls around*

And he went:
"Just kidding..."
*continues playing his stupid online game*
STUPID BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate side-quests.

Backdated post 26th January 2009, 2.25am.

Best quote of the day Googled.
"Hope," indeed. I've been slaughtering those things during my breaks at work this week and I've gone through approximately 200 sirens (or 800 yellow puddings) and haven't gotten anything from it besides an intense desire to kill the next man I see eating lemon jello.
Same feel lor.
Except that i just spent 1-2 hours nya, and got sleepy and tired so malas to continue.

Ok fine, i admit i uses walkthroughs whenever i'm being my temporary part-time full-time gamer (long story, don't bother asking).
Who doesn't? It's way cooler so ok!

Anyways, one particular bloody side-quest requires this really rare item called "Rainbow Pudding"... and (don't continue reading if you don't play the game, because chances are you won't understand even an ounce of what i'm saying) because when i started playing i very lazy to complete mapping all the maps, so in the end i couldn't get this Treasure Hunter Augment, which in return, made it so much more difficult to get the stupid pudding.
With the augment, the chances of me getting the pudding is 0.8% (or some say 8%)... but since i'm WITHOUT... i shudder to think how long it will take me before i finally get the stupid pudding lar.
Some people so lucky, they chance upon it through the normal play through (some even got more than 8...?), so they needn't go on this stupid side-quest... unlike me... BAH!!!

The most geram thing is, i go exit the stupid final battle place without at least attempting to finish the final battle!! Then even if i didn't win in that battle, "at least" the time spent mapping the final map is not wasted, because i'll have to do it again anyways... but now...
Furthermore, if i did win, then who cares whether or not i get the stupid pudding!! Should've just ignored the bloody pudding lar, GRR!!!

Isn't this a nice way to spent your first day of CNY??? Nyaos!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!

It's not the New Year until Chinese New Year (^^ )!

Her Royal Highness Princess Kim HeeChul and i wishing everyone
Gong Xi Fatt Choi
and all the best for the new year!!
Angpow many lai XD!!
And everyone happy and prosperous in the new year!!!

Happy Happy Moo Year!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I love CNY!

It's like, the best holiday in the whole wide world, after my birthday of course!

There's just something incredibly pleasant about seeing all the mandarin oranges, people with cheery faces everywhere, SPRING CLEANING, shopping buy new clothes, wishing everyone "Gong Xi Fatt Choi" anywhere you go, people wishing you the same in return, lanterns, plum blossom, Chinese greetings, auspicious signs, CNY songs, and especially, RED EVERYWHERE!

The best part is of course the ANGPOW *runs around shouting happily*!!
But all the same, the "CNY feel" is still the best (^^ )!!!~
As much as i don't really fancy CNY songs, its still nice hearing them wherever you go! Because it signifies CNY is coming XD!!~

Although i'm spending CNY in KL this year... a bit the lonely (cause KL is like really quiet during CNY, everyone balik kampung mar...)... but oh well! What's important is getting to celebrate CNY!

Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!!~
And all the best for the Niu Year (^^ )!~

Blue skies and fluffy clouds makes me happy.

Can you see what i see?

Sometimes i wonder how if our brain is like a camera, and your eyes are like the lens or something. You can capture whatever you see, so you can easily share what you've seen with another people!
Furthermore, the word "Bluetooth" will be very accurate dee ne? You use your very own Bluetooth (certified by dentist) to transfer the pics over to another person with Bluetooth, or to the com. So convenient ne?

If you think this pic is pretty, it's even prettier seeing it through my eyes!
Far far away, with very very light shade of pink, like just a tinge, with light shade of blue and loads of fluffy clouds!

It's totally out of this world, like i'm in Spira (^^ )! ♪~

Weird people do weird stuffs at weird hours.

I just bathed around 8pm?
And i'm going to bath again later, because i choose to clean my room at weird hours.

Oh well! At least it's "clean"!
By "clean", i mean all the surfaces (except the floor - i don't want to start vacuuming my room in the middle of the night, which i can, and had done before... but nah, maybe next time...) are wiped (sorta), and every drawer or cupboard (except the one beneath the window) is tidied (a few weeks before)!
I'm proudest of my closet! I just tidied it thoroughly, and realized that one of my New Year resolution to be:
Very unlikely. But how many New Year resolutions go through really.
(Ok lar just kidding, i would sooner shave HeeChul bald then to stop shopping. Siao ka??)

Like what Cow said, my room is not messy... i just have A LOT of stuffs. So true... what turf.
And i'm very grateful for the extra space in my bro's cupboard, without which my current closet will be stuffed full and i would risk my life whenever i open it.

Ok, toodles! XD

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Very Tension.

Do you remember Tension?

When they first started, they are not very good looking, let's be honest.
However, based on talent alone, they still made it rather good in Taiwan.

The Tension i remembered is very very very very very friendly, most of them being from the States. Not stereotyping or anything, but it's true, especially Jimmy. I still remember how during the autograph session, he stood up to sign the albums instead, so it would be easier to hug the fans should they request.
I kinda regret i didn't ask for any hugs, but oh well!

And yeah, i remembered my mom told me that Andy looked at her rather surprised but was very happy to see her (yes, i conned my mom to drive me there and to get the signature as well XD).

