Thursday, June 30, 2005

Hungry strikes...

I'm so bored... used the com for two hours straight just now, so, now nothing to do dee *rolls around The Web*... i'm so freaking hungry too, i didn't have my lunch just now because i thought i'll be going out after lunch and the place my classmates are going are quite expensive, so that explains the two hours in The Web ler...

I'm waiting for my friend, but she better be quick cause if after 3.30pm dee, i know i cannot tahan dee and i'll go takeaway some delicious McD home =9!!! Don't jealous!!!~ Hehehe =P!!!~

Tomorrow will be the third quiz, next week will be finals and... *gasp* NEXT TUESDAY START NEW SEM DEE XD!!!~

Haha, i've got my reasons, although i always say that but don't care lar, just go with the flow???

This is so damn bored... i seriously don't know my entry purposes ne...

Ooh, tomorrow class starts at 10am!!! Hope mom can bring me to school, otherwise cham lor, have to stay from 7am to 10am @.@... maybe Uncle Yusof can bring my to school, and mom can bring me back =P??? Pray pray can!!! Otherwise tomorrow another 3 hours rolling around or stuck infront of the computer writting entries without purposes!!!

I'm hungry i'm hungry i'm hungry, save me @_@...

Better go chew someone's head to "tahan" first... i hungry @o@...

Hunger strikes...

I'm so bored... used the com for two hours straight in The Web just now, so, now nothing to do dee *rolls around The Web*... i'm so freaking hungry too, i didn't have my lunch just now because i thought i'll be going out after class and the place my classmates are going are quite expensive, so... that explains the two hours in The Web ler...

I'm waiting for my friend, but she better be quick cause if after 3.30pm dee, i know i cannot tahan dee and i'll go takeaway some delicious McD home =9!!! Don't jealous!!!~ Hehehe =P!!!~

Tomorrow will be the third quiz, next week will be finals and... *gasp* NEXT TUESDAY START NEW SEM DEE XD!!!~

Haha, i've got my reasons, although i always say that but don't care lar, just go with the flow???

This is so damn bored... i seriously don't know my entry purposes ne...

Ooh, tomorrow class starts at 10am!!! Hope mom can bring me to school, otherwise cham lor, have to stay from 7am to 10am @.@... maybe Uncle Yusof can bring my to school, and mom can bring me back =P??? Pray pray can!!! Otherwise tomorrow another 3 hours rolling around or stuck infront of the computer writting entries without purposes!!!

I'm hungry i'm hungry i'm hungry, save me @_@...

Better go chew someone's head to "tahan" first... i hungry @o@...

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Drifting towards North...

"Drifting towards North..."

My Blog's new name ^-^!!! Combination from Jay's latest movie "Initial D"'s soundtrack, "Piao Yi" (Drifting...) and "Yi Lu Xiang Bei" (Road towards north...)!!! Both produced and composed by Jay himself, and lyrics by his good pal Vincent Fang!!!

I so love both this song XD!!!~

Oh yeah, hehe, note my description above *points at small wordlings below big title titled "Drifting towards north..."* XD!!!~

This is a Blog about me... and what i am born to do...

"The emoness and blurness entries of a girl who is born to drift..."...

But actually, that is not all...

The actual, real truth is...

"The emoness and blurness entries of a girl (Who loves Jay Chou, w-inds., pink colour, etc...) who is born to drift... and scare everyone outta their minds when she does it... because her drifting skills are worse than Chapman To in the movie "Initial D"...

Thats how good my drifting skills are. Have fate in me ^-~!!!~

Hehehe, that was funny =P!!!~ Muaheeeeeeeeee!!!~

Monday, June 27, 2005

eiko-chan the saviour XD!!!~

Hehehe, don't call me perasan, but then i was a saviour today nya X3!!!~

Just now i was walking back to the library after lunch. I was walking through the parking lot place when i heard some cat meowing at the side there!!!
I don't know why, but i'm just really sensitive/ alert to meowings, especially kittens!!!
So i quickly run to find where the sound came from ler, as kittens only meow when they are hungry, or in trouble!!! It was a kitten's meow.

At the side there was this place where they put alot of those tables and chairs. Unlike the ones we use in class, its those that can seperate the table board with the legs one ler.
And between the roundish table board heads, this kitten was stuck between it O_O (Don't know how to explain, but one things for sure its stuck ler!!!)!!!

I quickly move the board thing straight up so the kitten could move out lar, but it still meowing and hardly moving out, so ask my friend come help, but after a few seconds when she arrived, the kitten move out dee!!! Hurray XD!!!~

He/ She either got eye infection, or only one eye open nya!!! Still very small and very cute =3!!!~ The kitty meowing and moving around, and she is like greyish brown with white chest and paws!!! And blue eyes!!! Super cute XD!!!
But then the face like something wrong, like longer... i got suspect maybe because kepit between the board too long dee the face... CHOY!!! He/ She still very cute ler X3!!!~

Me and my friend squat there and look at it awhile, and i use my finger poke poke his/ her head massage him/ her ler (So small, no need to use hand ler =P!!!), then i heard cat meow, so ask my friend faster ciao, because it means the mother's around!!!

And then, i saw the mother XD!!! Its the big fat black and white cat who roams around the cafetaria, and we always thought it was pregnant, but actually, today find out, it is a mommy =3!!!~

And my friend left for library dee, i curious what the cat doing to kitty so stood around to see, and i saw her bite the scruff behind the kitty's neck to bring him to somewhere else!!! Then i curious want to see where she stay ler, and followed!!!


Because the silly mother cat actually took "shelter" under a car 0_0!!! All her kittens there too (And they are so cute too X3!!!~)!!!
Must be the table place she staying, but then people move stuffs there so she move away, and one of them must be unluckily so got stuck between!!! But then the person who moves the stuffs there must be blind not to see the kittens ler, or maybe the kitten got stuck itself, who knows @_@... one thing for sure the mother cat can't get kitty out so thats why only left him/ her there!!!

