Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shinhwa 10th Anniversary

Many thanks to Auntie, Wenny-unnie and Saf-unnie for the CD (^^ )!~

Because Wenny-unnie bought it, then pass to Saf-unnie and pass to Auntie Omma!
많이 쌩유베리감사해요!~

And mind, its not light at all!
Thank you!~

I love it so much, that after seeing it once i sealed it back into the bag again, and hide it someplace somewhere never to be taken out or to be found ever again!
In case anyone decides to take it away from me!!

Because its limited edition!~
Auntie say not for-sale anymore =D!

So, better safe than sorry!!
*While being in extreme happiness and laughing like a mad woman, she didn't notice HeeChul and KangIn taking the CD and hiding it somewhere only they knows, never to be find by kimchi again...*
ㅋㅋㅋ ♪!~

Happy 10th Anniversary!~


There's a reason why i love the ocean so much!

I was born near it (^^ )!~
Being a Penang(Island)-kia rocks XD!~

Though, i've been taking lotsa pics when i was back in Penang earlier this month, that i annoyed some local-residence till they complained.

Would you like to meet my HeeChul?

Went to Mont Kiara the other day.

Saw Super Junior's 꽃미남 연쇄 테러 사건 at this Korean video-rental shop, and the coffee Daniel Henney endorsed!
Should i run a campaign to get Super Junior's faces printed on stuffs they endorsed?
Imagine drinking Sunkist Lemonade with KangIn on it XD!~

I'm a sucker for post-its and stickers.
I can't count how much i forked out for those anymore.

I realize i'm highly attracted to those type of colours (the post-its), especially when its in a rainbow shade (a few different colours together)!
I love colours, but very fussy with the shade!
I don't know what bloody organizer stickers are those! Its just cute pics, and not those with written messages such as "Travel", "Movie", "Date", "Busy", "Tel no." etc.
Nevertheless, i bought them anyways... because i like to decorate my organizer with stickers (=v=")...
I regretted not stocking up another version's which i really like, now they are all gone (ㅠ.ㅠ)...

Japanese hiragana stickers!

But i didn't buy them... because i really overspent on stickers, and this one has limited ones that there would still be a lot left after i spelled my name. I vowed to only buy stickers which i will use, so... yeah...
But its so pretty (ㅠ.ㅠ)...

One of the BEST ice-cream in the whole world!

Penang "sorta" road-side uncle's Ice-cream with Kacang XD!~

One of the BEST potato-chips in the whole world!

Actually, this is also the last packet of chips i brought back from Korea (ㅠ.ㅠ)... and Malaysia also has it but different colour... taste don't know same or not but it seemed the same lar...

One of the BEST yogurt-ice-cream in the world (actually they all taste the same)!

Some random Korean brand Yogurt Ice-cream with fruit topping!
Yummy XD!~

Our self-made 팥빙수 @ the Seoul Garden Korean BBQ buffet!!

Very obvious which one is mine (=v=")... teehee!~

Finally, more random pics...

(From Left to Right)
kimchi brand EggMayo sandwich (addicted to it recently); Cherry Tomato XD; Yummy Fish and Chip from some restaurant @ BSC; JAPANESE MOCHI!!

Do you realize most of my food pics are of ice-cream or ice-related product?

Can't help it, I LOVE ICE-CREAM XD!~

Random newspaper articles.

My idol Steve Irwin is going to roll in Heaven when he finds out the way these people capture the crocodile.
Imagine the stress on the poor fellow *sobs*.

In every other way i feel its a pity the way the whole thing turned out to be.

Because she's suppose to reign.

Me feminist, わかる?

During a protest/ rally/ confrontation etc, when the event will be receiving media attention, no matter how angry you are, no matter how mad you feel...
NEVER show or express it in that manner. Always look calm, civilized and reasonable.

Because you'll only be the one looking ridiculous.
Don't you find those smiling or at peace looks so much better that you would want to listen to them instead?

This goes to show why Cosmo's angry mob never work, but rather, only to provide comedic relief.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Dear SM,

You said that Super Junior - M will NOT, in any way, be interfering with the original ONLY13 group in Korea.