They are really, perhaps the only boyband which didn't exactly rely solely on looks, because they are really really talented! And hilarious!
I remember the show they hosted, Very Tension! I used to watch it every time possible! They are funny!! I get stomach cramps every time i watch the show!
Moreover, since all of their Chinese also half-past-six, and since my Chinese too wasn't very fluent then, it was really really easy to understand them! Also thanks to them, my Chinese improved as well! I actually managed to read this book of theirs (sorta like an autobiography) which is purely in Chinese!
Ok fine, their Chinese isn't too fluent too, so the wordings are really really simple and all... so it's easy reading, but still! From someone who only learned Chinese 5 years back ok! Lols!

I wonder where they are now? They "disappeared" without any news a couple of years back, and still no news now. Honestly speaking, i miss them. Are they even coming back? If not, what is the official status?
Unless it was officially announced that they had disband, i'm rather skeptical of that news, even though it clearly seems so. Anyhow, if Tension ever decides to return, i'll be anticipating their comeback (^^ )!

ps: Ok, they have disband, but it was without official news!! Where can count!!!
Anticipating their comeback someday, whenever that is!

A mix of Selphie and Yuuna?

Mostly Yuuna.


CNY Reunions.

I had a fun day with AhJung =D!
This stupid cousin of mine is leaving soon, but she still kindly spare time for me so we can do girly stuffs together, and even helped me train my voice, which was spoiled the last time i got sick and got this super horrible sore-throat that i can't even talk!! The second time kena adee ok!!!

Note to self: Drink lotsa water and if any signs of sore-throat, and also order a truckload of Strepsils and finish it within one hour.
Losing voice during sore-throat is ok, but i've had enough of losing my "singing voice"!! It's so annoying ok!!!

Anyways, thanks to her, my voice is almost back on track =D! Touchwood of course!
I consider her my singing coach, she always gives me loads of tips and advice on how to sing better, being a good singer herself! And her new hair colour is so pretty! Anyone who doesn't like it is an idiot really!
I'm so going to miss her. Nobody to entertain me when i have weird ideas or when i do my funny antics or when i just like blabber nonstop. Bummer.

Just now before she left, we were chatting about the good old days when during CNY, everyone of the family would gather at some place and we would have a blast chatting and playing with each other. As time passes, we just "grew apart" and the gatherings stopped as well. Reunion dinners are only among immediate family members, and not like our usual
"super huge extended family" as before.
But of course, we're still close and love each other very much, it's just that this kinda "reunions" are not part of the picture anymore.

So sometimes i get really really REALLY jealous when i see my friends attending such big happy family gatherings with everyone of the family present!! It's just so fun and reminds me of the good ol' days! Don't you wish you get to spend CNY with everyone of your family every year? I know i do (^^ )!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My cat likes White Colour.

Like mother like daughter.
Or like owner like cat.

Or HeeChul's favourite version: Like pet like owner - me being the pet.
Yes, my cat is the cutest. She is Her Royal Highness Princess Kim HeeChul.
Approach and worship!

Remember this entry, where i wrote the best RM5 i've ever spent in on HeeNim's toy? Because she really likes it?
Don't get me wrong, it's still a well spent RM5! I even got another one for her, just so i could have one upstairs and one downstairs.
But i did a mistake of buying the BROWN one for her, instead of the same white one which she already had.
She didn't like it (the brown one).
She'll still entertain it, probably thinks she'll hurt its feeling if she doesn't... but she doesn't like it as much as the WHITE one.
Very obvious some more lor. Stupid cat.
I should've guessed it when the k

And her love for CHINESE MEDICINE still hasn't change.
Yes, you didn't read wrongly, nor do you need to see an optometrist. My cat likes CHINESE MEDICINE!!
In case you didn't know, she actually destroyed a pack of my mom's Chinese med herbs (the plastic bag AND the paper wrapping it) just so she could eat it (= =")...

Just now, Mom made me some Chinese med. After i finished it, i let her smell the bowl, since she always so busybody and to my surprise... ok lar, actually i'm not surprised at all, since i know how much she likes Chinese herbs, but i just want to see if she'll actually licked it!

And yes, she did! But i stopped her before she succeed, but yeah... my cat loves Chinese medicine!!
Maybe next time i'm forced to take Chinese meds, i'll let her finish it instead??

And who says Cats are not useful??? XD

Monday, January 19, 2009

YoungJi and Jiro.

The original.

The reenactment.

I love aquariums (and retarded pics)!~
ps: Sea turtles rocks! I can't wait to see you again darling!~

To the idiotic shareholders of Square Enix.

Backdated post, written on 18th January 2009 at 12.54am.

No Final Fantasy XIII before April 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stupid shareholders. I curse the day you guys earn from Square Enix.
May you gain a lot of pounds from all the donuts you eat because you earn too much. What turf.
(ok fine i don't get business but whatever man. All their fault!!)

My brother better not buy the Japanese version and start waving it in front of my face (like he did with FFX-2). I'll summon Shiva and freeze the daylights out of him. What turf!!!

Ok, i checked. FFXIII (Japanese version) is only for PS3, so unless we get a PS3, it's unlikely that my brother will get to play it before me!!
Plus i secretly ask him, and he told me they don't sell Japanese games for XBOX 360 here!! Hope it's the same for PS3 *evil grin*!!!
(and if anyone buys it online, i'll curse them!!)

