Saturday, January 24, 2009

CNY Reunions.

I had a fun day with AhJung =D!
This stupid cousin of mine is leaving soon, but she still kindly spare time for me so we can do girly stuffs together, and even helped me train my voice, which was spoiled the last time i got sick and got this super horrible sore-throat that i can't even talk!! The second time kena adee ok!!!

Note to self: Drink lotsa water and if any signs of sore-throat, and also order a truckload of Strepsils and finish it within one hour.
Losing voice during sore-throat is ok, but i've had enough of losing my "singing voice"!! It's so annoying ok!!!

Anyways, thanks to her, my voice is almost back on track =D! Touchwood of course!
I consider her my singing coach, she always gives me loads of tips and advice on how to sing better, being a good singer herself! And her new hair colour is so pretty! Anyone who doesn't like it is an idiot really!
I'm so going to miss her. Nobody to entertain me when i have weird ideas or when i do my funny antics or when i just like blabber nonstop. Bummer.

Just now before she left, we were chatting about the good old days when during CNY, everyone of the family would gather at some place and we would have a blast chatting and playing with each other. As time passes, we just "grew apart" and the gatherings stopped as well. Reunion dinners are only among immediate family members, and not like our usual
"super huge extended family" as before.
But of course, we're still close and love each other very much, it's just that this kinda "reunions" are not part of the picture anymore.

So sometimes i get really really REALLY jealous when i see my friends attending such big happy family gatherings with everyone of the family present!! It's just so fun and reminds me of the good ol' days! Don't you wish you get to spend CNY with everyone of your family every year? I know i do (^^ )!!

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