But you are releasing the album's "Korean version" (presumably in Korea), which also includes having 3 Korean versions of their Chinese songs as well.

How is that, in any way, "NOT" interfering with the original ONLY13 group?

Not forgetting actually taking original ONLY13 groups' songs and turning into la-la-fied versions as well.

If you're thinking that Korean ELF will buy the album so its courtesy that you have some translated Korean version songs as well... rest-assured it is unnecessary. I doubt most ELF would actually buy them.

Cause i feel if they will, they aren't ELF to begin with.

Thank God i've learned so well not to take your word for anything as a matter of fact.

I wouldn't depend on your word even if my life depends on it thank you very much.

Though i seriously "appreciate" the fact that, for once, i can actually watch the variety programs my 5 beautiful boys are in without having to pay attention to the screen to read the translation, but rather, i can do any other things and by only listening, i can still understand whats going on at the same time.

But sorry, still won't support.

I don't like it that while everyone was cheering and laughing, 3 boys are sitting there wondering whats for dinner. Because they don't understand whats going on.

Or at least thats how i feel looking at their blank faces.

Oh well, it could be only my opinion. But whatever.
I wrote this letter, its in my Blog, so my opinion matters. At least here anyways.

So dear SM or whoever who came up with the bloody idea which is that.

I hope lightning strikes right-in-front of you whenever you leave the house, not enough to hurt you but enough to scare you to scream like a girl in-front of your neighbours and all and thus ruining your pathetic chauvinist (assuming you are one) image; and the weather will never go the way you like, and your car breaks down when you're on your way to meeting whenever you are about to come up with more silly ideas.

Thats all i can think of for now. Will edit when i think of more.

You get the gist of it.
Because of your own bad karma (for making other people sad and angry), and for ruining other people's karma as well (because they need to talk bad and think badly of you).

Same goes for people who takes Shark's Fin Soup.

Ok thank you byebye.

ps: You do realize i'm holding back on my "cursings" because i believe in karma?

You're so lucky i do (believe in karma). Otherwise who knows.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

OMG i'm a shitty gamer!

I love gaming, not those 24/7 addicted-types, but i do get my hands on playing computer or video games whenever i like... and if i do get addicted to that game, nothing can pry me away from it.

That said, once pried, 10 years don't touch also can.

Anyways... it was always in my subconscious-mind that i'm not a "good gamer". I wanted to, just not one...
Heck, i hardly finishes any RPG games i started playing, and sometimes when boss-challenges gets too hard, all i need to do is yell out to my Bubu-chan, all problems solved.

But i love gaming, though not addicted types... but still... it was difficult to come to the fact that i'm a shitty gamer...

But now... confirm shitty gamer.
I can't even play Super Princess Peach right.

I mean, i finished the game and all (i think the first game i ever finished?)... but it was SO BLOODY EASY!!! Bubu-chan can close his eyes and he can finish playing the game, with bloody high scores, in like... an hour?

Ah, what the heck, live with it.
Can game better than cannot game at all.

And i need to stop eating before i sleep.

Bad habit. Pwwww!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

More productive.

I should stop procrastinating and be more productive. Pronto.
And so many things to do but...

Ok, think happy thoughts...
I want another cat!!
Hmm... maybe not such a "happy thought" but whatever...

Ok, maybe for "own-personal-sell-DongHae" reasons, but... i really would like to have a lap cat as well. HeeChul is categorized under "untouchable unless permission-given". In order words, approach and worship.

Don't get me wrong, i love HeeChul to bits! But it'll be nice to get a cat i can cuddle whenever i want, and not when she wants.
Apart from that, i always have this feeling that my Kim HeeChul is lonely and constantly bored. She's the only cat of the household, and well, sometimes i tend to neglect her needs to play... and thus getting a friend for her might be a very good idea no?

But then she's so unfriendly to other cats!
But i can't blame her, she's "over-defensive".
When i first got her home, being a little kitten she tried approaching the older stray cats, wanting to play with them and all... but they hissed back at her and was mean.
Its partially my fault too because i didn't "introduce" them as well, but anyways... which leads to now, though HeeChul is highly curious when she sees another cat. She'll want to approach and check out and all, but she'll be all defensive in the end they'll most probably end-up fighting...