What??? I don't get to play, nobody else in Malaysia better get to play before me man!!!
Yes, i'm delirious!! Whatever!!!
(ok lar, not like i'm going to play immediately upon release, but it made me feel better saying so!!)

ps: Just in case you're curious, FFX-2 was released around the time my brother came back from Japan. As usual, we'll have to wait a while before the English version is out, but since my brother *can* understand Japanese, he bought the Japanese version, finished the bloody game, and ended up I didn't get to play X-2 AT ALL!!!!!!!!
(i think i forgotten to buy after the English version is released or something, since his usually the one who buys the games.)

It's his fault really, and he admitted it (he even admitted to laughing to my face because he got to play X-2 and i don't!!! HMPH!!!)!!! Ended up till now i also haven't play!!! BAH!!!!!!!

I hate my brother.

Stupid brother.
Super geram now.

I super precious my car. To me, Angel is the one and only.
My love for my car goes to the extent of insulting other cars which is of same model and colour. If i'm in a super bad mood, i'll even curse the owner for having such good taste, like me.
I really hate it to no ends if i see another car of same model same colour. I don't know, i guess to me my car is the one and only, and so... yeah, i'm weird.
Quite silly really, since honestly, they all looked the same (some more my car a bit cacated one)... but yes, that is how much i love my Angel.

I take care of my Angel as best as i can. I send it for "spa" whenever necessary, because washing at home is just not enough anymore. I think my Angel goes through 2-3 bathes a week.
I also keep her as sparkly clean and tidy as possible. And i put lotsa nice stuffs inside for decoration, and also to accompany Angel, in case she feels lonely. To be exact, 5 teddies.
I even TALK to her ok so she won't feel lonely. Ok, you don't need to know that. But to justify myself, i'm waiting for her to trust me enough that she'll reveal to me that she's actually Herbie (but got new name Angel dee).

I get restless if i had to send my car for service and would only get it back the next day. It just feels wrong knowing Angel is not at home with me at night, and is probably alone outside in some cold cold place. Especially restless if i know someone else is driving my Angel apart from me. Yes, i'm that mad.

Apart from taking care of the physical well-being, i don't double park, and as Chinese i can be, i always make sure i pay that extra few sens when i park, just so i wouldn't get saman in case i couldn't make it back to the car in time.
All the things i do, is so my Angel will not get saman. At least, not for the first year lar. I want to give my Angel a clean record!

But that stupid idiot.
The first time my brother drove my car, he already kena saman for not paying for parking.
And TWICE somemore!!!
I think he threw away the saman or something, so now they sent a warning letter for late payment (= =")...

Tell me, is a few ringgit worth being tortured by me for the rest of his life?

The answer is no.

I hate my brother.

Stupid idiot.

ps: I hope i don't get jinx for writing this entry, because i really want to post this.
I always kena jinxed one, what turf. Maybe i'll take it down in one day's time.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Things i can do while playing Final Fantasy.

Surfing the net.
Tidy study table.
Play with HeeChul.

I *am* wonderful at multi-tasking ♡!~

Stupid people who understands Japanese.

This is my brother.

Playing his stupid online game while listening to watching Japanese anime.
(while us "normal humans" have to watch Japanese anime by reading the subtitles, unless dubbed (or you just like looking at pretty pictures), some people get by by listening to it while playing their stupid game. Stupid people.)

This is my cat.

For the first time (ok, maybe not exactly "first time"), she takes to her fancy a toy i bought for her.
Best RM5 spent!
(she has ignored a lot a lot of toys i bought for her, but finally!! I've actually given up buying toys for her since it's such a waste of money, but this was, perhaps, the best buy (for her) ever!!!)

This is me.

Ok fine, that's pan-chan (my alter ego ♡!~).
But we look similar anyways due to the late nights i've been throwing in for gaming purposes staying up late.

I spent the whole day (on YoungWoon's birthday, thus that's why i had not been doing any "celebrating" =P!) playing Final Fantasy IV, and would've been completely oblivious to anything happening around me if not because i remembered that i am, after all, still a living human (unlike my FF characters), and thus, i still need to eat, bath and breath.
(actually, i ate my lunch while playing, that thinking back, it looked rather hilarious (and would very much scare away all possible suitors).)

I actually wrote this entry as i'm playing too. Gosh i love multi-tasking!~

And completely oblivious to the fact that i do indeed have a life outside the game, which is required to attend Korean class tomorrow morning.
Oh what the heck.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

If only.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Of nicknames and bullying.

HeeChul has a new nickname =D!
She must be the one with the most nicknames honestly. I call her anything which comes into my mind, and the darling just obliged because she knows her omma is crazy!

So yeah, her latest nickname is erm... "Pangsai-chi".
Ok, if you don't know what "pangsai" is, you're better off not knowing what it means. If you do, well... too bad!! XD

I also called her "Monkey-chi", just now when we were walking down the stairs! I think she prefers this to the earlier one? (who won't?)

Apparently, she has started bullying my mom too! Lols! It was hilarious!
I'm proud to say she's very selective of people to bully. If she does, consider yourself lucky =D!!
... ok maybe not. But i am =D!

Somehow i have this theory that she knows who loves her, and who does not, and she's very fussy with people.
If she doesn't like you, she'll totally ignore you. If she likes you, she'll manja to you. If she meets you for the first time, she'll probably greet you just to show that she is well-bred and comes from a Royal bloodline...

... and then goes on to ignore you.

Oh well. So typical.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


But it tastes good =D!

So overall it's ok i guess. Sorta. Whatever.
No pics, too embarrassed of the end product to even want anyone else to see it, so i'm destroying all evidence now.