It must've happen today anyway, cause today Monday, so there shouldn't be any car parked overnight from Sunday right? Unless the car spoilt one ler =P...

I quickly report it to the security guard and tell him, and ask him to alert the car owner ler!!! Because the kittens still so young and so small, and if the car owner didn't know, when he/ she start the car engine, the mother sure scare and move away but then the kitten don't know one!!! They still shivering and stuffs from walking etc!!! How if unluckily and... CHOY!!!

Hopefully they will be safe ler!!! After that the security guard go tell another person, and i also leave to library dee (Which is where i am NOW!!!). But anyhow, later go home that time will go check again!!! Pray pray they ok X0!!!~

They are just so cute =3!!!~

But surprise is i'm sure people would've heard the kitten's meowing (Quite loud...) but no one save the poor kitty also one!!! Grr!!!

Conclusion, we humans, like or don't like, love or no love animals also, they are still living things!!! If you saw an animal in distress, if you can't save it or even if you NOT willing to save it, at least alert someone who can and will!!! Animals are living things too!!!

If you are willing to save humans, then you must be willing to the save animals too, because we too are part of the world and live together. Don't allow cruelty to animals!!!

We must save and love the animals XD!!!~

I suddenly felt so noble, even though its only one small thing =P... hehehe, thats why i say i today perasan XD!!!~

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Initial D was great XD!!!~

Hehehe, muahahaha, INITIAL D THE MOVIE WAS GREAT XD!!!~

I watched the preview just now, yesterday night (Tues night...), thanks to Theng jie jie (Alot alot alot ^-^!!!~), Bee Cheng jie jie, Qiang gor and Boy gor, and finally, after years of waiting (Well, i waited years since they announce going to make an Initial D movie, year since they announce Jay Chou will be main actor, and months for it to be released ^^|||...), i watch it dee T-T *tears of happiness*...

Although got some flaws as i was a "small" fan of its anime, but overall not bad especially the car racing part!!! Its just wonderful!!! Finally can see AE86 do drifting and all REAL LIFE, and not just animation like in the anime!!!

Jay's acting was good too!!! As i said, he was just PURR-FECT for the character because they are so similiar in sense of personality!!!~

But though Jay is my baby, must still say almost the ending scene he cry that time looks kinda fake ^^|||... like he trying to laugh like that and i see him, instead of pitying the character, i was busy laughing =P... hehehe, even Theng jie also say i mean XD!!!~

Hold on hold on, even though so, the part he kena abuse by his father and he like crying abit, looks so cute and real!!! Cute, why cute 0_o??? Because he looks like little boy like that X3!!!~ Hehehe, so feel like glomping him ler XD!!!~

Ok ler, i think i write until now, i need to go take out contacts and sleep dee, later in the afternoon somemore want to go meet him one!!! I will edit this post with more of my opinions soon, hehehe, because my fake nails also preventing me from typing properly cause ^^|||... heehee, later XD!!!~

eiko-chan aka ageha's 18th Birthday XD!!!~

Hehe, edit and repost later, cause its really hard for me to type now =P... hehehe!!!

Tonikaku its a great day!!! Thanks to everyone, me family and friends, everyone!!! Arigato XD!!!~ Muaks ^-~!!!~

Thursday, June 16, 2005


I'm emo now, i don't know why i'm emo now but just leave me to my emo because i am emo now and i want to be emo now...

Wahseh, that certainly was emo 0_o...

Haha, long time didn't enter anything dee the first things which came out from my mouth was that 0-O??? Quite sad right???

Nothing good happened this week!!! Ok, er, its not the end of the week yet, but whatever happened this few days is NOTHING GOOD!!!

In fact, something horrible, terrible, something i've dreaded for like so long and hope it won't come true did... i'm not saying anything here ler, but neeways, please allow me to curse... F*ck it... wtf, i just cursed 0_o... wtf, i cursed again 0_O, and again 0_0... ok, i better stop there or else it would be never ending ^^|||...

Hmm, let me read back, nah, not all that bad ler, there ARE a few stuffs which is quite good and happened this week ^-^...

Ok, weird -o-|||, hehe, its because she was sick for quite a long time, but then that day i teman her go see doctor and the doctor confirmed she's ok dee and can eat anything dee (And the first thing we thought was McD, because she can't eat for like week except porridge 0_0... PIU!!!)!!! YATTA XD!!!~
Hehe, we even went to watch movie the same day (Tuesday!!!), and got "Ladies Night"!!! RM2 off normal price for a movie which is not worth the full price, yeah XD!!!~

Second thing... MY LONG AWAITED w-inds. CD ARRIVED XD!!!~
Hehe, i know i'm mean to say that, but after all, i'm probably one of the first few to own the w-inds. ageha Japanese version in Malaysia =P... because it was supposed to be out (I don't know Taiwanese or Japanese, but its imported for sure...) on June 10th in M'sia, but got delayed or something... i know i'm mean ler, but i can't help it to feel happy XD!!!~
Even if it is cheaper in Malaysia, i wouldn't be mad or anything anymore, because i got it earlier =P... hey, getting earlier than other peeps means to me ok XP!!!~

Now patiently waiting for their normal version to be out in Malaysia and buy it, and in the mean time, try to persuade Auntie to buy also ^^|||... hehehe *grins sheepishly* XD!!!~

Lazy's just so cute X3!!!~ He looks ALOT like "Puss-in-boots" from "Shrek 2" in my opinion, without the puppy eyes... well, maybe Lazy will make those puppy eyes when he wants something leer... hold on... he's a cat ler, what puppy eyes 0_o... whatever lar, you got what i mean can dee -o-|||...