Is HeeChul designated to be a loner for life? Or she just haven't met the purr-fect partner for her?

Stupid retarded cat.

Someone please help persuade others in the family so i can gladly embark on my journey to find the purr-fect partner (apart from me and HeeChul's appa) for my darling HeeChul? Lotsa please with HeeChul's Fussie Cat canfood on top?

OMG, i was checking out on "loner cats", and found out that there are cats who are "destined" to be "loners for life".
But what freaked me out most was there's this cat, who simply can't stand any other cats too in other words - a loner... and well... she looks A LOT alike HeeChul.
Not exactly, not the nose part, but the colour (Brown Mackerel Tabby), white poofy chest and white paws... exactly alike... OMG...

That said, my HeeChul is just one-of-a-kind, which is...


Yo touch man!

She's my one-and-only irreplaceable baby.

Friday, April 25, 2008


OMG 5 whole hours of SpongeBob and *only* SpongBob!


And all-new-episodes!

Me like in heaven now !~

Thursday, April 24, 2008

To go Lion or no?

BuBu-chan's going to Singapore next week, and i'm thinking of tagging along.
I've wanted to go to Singapore badly for shopping, but its either there's no company or the SALE's not here yet. Darns.

But should i go now or go later?
Honestly, i'm only a month away from the GREAT SINGAPORE SALE *jeng jeng jeng~~*... but who knows if i'll be able to go then?

But "to go or not to go, that is the question" aside, the main reason that i want to go to Singapore is to shop.
I've list down the stuffs i want to buy and where to go and all (one of my OCDs - surprisingly, i have A LOT of OCDs!), and well, i realize mostly all those stuffs are for Her Royal Highness Princess Kim HeeChul.

Thats right.
It's like i'm going to Singapore to shop specially for her, and if i'm lucky i'll be able to get some stuffs for myself along the way.


I'm animal and wildlife and zoo-deprived, thank you very much.

And to meet up with my precious fellow ELF (ㅠ.ㅠ)!!
(I like to play with words, and i realize if i put Singapore's S, and my name's J, we get SJ XD!~)

But main reason is still... i find...
Mainly shopping for Her Royal Highness Princess Kim HeeChul.
There's like... so many stuffs on her list as compared to mine.


I left my stuffs at the living room the other day, and when i went to get it, i noticed *someone* has already taken possession of it.

The way she puts it, you would've thought it was her stuffs instead of mine.


ps: I just realize i'm a sucker for post-its and cute non-glittery stickers.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Over your dead fiancée's body.

OMG i love the name Henry!

If i give birth to a son, i'll name him Henry.
And then he'll grow up to be a nice young witty smart gentleman, and be a veterinarian, and he'll have a very hot fiancée but who unfortunately die on their wedding day crushed by an angel, and in an attempt to contact his dead fiancée through a psychic, as forced by his younger sister so he could move on because his mourning too long, then in a twist of events he and the psychic starts dating and then the psychic aka his new girlfriend gets haunt by his dead fiancée's ghost who in return couldn't move on because she makes it the last thing she does is to avoid anyone touching her hot fiancé.

Nice !
Gosh i'm retarded (= =").

I just watched Over Her Dead Body!

FUNNY MOVIE! I love the witty and sarcasm lines!~

I'm so going to buy the book if it'll be released (^^ )!~
I'll give it a hmm... 8 out of 10? I really like it! They cast well too!~

Honestly, i seriously think Eva Longoria Parker is pretty, with-or-without make-up. Because i believe its just a matter of perspective (Personal-opinion-perspective and camera-and-lighting-perspective).
At least she doesn't look like a completely different person without make-up, nor succumb to plastic surgery (we don't know honestly, but whatever).

We're just so used to her with her make-up (i don't think she goes for heavy make-up, just a strong emphasize on her eyes) that when she doesn't have make-up we make such a big-fuss. At least she dares to walk-out of the door without make-up lar.
Do you know that Korean and Taiwan girls would rather die than being caught outside without make-up? But its a culture thing - apparently its rude not to put make-up on if you're going out, at least some lipstick and powder. Hmm, interesting fact. Probably thats why make-ups are so cheap there?