Edit @ 7.30pm:
I tried making another one just now with this star shape thingy.
Failed miserably. I never think through what i'm going to do so...
And it's not thoroughly cooked, so if tomorrow i get food poisoning we know "who" to blame.

But the worst part is...
Cholesterol high high lar!!! ARGH!!!

Hello Sam!!

As a friend and Boss, i'll let you borrow my trusty baseball bat (which i don't borrow to just anyone else), and please go and whack anyone you want (except me) ok?
I'll help ensure that there's no witnesses... AT ALL.
So mafia-ish. What turf.

And instead of them suing you, i'm very sure you'll be able to sue their sorry asses back and even get compensation from it! Ooh!

Me rabu you, take care!~

See my hand trying to ensure nothing double comes out. What turf.

ps: Sorry, you'll still be Sam the Otter, the turtle, etc etc. Nicknames are good and they never die! I love nicknames!~
*evil laugh*

I have lousy friends.

It all started with the Cow who swam away instead of asking me if i'm alright when i puked in Redang.
But that's ok, if the situation was reversed, i would've did the same. So we're both lousy people.

This morning, i hit my head really hard against the car door frame.
Like really, super, incredibly, stars-come-out, sun rises, even the moon also rise type of pain.
But nobody cared =(...
Ok fine, nobody knew about it. Those who knew did ask if i'm ok.
What turf. I'm so going to make it public in FB. It's not me if i don't drama and aegyo and cry for attention.

Anyways, it was ok afterwards... until now.
It hurts and i want to vomit.
But i think the vomit part is because i had too much gas in my stomach. I just drank a cup of Starbucks!~ YUMMIES!~

And i love HeeChul and Rainbow!
Mom was urut-ing my head, when HeeChul came in and asked us what's wrong (or maybe she was just demanding for food. I wouldn't know, they all sound the same, "meow~~".).
Then, HeeChul jumped up to my table, so she's at the same height as my head, and erm... smelled my head (but because i turn to face her, so my face instead).

Rainbow is being Rainbow =D! Me rabu her!

But i've got to get my priorities right. Seriously.
My mom asked if there's any bump on my head, i said it's like it got indented in instead, and i continued: "Cham lor, cannot cut botak anymore, head shape not nice adee..."
See, something wrong with my head.
But i don't think it's because of the "accident", i think it was from way before. Hmm.

Oh, and i actually bumped my head TWICE.
Once was later just now, but it was not as bad as the first one.

Ok, going to make some Tamagoyaki now! Hope it suceeds (^^ )!~~

Wonder Boys are back!

I think they did better the first time round, there's just nothing particularly special for this one. The last one was more natural and adorable, this one's quite boring honestly (except for my two boys of course).

But of course, the boys and SeungRi are super adorable (as always) in this one!
And SeungRi!! I want to run onstage and give him a big hug!! He was so cute!!!
Nothing special about TaeMin though, he shine(e) so much more in the previous one!

Ooh, and if there's anyone in the world who i would pay full-expenses for them to go to Thailand, it's definitely JoKwon of 2AM!!! OMG SERIOUSLY!!! It's really too bad his not char bo lar!!
Then again, if he is a char bo, then it wouldn't be any fun, wouldn't it now (^^ )??

He did not disappoint me at all, in fact, he was so much more... i can't find a word... extra-sultry??? in this one!!
Keep an eye out for the one in GOLD. Seriously. You won't regret it! He was so hiao i scared myself!! Exactly like char bo, and even better than the Wonder Girls!!!

THE ONE IN GOLD. Remember!!!
Pay full attention, and only the FULLEST attention at him please.

It's worth it =D!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Identity crisis.

*I* thought i have identity crisis.
Being a born Penang-kia who grew up in Kuala Lumpur.
If i say i'm from KL, it's like i'm not proud of where i'm from.
If i say i'm from Penang, i know every inch of Kuala Lumpur better than Queensbay Mall in Penang.

So anyways, enough about me. This is not about me (to some extent) anyways.
So yes, i am currently playing Final Fantasy IV.

Old school ne? I'm so happy! I haven't played RPG for the longest time ever! I miss all the adventures and stuffs! Yeahs!

So... yeah... the main point is, the lead in the story, is a knight named "Cecil". I know, funny name for a knight right?
Then there comes along this Prince of Damcyan... whose name was Edward.

Now it's all fine and all... but i kept thinking that Edward is the KNIGHT!!! Come on lar, Edward is so much more a manlish, knight-ish type of named compared to Cecil right?
So during battles, i sometimes mistaken that Edward is Cecil, and i went ahead to attack the fiends, which i shouldn't because Edward's attacks are not very powerful, so waste the turn and all lar.

So yeah, identity crisis. OMG. So confusing.
Ok, this is rather pointless. I'm just showing people how identity crisis-ed i can get. What turf.

I love sandwiches!

But today i just had the WORST sandwich of my life.
More serious than when i become my temporary part-time "full-time gamer" (aka when there is new game for me to obsess myself with).

I ordered a focaccia with egg mayo, tomato and lettuce. Everything was good, except for the bloody focaccia bread.
I should've sensed something wrong when i saw the bread. But who would've expected a bloody bread, though with loads of grains and stuffs on top of it (and mind, it looks good too), TO HAVE BLOODY SALT ON TOP OF IT???
And it's not those fine types, but those grainy types, so while eating halfway suddenly "crunch" then the salty taste comes. EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

I flicked off every bloody grain of salt i can spot, but there's still some maybe embed into the bread. Bloody bread.

