Monday, January 12, 2009

Identity crisis.

*I* thought i have identity crisis.
Being a born Penang-kia who grew up in Kuala Lumpur.
If i say i'm from KL, it's like i'm not proud of where i'm from.
If i say i'm from Penang, i know every inch of Kuala Lumpur better than Queensbay Mall in Penang.

So anyways, enough about me. This is not about me (to some extent) anyways.
So yes, i am currently playing Final Fantasy IV.

Old school ne? I'm so happy! I haven't played RPG for the longest time ever! I miss all the adventures and stuffs! Yeahs!

So... yeah... the main point is, the lead in the story, is a knight named "Cecil". I know, funny name for a knight right?
Then there comes along this Prince of Damcyan... whose name was Edward.

Now it's all fine and all... but i kept thinking that Edward is the KNIGHT!!! Come on lar, Edward is so much more a manlish, knight-ish type of named compared to Cecil right?
So during battles, i sometimes mistaken that Edward is Cecil, and i went ahead to attack the fiends, which i shouldn't because Edward's attacks are not very powerful, so waste the turn and all lar.

So yeah, identity crisis. OMG. So confusing.
Ok, this is rather pointless. I'm just showing people how identity crisis-ed i can get. What turf.

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