But eitherways...
Although heavy-emphasize make-up on eyes makes one really beautiful and all (of course), but i guess stars should avoid it if they are going to leave the house without eye-makeup.

Because with and without makes a heaven lotsa difference!!

I got to write more.

21st April 2008 - ONLY13.

Today marks the FIRST ANNIVERSARY that i'm an official ELF!~

I'm Malaysian, and today is also Malaysian's leg for the global Olympic Torch Relay.

Malaysia is the 13th leg of the global torch relay.

Super Junior has 13 members.

One of them is HanKyung, who is also one of the Olympic Torch barrier *prouds*!

HanKyung is from Super Junior.

And Super Junior's fans are called ELF.

I'm an ELF.

We're like... the Circle of Life !~

Which btw, comes from my most favourite Disney cartoon of all time, The Lion King.

Which The Lion King's main character is Simba.

Which Simba is also Choi SiWon's nickname!

Which, Choi SiWon is also from Super Junior and all, and thus...

I'm an ELF!~

Super Junior and ELF, together forever.


ps: Today is also KiBum's 4th Anniversary since debut (^^ )!~

Super Junior and ELF's bond are really too strong, we bond in any single way!~

Retardiot™ ALERT!

OMG, retardiot™ just tagged me!
(Check out her tag here!)

You have to come up with 8 different points about your perfect guy/girl.
Tag 8 victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
If you are tagged the second time, there is NO need to do this again.

The thing is, i can't come up with 8 different points. Its kinda difficult.
So i'm changing the "rules" and coming up with 13 different points on how my purr-fect other half should be.

No 1: Park JungSu

No. 2: Kim HeeChul

No. 3: HanKyung

No. 4: Kim JongWoon

No. 5: Kim YoungWoon

No. 6: Shin DongHee

No. 7: Lee SungMin

No. 8: Lee HyukJae

No. 9: Choi SiWon

No. 10: Lee DongHae

No. 11: Kim RyeoWook

No. 12: Kim KiBum

No. 13: Jo KyuHyun

Having 13 purr-fect boys is SO much simpler (^^ )!~ Mwehehehe!~

Or... just to annoy the retardiot™...


Choi SiWon Choi SiWon Choi SiWon Choi SiWon Choi SiWon Choi SiWon
Choi SiWon Choi SiWon Choi SiWon Choi SiWon Choi SiWon Choi SiWon
Choi SiWon Choi SiWon Choi SiWon Choi SiWon
Choi SiWon Choi SiWon
Choi SiWon Choi SiWon Choi SiWon Choi SiWon Choi SiWon Choi SiWon

Choi SiWon Choi SiWon Choi SiWon Choi SiWon Choi SiWon Choi SiWon
(Honestly, i typed the first 13 "Choi SiWon", the rest C+P!)

Nuff said !~

Friday, April 18, 2008

I still remember...

Hmm... sound like something out of a horror movie doesn't it?

But yeah, the title and this post is related to something which happened a year ago, and i still remember it as clearly as if it was yesterday.

April 19th 2007.

To start off, i remember the night before, April 18th 2007 around 11:08pm (it amazes me how i still remember the time), my brother just came home from yumchar, and had also brought back my new phone which i had been waiting for everyday for almost 3 months!
I was so glad to finally be able to get it!

I had class the next day, so i didn't bother testing out my new phone (thought of doing everything tomorrow after class), but the whole night i was thinking how cool it is for my phone to finally be able to ring Super Junior and Shinhwa songs during class, and not "miditones" anymore.

Next morning, i practically skipped to class, because i was so looking forward to get home to try my new phone! It was class 3.3 or something something, i just remember its near the staircase at SAM block of the then Taylor's College. It was a GPL tutorial with a very interesting lecturer Mr Joseph.
This part, i can't remember properly; its either Jamie was already inside when i entered class, or she came in after i settled down (i was early that day, wow!). I remembered because we had to shift the tables as if a "meeting-room" format, i was seated second from the wall, and Jamie was next to me right next to the wall.