Worst part was, i thought i was "lucky" that my last bite of the sandwich was not salty at all... not so lor... the bloody last bite was the bloody saltiest that i almost puke out the whole sandwich. It still feels yucky now, like there's still salt inside my mouth. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

Note to self: Never eat anything which you cannot even pronounce it's name properly. BAH!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


This is a fantasy based on reality.

Sorry, eiko-chan adores hot guys.
Even if they don't exist.

Especially if they don't exist ♡.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


If you've been to Daore @ Mutiara Damansara, you would've noticed this weird button when taking the lift up to the third floor, the highest floor, where Daore is.

They must've mistaken the up from the down when they put in the panel thing or something.

ps: If you didn't get it, at the ground floor, which is the "lowest" level you can be at there, the arrow on the button in pointing down when the only way you can go is up... while at the third floor (the highest floor you can be at), the arrow is pointing up when the only way you can go is down. See??

pps: Just in-case you are wondering what we were doing there...

Ooh ♡!

Japanese Karaoke.

One thing living in Malaysia, you get to experience different cultures from all around the world. And one of them, is the Japanese Karaoke at Mont Kiara!

Sorry for the cacated video on tee-vee. Should've waited for Zone's MV when i take the pic!!

If you compare it to Red Box or Neway, it's a bit cacated... because instead of using a monitor to choose your songs, the list of songs are all filed. You choose the song you wanted, and use the remote to input the song's number.
The plus point though, is that a few people can choose songs they want at the same time if in case one person is hogging the remote =P!

The other good things i like about Japanese Karaoke, is they are very freaking updated with the latest songs!! Even though they have to print the song list ok!!!
Of course, not all songs lar! But still good!!
They have like most of the latest Japanese and Korean (seriously, i was so happy i wanted to dance Rokkugoh!! on the spot, because they had Rokkugoh!! there as well, even the Japanese version XD!) songs. The Chinese and English songs are quite "well-stocked" too. Plus, they have some songs that Red Box or Neway never had, which were songs from HSM and HSM2 =P!!

Of course, with all good parts, there's also the bad parts... and their bad part is they don't have the original MV for most of the songs. Most of it are those "lala-made-for-karaoke" videos. It's still bearable though... unless if you get the very lala one.
Seriously, it's so lala until you lose all the mood to sing. It is that bad, the very lala ones. I don't even want to Blog about it, you can ask me personally though, if you really want to know.

If you do go, don't expect Red Box or Neway, but it's still a very nice experience. And if you love singing Japanese song, it's *the* place to go. There's just so many songs to sing i was like in "J-pop karaoke Heaven"!! You can even choose "challenge-mode", and see how much points you get at the end of the song!

If you love Korean songs too, and is complaining that Red Box and Neway don't have enough of them, there's enough Korean songs you can sing there too! But, provided you can read either Korean or Japanese!

It's not cheap (the cheapest is RM8 per hour, but with a free drink), but it really is a good experience! And it's worth it if you like singing J-pop (or K-pop) songs (^^ )!!

I don't understand.

Seriously, i should keep more of an open mind. When i don't understand some stuffs, i really don't understand and i'll keep questioning it until i rest... or forget about it.

If you stalk Blogs most of the time were quick enough to visit Ringo's Blog's this morning, you would've seen a post she has written about this girl who had actually copied word-to-word of a conversation between Ringo and her friend, Oli... but that girl made it seemed like it's a real conversation she herself had with a friend of hers instead.
If you didn't, well, you're too slow. She has already removed it.

What i don't understand is, why does she even want to copy Ringo's post? More over word-to-word. Won't it looked obvious? Some more Cheeserland is rather popular one ler! So... WHY???

Besides, isn't the purpose of a Blog to write down what REALLY happened in your own life? Or to ramble, complain, gossip, bitch, more ramblings, share information blah blah blah... etc etc?
I have a lot of views to this, but i guess i better keep this to myself. I just don't understand why!

Even if you live in a delusional world (Like me. I live in Spira. Weeeeee!~), at least it's your own imaginations and stuffs... but to copy another person's Blog entry???

Weird. I guess it's true that i really should keep an open mind. I've left out the knowledge that there are different types of people in the world. Not everyone lives in Spira like me think alike.
And i don't think the girl meant any harm lar, she probably just did it without thinking thoroughly the consequence which may occur? She apologized anyways.

And you know what, personally i think that girl needs to enroll into Taylor's college ICPU course.
It teaches you how to plagiarize properly without getting caught =P!!! HAHAHA!!!
No serious, almost half of all ICPU students (every semester) plagiarizes each other either half or most of the time. So it's really easy to master "the art of plagiarizing each other without getting caught hah take that bloody school authorities" skills. It just depends on the individual, and time spent =P!!

Since we are in that copy-you-copy-me topic, i myself did copy Ringo's usage of the word "what turf".
I know, not original right? But honestly, it's because i hate using the "F word". I feel it's rather vulgar, and i promised i wouldn't use that word (just because)... however, the thing is i really like "wtf" expressions. It's very useful ok! But... yeah...

So "what turf" is, in a way, a more "proper" term i can use to express myself when i feel "wtf"... but minus the vulgar part.
I did try to create my own "new term", but "what turf" is very nice to use, and i lazy to think further, so...
I did came up with the term "what the turp" though. But... ok, so unoriginal can go jump off a flying Ragnarok (now this is original ♡!~). Rofl.