His colour is just like Puss-in-boots, and the pattern is like... CUTE XD!!!~ Very unique and er, "fashionable" pattern ^^|||???

And his so playful!!! He have this toy (The beanie thing from Kellogs or something...), and whenever you attract him he go like "=3" and then stalk his prey!!! And when you put the thing like really high, he'll jump up and try to clap his paws on it!!! So cute X3!!!~
Well, hard to describe how he plays and everything, you'll have to see him for yourself but one things for sure, HE IS SO CUTE XD!!!~
And oops, once when he tried to jump to get the thing, he overshot and smash himself flat right on the cage -o-|||... poor Lazy... luckily nothing (He got up and continue chasing the thing... revenge ^^|||???)... sorry nya =P...

Seriously ler, words just can't describe how cute he is, you REALLY have to see him for yourself because HE IS JUST TOOOO CUTE XD!!!~

Hee, and i bore Ah Theng jie jie the whole day talking about Lazy =P... what to do, cute stuffs just can't leave your mind, and need to be talked about always, just like Jay Chou and Keita ^-^!!!~ How true ^-~!!!~

Hehe, i stole this picture from Joo Yee's Friendster =P... i think i know his reason for getting Lazy =P...

Clicku here for Lazy =3 (Hee, cause the photo too big to fit into my Blog, so click the link to see ^^|||...) - Awwwww, ain't he the cutest X3!!!~

Cute ne X3??? Joo Yee so lucky, can bela cat... i also want =(...

*eiko-chan planning "Operation Kidnap Lazy" now =P...*

Muahahahahahahahahaha XD!!!~

So kia kia ;_;... hehehe =P...

Why do i rate Lazy as one of the happy things which happened??? Well, because i just love animals, and animals just make me happy X3!!!~
But these days my babies can't dee, and sometimes make me feel worst still... i guess cause our relationship is really straining thanks to the lack of communication between us (Due to the fact they stay outside now T-T...)... don't talk about it anymore ler, its getting me emo again @_@...

Ok ler, i better go sleep now, i have to wake up early tomorrow morning ne =P, hehe!!!
These days i've been sleeping like real late, and waking up real late as well ^^|||... I really need to change this bad habits before college starts!!! Have to wake up early dee T-T... and its starting next week thanks to idiotic March intake (But serve me right for taking March intake =P...)... i want holiday T_T...

And gees, its starting on my birthday 20th June somemore *hint hint*!!!

But another good thing is i'll be getting fake nails for starting school ^-^, just want that Ayumi feel X3!!!~ Muahahahahahahaha XD!!!~

Oh right, regarding the really terrible, horrible etc stuffs, well, i don't want to mention about it anymore, but i'm taking Ah Theng jie jie's advice; just to be frank and honest about it, don't keep it inside and let it out how i feel and all!!!

Because if i were to keep it inside, one day sure burst out one^^|||... and then everyone will be sadder etc etc, so anything, just let your honest opinions out (Though, i do hope i get what she is trying to say correctly ^^|||... Theng jie, if this is NOT what you're trying to say, let me know fast ok, later so malu for listening wrongly for such a long period =P...)!!!~

Ok ler, really faster go meeting with "Zhao Gong" first!!! He waiting for me to start the meeting =P... hehehe XD!!!~

So nite nite everyone, sweet dreams, dream of me, Jay and Keita (You'll definately get good dreams one like that XD!!!~), good night and buhbye ^-^!!!~

p/s: Using older bro's Sony Ericsson phone now!!! Hehe, the message and finding contacts not really nice to use, plus my favourite game's not there, but overall, i like its camera and infrared ability ^-^!!!~ Hehehe!!!~

Saturday, June 11, 2005

w-inds. rocks XD!!!~

w-inds. latest album "ageha"'s promo pics!!! Small, but nice XD (Lol, actually cause eiko-chan can't find a suitable, small and latest piccu of them -o-|||...)!!!~

w-inds. rocks XD!!!~


Hehehe, i found this pretty interesting conversation in the wFL forum i always visited, posted by a fellow forumer with the title "proof that winds got manlier!, conversation with my daddy"...

Direct copy everything from the original post ^^;;...

so i've been repreating the POL on TV over and over and over again
my dad went in the living and look at the tv
dad: are those japanese singers?
me: yeah
dad: [he looks at them closer] what happen to the three japanese girls you like a lot?
me: what?
dad: the three japanese girls you were always watching on TV
me: er...........the only three people group i know is winds...are you talking about winds?
dad: they're the three japanese girls?
me: [faints] yes

well that was a nice conversation lol

Lol, er... hehehe, i find it quite true nya =P, w-inds. DO look like girls when they first debuted!!!

Heck, even me thought they were girls the very first time i saw them =P (From "Forever Memories" PV...)... though, i think they sounded like guys (Hah, proved me and Keita destinied =P...), but then, they looked like girls!!! Aiyoyo @_@...

My dad even confidentaly say for sure they are girls, and he'll definately be correct one because he never see wrongly one!!! But then their names appear... "Keita... Ryohei... Ryuichi...", and being a Japanese freak, of course i know those are guys names, so i went @_@ "Otoko nanda..." (They're guys...)... but hehe, eiko-chan was correct then nya ^-~???

Though though though, now they are manlier ^-~!!!~ Hehe, Keita even got so musculy muscular now (But baby, you getting fatter =X...)!!! Ryo-chan also more muscly and taller and Ryu-chan mo, hehehe, more muscly and super cool too X3!!!~

w-inds. has so grown up, its been 5 years nya (Which reminds me, although i no fan since debut, but i'm still a fan for 5 years dee, omedetou eiko-chan XD!!!~)!!! Ganbatte w-inds. XD!!!~

BTW, w-inds. manage to get someone converted nya XD!!!~

Auntie heard their song from the radio some time ago, she thinks its really nice and so ask me ler (Me being the great w-inds. fan XD!!!~)!!! Then i let her hear some of their songs and now she really loves them!!! The CD i burn to listen (With some great w-inds. songs inside...) is borrowed by her and i think she listened to it oftenly nya now XD!!!~ So i think i have successfully converted Auntie into a w-inds. fan nya ^-~???

