Thursday, January 01, 2009

The first thing...

Do you remember what is the first thing you heard in 2009?
Or the first song?
First video?
First person you see?
First thing you see?

Which brings to another question...
Have you thought of your NEW YEAR resolution??
Ok, very random.
I so need time to organize properly my reflections on the year before, and my resolution for the New Year, etc etc.
But knowing me... it'll probably be the NEXT New Year when i get it done??

Eh?? XD

Anyways, here are some of the FIRST PICS i took in the New Year!!

The colourful tong yuens Queen, Rainbow and i made for dessert =D!
I told Queen big and small tong yuens will look a lot nicer! I'm right XD!~

Er... please ignore the green one in the middle.
I'm very very "famous" (at least among my family members) for making all sorts of funny shapes and sizes and stuffs while making tong yuen =P!
And that, my friend, is a turtle.
I've also made two tulips, snail, shell, square shape, onigiri shape, no-shape, flat shape, long shape, random shape etc etc... like... wow...

And this i've got to write it down in case i need good laughs in the future!
I've made the turtle along with this long shape (kinda like those lou shu fun), and coincidentally, mom scooped those two up at the same time, and Rainbow had a good time laughing because it looked as if the turtle erm... just did his business or something! Lols, i didn't thought of that XD! But it was funny, and she laughed so hard till her expression was all scrunched up but no voice came out!! She also laughed nonstop all the while i was making those funny shapes and sizes tong yuens! Yes darling, you have a very weird (random and retarded) cousin sister XD!!

Colourful tong yuens!

It's a nice thing to end a year with a good laugh, and start a new one with a bang (^^ )!

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