My cousin is better than your cousin.

Because she buys pretty stickers for me from Korea!~
Yeahs ♪!~

Because i'm nice.

People who has been on trips with me would probably know that i have the world's weirdest funniest sleeping poses ever.
No, seriously.
That is, if you're hardworking enough to wake up before me (very easy to accomplish, this one), or "lucky", of course.

Anyways, if i'm sleeping in my room, when i'm half awake i like to sit up, blink blink stare around... then i'll fall back asleep on my side, like in a curved position, with my head near to HeeChul's Royal Bedchamber, which is right next to my bed.

Coincidentally (i guess), that very day... well, i'll let the picture do the talking.

Yes, like that.
Like mother like daughter (i wanted to say "like owner like pet", but then HRH Princess Kim HeeChul would start a debate with me on WHO is the owner, and WHO is the pet. Seriously.).
Do you think we look "alike" =D?
Actually this is a "remake". Rainbow said the real thing she saw (since she'll always wake up before me!) was even more alike!! But she couldn't find the camera, and i woke up after that, so there was no evidence of the "original real pose"... but i find it quite amusing, so i "reenacted" the scene for her to take a picture!

And what do HRH Princess HeeChul think about this??

Typical. Hmph.

I ♡ FFX.

I watched this clip 7 years ago once upon a time.

And i still love Final Fantasy X as i always had before, and as i always had now.


What turf, Gossip Girls, lols!

Anyways, spotted: at Starbucks KLCC.

Whoa, Bae YongJun in Malaysia!!
Some more a younger and better looking one!!
But i'm NOT Bae YongJun's fan!!! It's just that this guy looked really alike i can't help but to take his picture!
Maybe he doesn't look alike in the pic, but trust me, in real life, exactly like a photocopy version, except this is version went "right" or "better" than the original =P!

And because i *think* another guy behind me saw me take his (the guy in front of me aka "the-version-better-than-Bae YongJun"'s) picture, i think i sendiri perasan lar, but anyways, i pretended like i was going to MMS it to someone, just so it won't seem i'm some weird stalker girl or something.

Ok lar, even if i'm MMS-ing it to someone, will still seem like i'm some weird stalker girl i guess. But nevermind, i don't always go to KLCC.

Then again, once this entry make it public... yikes!! Guarantee i'll kena hunt by loads of ahjummas!!! RUN!!!
*escapes to Spira*

Friday, January 09, 2009

Have you looked at the Sky today?

I love it when the sky is clear and bright and blue, and the clouds are white and fluffy and... very fluffy... wow...
Skies like this makes me happy! It reminds me of the beach!
It makes me feel like i'm at the beach!

It also gives you hope, cheers you up, and makes the world seem like a better place, don't they?
Nah, i think it just makes it seem like i'm in Besaid Island (or Redang) or somewhere in Spira i guess. Nyan ♪!!~

Thursday, January 08, 2009

To the smart people of Square Enix.

So smart.
Recycle some old ideas, add some new ones... kaboom, new FF series to get the fans crazy and can earn big money.

Sometimes i wish i could just knock myself in the head, end up in a coma, and enter a FF world myself. Then i would live happily ever after, even if it means i'm something like Tidus. At least i'll have someone like a Yuna who'll come save me *big grin* (wow, cue all my fave FF guys coming to find me like what Yuna did in FFX-2 XD!~).

Wow. Ok, faster go sleep and have a good night dream.


Yes, i do know i'm too obsessed with Final Fantasy Versus XIII now.
But before you say anything, watch the clip below and tell me how not to be obsessed lar!!


And yeah... i do realize that with Noctis' hair and choice of clothing and all, should he be living in our (stupid) world... he would definitely be categorized as "lala".
But TOO GOOD his not!! So his as hot as ever ♡!~ NYAH XD!!~

And *squeals*!! The guy with the Shotgun!!!
I'm so gonna give him a name - since his still nameless now - em... i'm gonna call him... Choco♡!~
Yeah, i know i'm horribly uncreative, but his appearance just screams Choco♡ to me, so... yeah... and i think i got it from Chocobo (oh gosh i love Chocobos (ㅠ.ㅠ)...)?
Anyways, furthermore, his so sunshiny and smiley and all AHHHH TIDUS!!!!!... NYAH XD!!~

AHHHH, i need more FF VS XIII information!! When will it be released??? MORE INFORMATION (like what's Choco♡'s name???)!!! 2009 is too long a year for me to wait!!!
Seriously, if you want to kill fans... it can be the year 2007, and you can say"it'll be released in summer 2009", and it'll still be "ok", since fans roughly know when it'll be released...

But if this is year 2009 (which it is), and you only write "2009" as it's release date... guarantee you can kill fans even more "efficiently", because it means it can be anytime. Even tomorrow. It could even be released on 31st December 2009 11.59pm and technically, IT IS STILL IN YEAR 2009!!!

Ok lar, for sure they'll announce the release date perhaps a few months before it's release but STLLL!!!!!!!!! Now it's just so... so... WARGH *pulls HeeChul's fur*!!!

And there's THREE games in the whole series. The Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII. Gosh, i feel smarter just by saying the name, what turf. I wonder if it'll all be released in the same time?
Whenever it's released... at least, more information please!! All this secrecy and mysteriousy is really... BAH!!!

