Sunday, January 18, 2009

Stupid people who understands Japanese.

This is my brother.

Playing his stupid online game while listening to watching Japanese anime.
(while us "normal humans" have to watch Japanese anime by reading the subtitles, unless dubbed (or you just like looking at pretty pictures), some people get by by listening to it while playing their stupid game. Stupid people.)

This is my cat.

For the first time (ok, maybe not exactly "first time"), she takes to her fancy a toy i bought for her.
Best RM5 spent!
(she has ignored a lot a lot of toys i bought for her, but finally!! I've actually given up buying toys for her since it's such a waste of money, but this was, perhaps, the best buy (for her) ever!!!)

This is me.

Ok fine, that's pan-chan (my alter ego ♡!~).
But we look similar anyways due to the late nights i've been throwing in for gaming purposes staying up late.

I spent the whole day (on YoungWoon's birthday, thus that's why i had not been doing any "celebrating" =P!) playing Final Fantasy IV, and would've been completely oblivious to anything happening around me if not because i remembered that i am, after all, still a living human (unlike my FF characters), and thus, i still need to eat, bath and breath.
(actually, i ate my lunch while playing, that thinking back, it looked rather hilarious (and would very much scare away all possible suitors).)

I actually wrote this entry as i'm playing too. Gosh i love multi-tasking!~

And completely oblivious to the fact that i do indeed have a life outside the game, which is required to attend Korean class tomorrow morning.
Oh what the heck.

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