But Auntie is w-inds. song's fans, not them ler... hehe, the obssessed one is me ^-^|||... hehehe =P!!!~

This is the power of w-inds. nya ^-~??? Keita's vocals plus Ryo-chan and Ryu-chan's rap + background vocals X3!!!~ They don't need to rely on their sexy, hot, good-looking, cute, muscly, pretty, beautiful, handsome, bishounen etc etc looks to attract, their voices are good enough dee XD!!!~

w-inds. rocks XD!!!~

Friday, June 10, 2005

ICPU Prom 2005 "Viva La Bon"!!!~

Hehe, went to my college's prom last night (9th June 2005), but before i go into that, some short updates of these days as usual ^-~!!!~

- On Wed, morning went watch movie with my lao po Loo2 (Madagascar!!! Funny XD!!!~), then makan lunch with her (Yoshinoya "Gyu to teriyaki tori" - Beef and chicken teriyaki don, YUMMY X9!!!~ Lao po gave me some of her salmon, also good X9!!!~), then go home, before i can even take a short nap (Slept late these days... okok, every night lar, which explains my panda eyes OvO!!!~~), its 5pm and have to go out to meet my friends do manicure for Thurs prom @_@...
- Don't talk about the manicure dee lar, i'm sick of it dee, but neeways i was planning to do the fake nails soon ne, as soon as i got the money =P, then will have the Ayumi feel!!!~ Yeah XD!!!~
- Went home around 9pm... tired @_@...
- Forgot what i did when i get home dee... anything happen also lupa dee, hehehe =P...

Then on Thurs, the "big day" (Yeah right, the "day" ler, not like going see Jay or Kei =P...)...
- Woke up late, hehe, around 11am, then my bro and i go pick up my friends and we go to Snips to do hair... so thank you, he rushing one because he going to watch movie, arigato!!!~
- There were 5 of us, after we all finish dee i have to stay back to wait for another one, because she got class!!! She drove here and to save parking money, so i have to drive her NEW car (Very pressure lor @_@...) and then wait for her while she get her hair done... kia abit 0_0...
- Mom went Genting in the morning and when Eva send me home Mom is already home dee, so early ne!!!
- I change at home then drive to Eva's house for Ah Theng jie jie to makeup!!! Ah Theng jie jie is our makeup artist yo ^-~!!!~ And Ah Xuan helped XD!!!~
- Oh yeah, and i wore back last year's dress XP!!!~ Lazy go hunt for dress mar anyway, so mar, hehehe XD!!!~
- Though, haha, by the time me and Eva finish makeup (The remaining 4 all done earlier dee, since they get home earlier!!!) we're quite late dee 0_0, so have to rush abit...
- But luckily when reach, just opening nya, i mean the speech thingy by our course director Mr William Walters ler, other than that didn't miss anything, i hope 0_0...

During prom...
- We book a table, thanks to Amanda!!! Not bad, the seats are quite good!!!~
- And then is Amanda and Sandra's performance XD!!!~ Poor Amanda got stage fright (She felt like jumping down the stage and running out immediately @_@...), but luckily, she perform it beautifully!!! You go girl ^-~!!!~
- Then after that dinner time, YUMMY XD!!!~ Especially the Seafood Lagsania thing, delicious X9!!!~
- Ooh, and then got competition to do CHICKEN DANCE XD!!!~ Hehehe, Amanda is the only girl up there @_@, and then got my classmate and my friend's friend lar, who is also my friend, and then Amanda's friend, who i also know, so is my friend... you get the message -o-|||... eiko-chan gets all blurry because its quite late and her contacts are blurring her but she's to lazy to get it change @_@...
- The prizes were calculators, but quite good ones (The one we use in high school, the X570 or something!!!), and Amanda was the one who wrap them!!! Hehehe (BTW, Manda's a member of the Student Committee!!!~)!!!~

- Well, to be honest, i went to the toilet that night for like countless times @_@... don't ask me, i also don't know why... go dee, then go again, then go and again and again...

- After dinner, then lucky draw, then go out take pictures, come in, then go out, come in, go out, then prom King and Queen, then dance floor is open!!!
- I wanted to dance, well, i'm bad but i mean, we pay to enjoy it mar, so just go out and cincai dance ler!!! But my friends all shy tak mau T_T... and if they don't dance, i also like not nice to go dance mar, so in the end hardly danced T_T... go outside take pictures nya...
- Which reminds me, all the pictures taken of me looked fat 0_0... except some thankfully!!! Phew X3!!!~
- Oh yeah, but to be honest ler, i find the MC stuffs quite unorganised ler, but they were funny ler!!!~
- Then finish dee, plan to go where one but lazy, so just went Soul'd Out for "supper", then go back Eva's house and ZzzZzzZzz...

Hehehe, quite boring nya hehe, the way i describe it??? Its ok ok for me ler, hehehe!!! Well, didn't dance as much as high school's lar but i'd say it was fun, not bad, but the manicure's still not worth it =P, hahaha!!!

Ooh, i forgot to mention this!!! MY FEET HURTED LIKE HELL!!!
Which reminds me, today also still pain abit ;_;...

I wore my "All-Star" shoes during driving, and when reach there only change to high heels!!! Because not use to it, then i guessed i walked too much (Always fly in toilet and out, and walk here there...), by the end of the prom, my feet hurt SO much, i took it out for awhile at the ballroom's hallway, hehehe, like Ah Sam like that =P, but really cannot tahan cause!!!