But you can't help but to continue obsessing even if you "bah", so... yeah... lols!!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Why lar!!!

Apparently, my brother doesn't like PS3.
So even if i buy the bloody console for him, i doubt he'll even like it (cue best sister in the world material).

He doesn't even want to get FFXIII.
Even if i'm willing to share, he'll still think about it first, because he doesn't want to play FFXII.

But at least, he'll allow let me use his (precious) XBOX360 if i buy the game =D!
HAH, TAKE THAT STUPID BROTHERS WHO BULLIES THEIR SISTERS!! My brother is the best brother in the whole wide world =D!

Ok, but no doubt my brother is actually a very mean brother. Nice... but can be very very mean when he wants to.
Maybe i should consider conning my eldest brother into buying a PS3 for my niece... who is er... not a day older than two... hmm...

Good childhood brain skills development activity thingy???

Ok, this post is officially very freakingishly really... a waste of post. Ehem.
It goes to show why you should never believe anything out of my mouth especially when i'm high on sugar. Oh gosh, i'm still such a kid.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

I would pay (ok lar, maybe share share?) for a PS3 and the game Final Fantasy Versus XIII for my brother just so i could see more Noctis and Shotgun Guy (his character isn't revealed yet, so this is a fan-given name) in action. Maybe his birthday present. Yes, i am the best sister in the whole wide world. There's no need to be jealous.

Considering that the battle system is rumoured to be like Kingdom Hearts, which, is a battle system i totally hate (that's why i stopped playing Kingdom Hearts, besides, i sucked in it anyways)... what else can i do??? Buy it for myself and see myself die (in the game)??? Besides, i've always think that my brother is a bloody good brilliant gamer (see, best sister in the whole wide world material), so it'll be fun i guess!


Oh bother.

This is a fantasy based on reality.

If only reality can be this close to fantasy.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Final Fantasy XIII.

I'm thinking my brother will probably really like Cheryl AhMa for asking me to watch FFXIII's trailer.
Because i'm very tempted to ask him to buy the game now (when it's released). And from what i see, he doesn't buy RPG games... so it'll probably end up both of us sharing to buy FFXIII.

But i don't know... i think i prefer FF Versus XIII (Noctis is so good-looking what turf XD!!)... but it's only on PS3... apa ini?

On another note... i didn't know Malaysia has such a strong base of gamers!
Some weeks (months?) ago, my brother actually went to Cineleisure around 11pm to line-up to buy this game. The release time was at 12am, and he only managed to get home around 1am+?
It was because the line was freaking long. And you had to pre-order some more or something like that.
Wow. We're finally going original. I think. Lols.

Edit at 11.26pm:
I just finished a pack of biscuits, 4 pieces of CNY biscuit (kuih ka-pek with bak hu) and some leftover ice-cream (coffee with cookie crumb swirl and fudge cow something like that - Amanda gave it to me! Super good!) with lotsa corn flakes.

Wow, sure die soon. Some more before bed what turf.
Cannot like this one lar (ㅠ.ㅠ)... and i don't even have PMS to blame it on. TURF!!


I think my brain is going to kaput soon.
Hold that, i think it just kaput-ed. XD

I was "Youtube-ing" a nice whole 3 hours watching Final Fantasy X stuffs.
*Repeated* vids... because i couldn't find what i wanted. Too many remakes and what not, eiii...
But it's still good. I manage to catch up on some of the stuffs i've missed out for not playing FFX-2 (blame the brother), found some good stuffs... and the best part... the ending =)!
I mean, i've watched the ending before, and i know the ending (even before i played the game - i think my brother showed it to me??)... but it's another thing to finally be able to truly feel it again after understanding everything!

OMG i had honestly "forgotten" how much i love FFX (and FFVII) after all this while!!
Final Fantasy ROCKS!!~
*waves FF flag*

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Feeling nostalgic.

I've always known that i like Angel and stuffs like that, ever since way before, like during primary school when my friends and i would talk about this kinda stuff.

Until recently, i've thought that my liking for Angel Wings was influenced by Leader Teuk. Well... i guess i was wrong. I've just forgotten that somewhere in my past, i had already developed a liking for it, but i forgot about it until now.

Even the beach.
Strange as it may feel, i've always thought i like the beach like... you know, JUST BECAUSE. And also because i've waited so long to go there (Redang), and so when finally i get to go, the feeling just escalated massively.
I don't know. Apart from being the really Summer girl i am (love everything Summer - even the heat though i can't really bear it), could it be perhaps because standing by the beach is like... standing at Besaid or something. I don't know.
And swimming.

Even "Can I Have This Dance?" from HSM3... it gives me this nostalgic feeling i don't really understand why but... i just like it and... hmm...
There's just so many things that i don't know how to say, but... i guess i just know?

I feel like crying. I'm listening to all my FF songs now.
It sucks being an emotional avid(sorta) gamer(sorta again, then again a lot of people stereotype me as a gamer... but my brother will laugh his ass off if he hears anyone calling me, his sister, a gamer... because he knows me better. Lols!!). HAHAHA!

What did i do today?

I traded attendance in my Korean Class for more sleeping time.
What turf.

And it's not *exactly* intentional ok. My class is from 9am-12pm, and i woke up at 10.30am!! Go also an hour and half nya, so...
Anyhow, to make the absent "worth it", i woke up at 12.10pm (and had a really funny dream, rofl!!)... so in other words, i would still miss my class, no =D?? Yes?? No???

