Saturday, January 10, 2009

I don't understand.

Seriously, i should keep more of an open mind. When i don't understand some stuffs, i really don't understand and i'll keep questioning it until i rest... or forget about it.

If you stalk Blogs most of the time were quick enough to visit Ringo's Blog's this morning, you would've seen a post she has written about this girl who had actually copied word-to-word of a conversation between Ringo and her friend, Oli... but that girl made it seemed like it's a real conversation she herself had with a friend of hers instead.
If you didn't, well, you're too slow. She has already removed it.

What i don't understand is, why does she even want to copy Ringo's post? More over word-to-word. Won't it looked obvious? Some more Cheeserland is rather popular one ler! So... WHY???

Besides, isn't the purpose of a Blog to write down what REALLY happened in your own life? Or to ramble, complain, gossip, bitch, more ramblings, share information blah blah blah... etc etc?
I have a lot of views to this, but i guess i better keep this to myself. I just don't understand why!

Even if you live in a delusional world (Like me. I live in Spira. Weeeeee!~), at least it's your own imaginations and stuffs... but to copy another person's Blog entry???

Weird. I guess it's true that i really should keep an open mind. I've left out the knowledge that there are different types of people in the world. Not everyone lives in Spira like me think alike.
And i don't think the girl meant any harm lar, she probably just did it without thinking thoroughly the consequence which may occur? She apologized anyways.

And you know what, personally i think that girl needs to enroll into Taylor's college ICPU course.
It teaches you how to plagiarize properly without getting caught =P!!! HAHAHA!!!
No serious, almost half of all ICPU students (every semester) plagiarizes each other either half or most of the time. So it's really easy to master "the art of plagiarizing each other without getting caught hah take that bloody school authorities" skills. It just depends on the individual, and time spent =P!!

Since we are in that copy-you-copy-me topic, i myself did copy Ringo's usage of the word "what turf".
I know, not original right? But honestly, it's because i hate using the "F word". I feel it's rather vulgar, and i promised i wouldn't use that word (just because)... however, the thing is i really like "wtf" expressions. It's very useful ok! But... yeah...

So "what turf" is, in a way, a more "proper" term i can use to express myself when i feel "wtf"... but minus the vulgar part.
I did try to create my own "new term", but "what turf" is very nice to use, and i lazy to think further, so...
I did came up with the term "what the turp" though. But... ok, so unoriginal can go jump off a flying Ragnarok (now this is original ♡!~). Rofl.


cheesie said...

i agree wtf is really really useful what turf!!!


Nah i give u permission to copy. ;)

eiko-chan said...

Yeahs, thanks Ringo (^^ )! I really appreciate it, because it's really nice to use XD!