And then walked to the lobby for don't know what (Its like so pain T_T...), and have to walk back ALL THE WAY to the carpark to go home... the walk to the carpark like took one thousand years to reach like that 0_0, my feet hurts so badly...

But luckily, the minute i reach the car, took out my high heels and "I FEEL GOOD" XD!!!~ Hahaha XP!!!~

BTW, when we went Soul'D Out... everyone wore like so nice with high heels... i wore nice nice... but with canvas shoes ^-~!!!~ Special XD!!!~

I think until now lar, i want to go check mails then ZzzZzzZzz dee, tomorrow need to go out X3!!!~ Whatever that happened today write tomorrow ler, hehehe XP!!!~

Sore ja, nite nite XD!!!~

p/s: I still owe the J1's concert stuffs hor... i forget dee lar but =P... eiko-chan is "Forgetful Princess" XP!!!~

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Roll around again!!!~ Weeee!!!~

Listening to Ryo-chan's "Stand Your Ground" now, which is ripped live from w-inds.'s "PRIME OF LIFE TOUR 2004" concert VCD/ DVD from someone in wFLforums!!! Arigato!!!~

Hmm... i'm promoting their CDs, DVDs, stuffs, always ne, they should pay me =P... lol, that was random...

I really love this song and Ryu-chan's (Titled "Energy"...) too, too bad both are "unburnable" to CD T_T... and both solos are not included in their latest album, ageha T-T...

Both of them wrote the lyrics to their own solo ne, really great nya??? Of course, its w-inds. we're talking about ^-~!!! Muahahahahaha!!!~

*Note!!! Below are all fangirling stuffs, ramblings etc... scroll to the next * below if you wanted to read more "normal" post, serious post, and the main reason of the author for posting an entry, instead of the ramblings...*

Hmm... since i'm fangirling now, might as well fangirly more ler, hehehe... the guy in Twins's latest mandarin song "Xing Guang You Le Yuan"'s MV is damn cute X3!!!~ He looks like a mixture of Jay Chou and Peter Zhang from Comic Boyz nya ^-^!!! Mostly Jay cause of look, and Peter cause of hair... Or is it the other way around 0_o... i think mixture of both in looks and hair lar... ok, finish, i'm saying no more... unless you throw a picture of him infront of me!!! I can't remember dee cause T_T... Hey, i've only saw the MV 1 1/2 times!!! But he is cute no doubt =P, heeeeeee!!!~

Though, i swear at one part, when he was walking away from Charlene, he looked totally like Jay because of his outfit too (Quite similiar to Jay's...)!!! Too bad he is skinnier, Jay fatter (=P!!!)... JAY MORE MUSCLY LAR XD!!!~

Hah, and he's with my favourite, ever since i know of Twins, Charlene ^-^!!! Yeah XD!!!~ I think i'll go nuts if he's with Gillian in the MV... oops =X...
Hehe, but its not exactly secret or anything, quite public dee... i don't really like Gillian!!! I don't hate her, but i don't really fancy her as much as Charlene ler!!! But i like her as a part of Twins because when they sang the chorus in Twins's canto songs, its really nice ^-^!!!~

And to think that i've like Charlene since i've known Twins is so good, shows that i've made the right choice since start!!! Wahahahahaha!!! I didn't go liking Gillian, even though she was the no.1 dream girl for HK guys in a poll (I'm no guy lar, anyway, Charlene should've won that XP!!!)!!! I didn't go going "Gillian, Gillian...", then after that "Charlene, Charlene..."!!! To be honest, it's like an insult to poor Gillian (Even though i don't really like her ^^|||...), and like "rampasing" Charlene nya from her original fans ;-;...

Why Charlene??? I guess its because i prefer more "gutsy" girls than "polite, innocent, angelic, nerdy, goody" girls??? Heeee!!!~ I've known Twins since their first movie, and Charlene was the more outgoing type in the movie ^-^!!!~

0_o, first i'm like bashing Twins in my previous post, now i'm talking good stuffs about them... Hey, i already said, i AM a Twins fans (Just that w-inds. are more popular X3!!!)!!!~

Ooh, yeah, i haven't update for a few days dee??? What did i do ar this few days??? Let me write it down (Finally this girl has returned to her main reason for posting -o-|||...)...

*End of ramblings, now to the main reason for posting an entry, if you've read everything above, i thank you for your attention ^-^*

Yeah, erm... starting from yesterday, Monday, what did i do on Monday!!!

First, was supposedly to go K with Ah Theng jie, because they are giving out the Initial D postcards (Jay XD!!!~) when you go for the "Student Price" offer!!!~ But...

... Ah Theng jie jie forgot her student card -o-|||...

So its either she get a student card, or she goes in using the Happy Hour price, which is RM12++ plus titbit charge (The student offer is RM7++ without titbit charge!!! Only for this two weeks!!!)... so after alot of discussions and bla bla, finally we didn't go and change it to Tuesday ler, then we went Ikea jalan jalan, then go home, watch movie, then go to my friend's house for "interview"... hee, they are Ah Theng jie's customers!!!~

Ehem, all of them late -o-|||... and i have tuition so very fast and short only, plus when all of them are around, its hard to discuss stuffs etc, we tend to change to another topic very fast XD!!! Hehehe, Ah Theng jie jie also no chance to talk more, because when we all talk damn noisy, somemore she sick and not feeling well ler too ler...

*Below are ramblings about Eva's cute pets X3!!!~ Until next * ^-~!!!~*

Ooh yeah, and Eva's doggy, Prado, grew up so fast dee XD!!!~ He's really cute, cuddly and adorable!!! He's like following me around when i just arrived, and was in front of me twice that i accidentally tripped on him because i was walking (Gomen T_T...)!!! Plus one part he sat on my legs XD!!!~ So cute ne???

