Monday, January 05, 2009


I think my brain is going to kaput soon.
Hold that, i think it just kaput-ed. XD

I was "Youtube-ing" a nice whole 3 hours watching Final Fantasy X stuffs.
*Repeated* vids... because i couldn't find what i wanted. Too many remakes and what not, eiii...
But it's still good. I manage to catch up on some of the stuffs i've missed out for not playing FFX-2 (blame the brother), found some good stuffs... and the best part... the ending =)!
I mean, i've watched the ending before, and i know the ending (even before i played the game - i think my brother showed it to me??)... but it's another thing to finally be able to truly feel it again after understanding everything!

OMG i had honestly "forgotten" how much i love FFX (and FFVII) after all this while!!
Final Fantasy ROCKS!!~
*waves FF flag*

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