Just now i went out to buy lunch. As i was going down the slope, i saw two squirrels running across the road... which is rather normal, since i always see squirrels chasing each other around...
Till i saw a huge German Shepherd running after the squirrels behind them XD!!!

Super adorable ok!! And the German Shepherd is not those "skinny" types, but rather, the fur is thick and fluffy, and it looks really healthy!
I shall name the dog Samantha, after the super adorable Samantha in "I am Legend"!! The prettiest German Shepherd ever!~

And it's running around without an owner (or maybe the owner is nearby? But i've not seen any houses nearby with such beautiful GSD really...)!! How i want to rush down and give him/ her a big hug... but i'm scared it'll bite me so... better not, ehem...

But so prettttttttttty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

Ooh, and i'm watching my favourite movie again now! Woot!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

To the good people of Square Enix.

Please go die for creating very nice but also very complicated games like the Final Fantasy series, and it's many complicating plots and complicating gameplays.

Have a good day.



Gosh, even my name was partially influenced by the Final Fantasy series !@#$%^&*...

I just spent a good 2 hours looking for Final Fantasy X-2 endings with not very good results, because nobody on Youtube named their files properly, so i'm thoroughly confused and very bloody moody right now what turf.

Even Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 1st Love has up to 3 endings ok (Season 2 has FIVE ok...). While some is easy to obtain, some die also cannot obtain what turf.

*pulls HeeChul's fur*

But Final Fantasy is indeed, a wonderful game *glittery eyes*... XD!!

Eh... and whole day wasted by just idling. Hmph!

Final Fantasy VIII.

One of my most favourite game ever!
And i believe it's my first RPG game too, though i never finished it (which game have i ever finished (on PS) anyway?)...
You see, when you have an avid gamer for a brother, and you yourself always watches him play, there just isn't a rush to finish any game since you would've seen most endings already...

Eyes On Me by Faye Wong.

Beautiful song!~

And my favourite scene from the game...


ps: Barnacles, shouldn't have watched the clip. Now i feel like playing the game again (= =")...
SeeD!! Balamb Garden!!! Angel Wings!!! Ragnarok!!! Angelo!!!
It's like something from a past memory smiling back at you every time you read the words =)!

And... i also came to realize that some of the stuffs i've did or stuffs i really like now are actually unconsciously influenced by FFVII!! OMG!!! This is weird!!! I didn't know such heavy influence of games from FF-series are on my life till now (^^ )!!~

Friday, January 02, 2009


Guess who??

Dear Sammie.

This is a turtle.

And it is not cacat!!

I shall name the turtle Sam.
Sam is in my tummy.
Eh, i think dah keluar dah lar?

Ok, retarded.
I hope i don't start sneezing when someone in UK starts cursing me. XD

This is a tulip.

And someone ate the snail. Barnacles.
I really like the snail ok, i think i did a good job in making the snail. What turf (ㅠ.ㅠ).

Christmas comes early!

If the pic was taken this year.
But since it was taken LAST year...

Ok ok, we're slow lar. What turf.
And it's not our fault the Christmas decorations wasn't taken off.

Taken last Monday (081229) at Gardens, Midvalley.
Although this was "sorta" planned, but i would like to say it's "sorta" an impromptu trip too XD!

I love impromptu trips!

I think they are most fun, don't you (^^ )??

ps: Note second picture i was "kepit-ing" the camera cover with my arm. Lols!

Have you looked at the Sky today?

I love doing so.
The Sky and Clouds always have their way of telling you how they feel =)!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

The first thing...

Do you remember what is the first thing you heard in 2009?
Or the first song?
First video?
First person you see?
First thing you see?

Which brings to another question...
Have you thought of your NEW YEAR resolution??
Ok, very random.
I so need time to organize properly my reflections on the year before, and my resolution for the New Year, etc etc.
But knowing me... it'll probably be the NEXT New Year when i get it done??

Eh?? XD

Anyways, here are some of the FIRST PICS i took in the New Year!!

The colourful tong yuens Queen, Rainbow and i made for dessert =D!
I told Queen big and small tong yuens will look a lot nicer! I'm right XD!~

Er... please ignore the green one in the middle.
I'm very very "famous" (at least among my family members) for making all sorts of funny shapes and sizes and stuffs while making tong yuen =P!
And that, my friend, is a turtle.
I've also made two tulips, snail, shell, square shape, onigiri shape, no-shape, flat shape, long shape, random shape etc etc... like... wow...

And this i've got to write it down in case i need good laughs in the future!
I've made the turtle along with this long shape (kinda like those lou shu fun), and coincidentally, mom scooped those two up at the same time, and Rainbow had a good time laughing because it looked as if the turtle erm... just did his business or something! Lols, i didn't thought of that XD! But it was funny, and she laughed so hard till her expression was all scrunched up but no voice came out!! She also laughed nonstop all the while i was making those funny shapes and sizes tong yuens! Yes darling, you have a very weird (random and retarded) cousin sister XD!!

Colourful tong yuens!

It's a nice thing to end a year with a good laugh, and start a new one with a bang (^^ )!

Hello 2009!!

2009 is here!
Fireworks this year has been amazing, it's a lot better than last and it's always good to start the New Year with a blast!

Here's all the best to the New Year!
Happy New Year!!

With lots of love,
eiko-chan, HeeChul and 13 boys.