... but when Eva came home he forgot about me dee -o-|||...

Hehe, but natural lar, its Eva's doggy!!!~

Oh yeah, and Nike, Eva's second oldest dog, quite hamsap!!! Hehehe!!! Ah Theng jie wore skirt and he like want to peep under her skirt 0_o... wahseh, Uncle Ah Guan's gonna slaughter you you naughty doggy =P!!!
And Tommy, the oldest and "lao da", fat fat chubby chubby cute cute X3!!!~ Was like walking around clumsily one!!! His so cute!!!~

Nike has a very active personality!!! Before you enter her house, he like barking mad at you eventhough you call his name, but the minute you enter he'll jump at you, want you to pat him (In Ah Theng jie's case, like want to peep at her nya =X...), quite manja manja with you, wants you to pat him ler one thing for sure!!! And he easily jealous one??? Like if you pet Tommy or Prado, then he'll come and "rampas-their-place" one!!! But cute nevertheless!!!~ He's not how he sounds ^-~!!!~

Tommy is cute, chubby, fat, short, slumber and CUTE XD!!!~ He's a dashund, so quite short and fat, and the way he walks is soooooo cute!!! Clumsily one X3!!!~
Before you enter, he'll run with Nike to the gate, to see who it is!!! You enter dee, he gives you a sniff, then he'll leave dee one!!! Though, its the walking away which makes him even cute-ter, because like bobbing here and there... CUTE XD!!!~

And his pretty lazy too!!! Once i went to their enclosure (So when guest come they don't go jumping everywhere... ok, in Nike's case only =P...), and Nike like standing up against the fence and all, Tommy came too, but after a while of standing against the gate, he slump back down and stood near the gate nya, lazy stand up dee... heeee, cute too X3!!!~

Did i mention her rabbit before??? Her rabbit (Which is a male, btw...) looks EXACTLY like my Bai Bai!!! Well, just that her rabbit's face is broader, otherwise, the colour, shadings etc are THE SAME!!! Strange is my baby Bai2 came from her mother and father (Girl2 and Boy2!!!), not from petshop or anything, so rule out the possibilities of them coming from the same parents!!! But maybe they came from the same ancestors (Duh!)... i mean, different parents but from same grandparents??? Aiyar, cincai ler, something ler for sure, i lazy think dee =P...

Oh yeah, and Lean is like damn terrified of dogs!!! Eva scared her by carrying Prado, and when she comes in just shove Prado at her!!! She screamed like mad XD!!!~ So imagine, when Nike comes towards her, she scream like mad and runaway!!! Heeeee XD!!!~

Then we talk and all, Prado got bored and crawled under Eva's bed to sleep!!! So cute X3!!!~ His size is just nice for the gap, so he like squishing, pushing himself inside!!! Luckily its not exactly compact below the bed... lazy explain...

And oh yeah, not forgetting to mention, the way Eva play with Prado is so funny XD!!!~ She like pull him from the leg to her and all, and his like so slumber all the time!!! Adorable little thing X3!!!~


Oops... got carried away from Eva's cute little pets deee =P... hehe, back to story...

After that i went tuition, then after tuition go dinner (Yeah, dinner at 10pm... btw, Mosin's Indo Mee Goreng with telur diatas is good X9!!!~), chatted with Amanda during dinner (Oh yeah, tuition with Amanda btw ^^|||...) ler!!! She got so many problems, poor girl =(!!! Ganbatte!!! Support you always!!! You go girl!!!~

Come home, clean room awhile then off to dreamland to meet Jay and Keita ^-^!!!~

Whooish, my entry so long 0_o... as usual ler... when i start rambling, its hard to stop =P...

So just short one for today... in point forms cause later everyone @_@ dee...

- Supposedly go K today, but Ah Theng jie's sick got worst, so canceled (But thanks to her anyway, for purposely temaning me yesterday to K, even though she sick...)...
- Which reminds me, Mom purposely cook porridge for her because she cannot eat stuffs, her mouth grow stuffs ler, but she didn't come take, mom very -_-* yo...
- After awhile of rolling around, went watch "Kungfu Mahjong" with my lao po, Loo2!!! My God, it was FUNNY XD!!!~ Laughed from the beginning till the end, like what Ah Theng jie said!!! She recommand the movie one cause!!!~
- BTW, today's lunch and dinner have the don't know what, "Thai-style chicken"!!! IT WAS GOOD X9!!!~ I so love it XD!!!~
- Hah, mom bought me cheese cake and "Ai Yu Bing" from Pasar Malam yesterday!!! Yum X9!!!~
- Came home, watch movie while having dinner, feed my babies, roll around, then come online ler!!!~

Ok ler, i think until here ler!!! Hee, my contacts getting dry dee btw 0_0... faster go change now XD!!!~ Taaaaaaa people!!! Nite XD!!!~

p/s: Heee, another long post to sum up two days of eiko-chan aka ageha's life!!! So imagine if i were to write an informal biography on my whole life, it would be @_@...

... Because i would definately get sidetracked alot for one thing, there'll be alot of ramblings for another, and since i alot of random stuffs all of a sudden, such as...
- suddenly talking about something else out of the blue moon,
- quoting some stuffs totally out of the topic,
- rolling around suddenly,
- etc...

... so the whole thing will probably be thicker than all "Harry Potter"'s books together... plus the "LOTR" books too, and the "Da Vincci Code", whatever its about (And i still don't get whats the fuss about it, but i haven't read it though, just quoting what my teacher says =P!!!), plus encyclopedia, dictionary, etc etc @_@...

Muaheeeeeee XD!!!~

Sunday, June 05, 2005

w-inds. ARE famous, and i'm pissed off now!!!

