Monday, January 05, 2009

Final Fantasy XIII.

I'm thinking my brother will probably really like Cheryl AhMa for asking me to watch FFXIII's trailer.
Because i'm very tempted to ask him to buy the game now (when it's released). And from what i see, he doesn't buy RPG games... so it'll probably end up both of us sharing to buy FFXIII.

But i don't know... i think i prefer FF Versus XIII (Noctis is so good-looking what turf XD!!)... but it's only on PS3... apa ini?

On another note... i didn't know Malaysia has such a strong base of gamers!
Some weeks (months?) ago, my brother actually went to Cineleisure around 11pm to line-up to buy this game. The release time was at 12am, and he only managed to get home around 1am+?
It was because the line was freaking long. And you had to pre-order some more or something like that.
Wow. We're finally going original. I think. Lols.

Edit at 11.26pm:
I just finished a pack of biscuits, 4 pieces of CNY biscuit (kuih ka-pek with bak hu) and some leftover ice-cream (coffee with cookie crumb swirl and fudge cow something like that - Amanda gave it to me! Super good!) with lotsa corn flakes.

Wow, sure die soon. Some more before bed what turf.
Cannot like this one lar (ㅠ.ㅠ)... and i don't even have PMS to blame it on. TURF!!

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