Saturday, January 10, 2009


What turf, Gossip Girls, lols!

Anyways, spotted: at Starbucks KLCC.

Whoa, Bae YongJun in Malaysia!!
Some more a younger and better looking one!!
But i'm NOT Bae YongJun's fan!!! It's just that this guy looked really alike i can't help but to take his picture!
Maybe he doesn't look alike in the pic, but trust me, in real life, exactly like a photocopy version, except this is version went "right" or "better" than the original =P!

And because i *think* another guy behind me saw me take his (the guy in front of me aka "the-version-better-than-Bae YongJun"'s) picture, i think i sendiri perasan lar, but anyways, i pretended like i was going to MMS it to someone, just so it won't seem i'm some weird stalker girl or something.

Ok lar, even if i'm MMS-ing it to someone, will still seem like i'm some weird stalker girl i guess. But nevermind, i don't always go to KLCC.

Then again, once this entry make it public... yikes!! Guarantee i'll kena hunt by loads of ahjummas!!! RUN!!!
*escapes to Spira*

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