I am so pissed off!!!

Last year i bought Shine's album, and they had this free handkerchief with it. I think i asked mom to wash it or something, then placed it with my other handkerchief and all, and i conveniently forgot about it ler -o-|||... anyway, i always thought it was with my whole bunch of handkerchiefs one...

Than today when i was looking for dirty cloths to clean my room, i saw this really familiar looking cloth... yeah, you've guessed it right... IT'S MY SHINE'S HANDKERCHIEF!!! WTF!!! I'm so pissed off but mom is not here so can't do anything yet... grrr!!!

Its my handkerchief ler!!! How can mom just take and use it??? Yeah, it looked like the "Jordan" brand hanky but still??? Its supposedly with my other hankies one wut!!! And this incident reminds me of when mom RE-RECORD MY JAY CHOU VIDEO CASSETTE!!! And i changed several tuition class just to record those part from Ent News and there goes mom conveniently recording it over with SOMETHING NOT USEFUL AT ALL!!! I'm damn super really pissed off now!!!

Plus just now radio heard about w-inds. album!!! Usually, they don't do it one, but i don't know whats gotten into their head... THEY ARE IMPORTING THE CDs INTO MALAYSIA!!!
I thought if import, only import the normal edition, but no~~ *sarcasm*... importing limited edition as well!!!
I don't know is Japan version or Taiwan version ler they importing, but i already bought the Japan limited version online, so i know i will be very "sum tong" if they import Japan version and its for a cheaper price in Malaysia!!! Aiyoyo...

Last time my POL DVD i also already bought online, but Malaysia imported Taiwan's version, which is the same as mine and for a cheaper price, i damn angry dee and now, again... why whenever i thought Malaysia won't import they import??? Whenever i thoguht they won't import they import??? All w-inds. fault!!! ITS THEIR FAULT FOR BEING TOO FAMOUS IN MALAYSIA!!!

Haha, and there goes Ah Theng jie jie saying that they are not famous, well, i guess this prove one fact... YOU SALAH XD!!!

w-inds. is already no.1 in the Japanese Korean chart in Malaysia for FOUR WEEKS!!! This proves how famous they are in Malaysia because its all by votings one, very fair because uses IC number to be a member and can only vote once!!!

Plus so what if Twins concert all sold out in HK??? Its Twins's turf in HK lar but in Taiwan, IT'S NOT w-inds.'s TURF!!! w-inds.'s concert in Taiwan for two nights ALL SOLD OUT!!! This prove how good and famous they are!!!

And they're going to Taiwan again this year for concert (I want to go T_T...)!!! Maybe HK too, but HK is mostly just promotional tour or AWARD TAKING promotion tour thingy... w-inds. is just to famous!!! I would like to see Twins do so in Japan, although i love Twins too ler, but w-inds. are more famous, ITS TRUE!!!
But both are of different category... though, i'm just commenting on what me cous say last year when my mom heard "w-inds." as "Twins"!!! Last time i've never really thought about it, so i have nothing to rebut back but now i have!!! w-inds. is just too famous WORLDWIDE!!! Hell, their even famous in US, there are quite alot of fans there too!!! Although no concert and everything, maybe in near future??? Tak tau ler!!!

Though K don't have w-inds. song ler, but that doesn't prove that they are not famous ne??? The radio is a very good prove that w-inds. IS FAMOUS IN MALAYSIA!!!

They may not beat Johnny's in Japan, but w-inds. have their "own world" in Japan as well!!! And also Taiwan, HK, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore!!! US, Canada, Germany and London are also some of the countries with fans there!!!

Ahh... now thinking of w-inds. made me feel better!!! CD COMING DEE XD!!!~ Yeah ler, just don't care about the price and all, because whats important is the fact that mines not exactly "import"!!! I bought it from Japan via online style XP???
Hahaha, and the fact i bought it earlier (Bought around early to mid May 05...), and hopefully will get it earlier than anyone else make me feel better ler =P!!! Heeeeee!!!

Ooh, the Jay Chou Initial D thing is making me @_@... seriously, because this month i have to worry about Initial D and w-inds.'s ageha album stuffs, it made me real nervous and i can't think straight, my minds always flying everywhere!!! Sorry to say, but i'll be glad when everythings over and thank God no school, otherwise really can't concentrate!!! I'm nervous now about those 2 things and i don't know for what ler!!!

Hmmm... but maybe because no school, nothing to keep my mind occupy, so i always think of those 2 things, thats why only cuckoo now 0_o??? I don't know, i'm blurred, confused, nervous, can't think straight and going mad (Although i am already mad...) now @_@... let me go clean room now to keep my mind on something... yeah, i better do that...

BTW, hehe, Jay's first movie "Initial D" will be released on June 23rd 2005!!! w-inds. 4th album ageha is already released on June 1st 2005!!! All these stuffs in June is because... wahahaha!!!
Because its as birthday presents for my birthday on June 20th 2005 ^-^!!! Hahaha, thank you darlings =3!!!~ Don't jealous peopke ^-~!!! Muaheeeeeeeeeeeee XD!!!~

But although birthday present, successfully make me go cuckoo, this year presents really geng @o@... heeeeeee!!! Muahahahahahahahahaha!!!~

Siao char bo -o-|||...

Jay Chou in Initial D Part 1!!!~

Just now Auntie tell me some news about Jay, and i start to think about Initial D again... THE RELEASE DATE IS GETTING NEARER!!!

