Sunday, January 04, 2009

What did i do today?

I traded attendance in my Korean Class for more sleeping time.
What turf.

And it's not *exactly* intentional ok. My class is from 9am-12pm, and i woke up at 10.30am!! Go also an hour and half nya, so...
Anyhow, to make the absent "worth it", i woke up at 12.10pm (and had a really funny dream, rofl!!)... so in other words, i would still miss my class, no =D?? Yes?? No???

Just now i went out to buy lunch. As i was going down the slope, i saw two squirrels running across the road... which is rather normal, since i always see squirrels chasing each other around...
Till i saw a huge German Shepherd running after the squirrels behind them XD!!!

Super adorable ok!! And the German Shepherd is not those "skinny" types, but rather, the fur is thick and fluffy, and it looks really healthy!
I shall name the dog Samantha, after the super adorable Samantha in "I am Legend"!! The prettiest German Shepherd ever!~

And it's running around without an owner (or maybe the owner is nearby? But i've not seen any houses nearby with such beautiful GSD really...)!! How i want to rush down and give him/ her a big hug... but i'm scared it'll bite me so... better not, ehem...

But so prettttttttttty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

Ooh, and i'm watching my favourite movie again now! Woot!

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