Its on June 23rd!!! 3 days after my birthday!!! Hah, they release that date because its a birthday present for me, heee, don't jealous ^-~!!! Muaheeeeeee XP!!!~

I went to Alfamusic online, heard the "Piao Yi" by Jay Chou, which is Initial D's theme, and the more i listened to it, the more i love it!!! And don't know why, my heart is beeping like fast now!!! The date is getting nearer!!! AHHHHHHH XD!!!~

Er... actually, now i also don't know what i'm typing, what i'm doing and what i want to do @_@... all Jay's fault... now i damn nervous dee!!! Can't even think straight!!! Better stop writing now before everything i write go haywire!!! I really can't think straight now XD!!! Real nervous (And i really really don't know why XD!!!)!!!~

Heheeee, go dream of Jay first, kya XD!!!~ Nite X3!!!~

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Mochi is yummy =9!!!~

I'm getting emo again now!!! Damn, shouldn't have read emo stuffs!!! The emoness in the entry spread to me @_@... wth...

Er... kena influence by Amanda, now always say "emo" dee @.@...

Today, well, slept late last night so woke up around 11am... Plan to clean room and all, but hehehe, was doing com stuffs and then (Thanks Kaijie and bro for correction ^-^!!!)... hey, would you look at the time T_T... i so need to clean and tidy all my stuffs soon ler 0_0!!!

Oh yeah, my com is heading to destruction dee 0_o... er... weird word usage... ehem...

... My com is going off to see the big great com in the sky 0_o???
Ok, weirder @_@... i'll just stick to what i really meant...

... My com going to rosak dee T_T...
And i have so many stuffs in my com, and @_@, how ler now!!! Save me someone!!! Want to burn the important stuffs out, but then, grr... stupid burner, don't know what happen to it can't burn...

Its begins to rosak around like er... couple of weeks ago, keep on hang the minute i restart and everything... neeways, realised the problem is because the online thing is on... now, still siao abit... no, getting siao-er!!!

I'm so scare that one day it'll just die and then get amnesia, and come back with empty memory T_T... so must faster kao tim everything before 0_0... choy!!!

What i need to do is to save all my important stuffs then get my bro to format it, than pray everything will last; or maybe send it to "kilang" because the fan like very noisy dee and pray for that will become very good dee!!! Can only pray pray ler X0!!!

Hmm... i wonder this ancient computer of mine will be ok with Windows XP??? But HS say will run slow ler... er... neeways, as long as can use ok dee ler, i'll be grateful for that!!!

Change topic, before i start moaning again about my computer rosak prob T_T...

Er... anything else??? Haha, i guess thats all ler, i go do my Multiply website first!!! Haha, update some stuffs than going to post photos there dee =3!!! Wait for it XD (But knowing eiko-chan, and with so many things she have to do... it may take years @_@...)!!!

Btw, the mochi mom bought was delicious X9!!!~

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Update ^-^!!!~

Fast update of today and stuffs i just feel like saying ler...

Ok, today... did nothing much, went to school for exam, than after that something stupid and embaressing happen (But i not saying wut...), than go home, roll around, play rabbits, eat dinner, bro bought Cheesy Wedges for me (X9!!!), and fetch Mei jie go buy tickets for Madgascar, but than too many people, want to buy Pearl Milk Tea but than idiot, for the first time, the shop is close for break T_T... cannot belanja Mei jie!!!

I miss the Pearl Milk Tea so much too T_T...

Than come back, roll around, play with rabbits and my cats (Hon Shen named the "Ginger" as "Minced" and the little kitten as "Chopped"... and i put their surname "Beef"... you got what i mean -o-|||...), than watch tee-vee and writing this now ler...

Oh yeah, want to say something too, i hate it when i SMS someone, and they don't reply!!! If its like just chatting or anything, fine lar, but when i ask something and get no reply, this sucks!!! It wrecks seriously!!!

Have i wrote about i dream about Hayato and Lee Hom??? Two days in a row X3|||...)!!!~ Tak daa??? Well, ada tak daa, remembering back about it, well, it was good X3!!!~

And on 1st June, i dream of someone nya X3!!!~ Hehehe, and its real good too!!!~Lazy and shy to elaborate on those lar, hehehe =P...!!!

Finally, today exam finish dee... i screwed up (Think straight!!!) my essay in Families... just hope that my MCQ and the true false and fill in blanks questions made up for the essay's bad marks ler *pray pray*!!!
Anyway, too late to what dee lar, over its over so, get on with life =)!!!Hahaha, finally finish first term, finish exam, finish class until start of next term!!! YEAH XD!!!~

But next term the 3 subjects i take are super study subjects 0_0... die lar, why didn't i survey around before choosing the subjects T_T???

Uuuhhh, i so miss Jay X3!!!~ Today saw the preview of Initial D on tv and i went crazy dee @_@... imagine if i saw it on big screen!!! I would be really surprise if i didn't scream (And i'm real honest yo!!!)!!!~ His just so cute in it X3!!!~ Jay XD!!!~

Initial D will be out on June 23rd!!! Why??? For me mar, hehehe =P!!!~ My birthday June 20th ^-~!!! Belated birthday present, muaheeeee X3!!!~

Hmm... anything else i want to talk more???

Yeah, yesterday went to sing K with lao po!!! Wow, i really like me singing the Sun Yan Zi's "Wo De Ai"!!! I was screaming like sh*t lar... i don't think my singing improved or anything, my "jia ying" is still bad and all, and i think its still straight line, because i find that i shout for all @_@... hope if go K next time with Ah Theng jie jie can ask her opinion on my singing, but of course, i must make sure my "zhuang tai" that day i myself feel good, otherwise i know i'll sure blame it on my "zhuang tai" one!!! Ganbatte XD!!!~

Er... think thats all???

Oh yeah, btw... i drive slower dee now... but still dangerous... wth T_T...

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

ageha release XD!!!~

Today is w-inds.'s latest album, their 4th album ageha's release!!! Ureshii XD!!!~

Hehehe, hope i'll get the limited edition ler, pray pray X3!!!~ Can't wait for it nya!!!~

Yatta, ageha ageha ageha XD!!!~