Anyways, regardless who came into the class first, Jamie then told me something she heard from the radio.
"Eh, i hear from the radio this morning that Super Junior members got into an accident..."
Immediately, my first reaction was... well, it wasn't even a reaction. My tears just fall out automatically like that because i was reminded of August the year before when HeeNim got into an accident. I was so worried that it was him, or any of them honestly, and mind, the accident last year was pretty bad.

But it was a "bad-reaction", because upon seeing me like that, i scared her and she went really nervous! Sorry DaJie if i scared you!!

Anyways, i asked her for more information, and she said she couldn't remember properly, but she could only remember "利特" and "奎賢", which is EeTeuk and KyuHyun's name in Chinese, because she heard it from a Chinese radio station.

I went frantic, because i know "利特" is EeTeuk! LEADER!!
I wasn't sure if i was crying or not, but i kept pressing on to ask if she's sure she heard "奎賢", because i don't know who "奎賢" is!! There are certain members whose Chinese names i don't know, and somehow or rather it did not struck me that it was KyuHyun.
I kept on asking her if she's sure and she told me she couldn't remember whether or not its actually "奎賢", so i kept on repeating the Chinese names of members i know to see if it strikes anybell, but nope.
I remember that at that moment, in my head i actually thought that maybe "奎賢" was either SiWon or ShinDong, and so i kept on asking her if it is "始源" or "神童", but she could only remember "奎賢".

Then, i immediately got out of class to call Auntie. I asked her if she heard anything about Super Junior. She hasn't heard anything, so i asked her to help me online to find if there's any news and to call me back.
I waited outside class for her call, then i suddenly started crying because for one, I DON'T KNOW WHO "奎賢" IS!! And two, HeeNim's accident kept on coming back to my mind, so i was really scared.
I remember then AhMa and Melvyn came and was all "HELLO!~" but upon seeing me and my tears, i scared them XD!! I didn't want to say anything then because i don't know what happened yet and all, and yes, it would also make me start bawling again.

Afterwards, Auntie called back and in a very calm voice she asked me where i am and if i had finished class. I told her class hasn't even started. She then asked me if i'm driving, i said yes, so she asked me to call her after i got home safely.
That freaked me out. Because it must mean something!
After hanging-up, i continued crying and all, till i had to pull myself together since there's still class (i contemplated on whether or not i should skip class - but since i'm there already...), so i entered class for tutorial but basically throughout the whole tutorial, my mind just wasn't there! I almost cried but i know it would freak everybody out, so i pulled back and just slumped there like a zombie or something amidst trying to look as if everything is ok.
Ooh, and thank you so much to NaiMa for borrowing me her notes to read out because i didn't prepare anything beforehand! Luckily Mr Joseph didn't ask me much too, seeing that my eyes are like, so red and all.

After class, i wanted to rush home, but at the same time, i dreaded going home because i know the news is awaiting me. Anyways, i went to get my car in the end, got a Mango Frappucino from Starbucks to calm my nerves as i drive home, and well, it seemed like the longest drive home ever!

When i got home, i put everything down and took my house phone to call Auntie. I even sat on the floor, because i guess i can say since i roughly know what has happened, i prepared myself to hear the news.
So i called Auntie, and she wants to be sure that i'm ready and all before she breaks the news to me (and also to make sure i'm really already at home). I was, so she started telling me that the night before (or early morning today), Super Junior members got into a car-accident, EunHyuk and ShinDong got minor injuries, but EeTeuk and KyuHyun's condition was quite serious. Then about the glass shards on Teuk's back and how Kyu broke into pieces and was still unconscious... ok, i exaggerated =P, i couldn't really remember what she said, because i started bawling really badly upon hearing that its KyuHyun.

Upon realizing that "奎賢" was KyuHyun, i cried really hard, because for one, i finally "know" who that "奎賢" is, and it was KyuHyun. Although i had prepared myself for the news, i was prepared to hear if its SiWon or ShinDong (since i was guessing back then), or anyone... or even RyeoWook (thus why Auntie wanted to make sure i'm home before she breaks the news to me - due to the "my twin brother and i" fact)... but i never thought that it was KyuHyun at all. Not at all, so the news came extra "hard" on me.
Especially because i never even thought of KyuHyun which made me feel so bad and thus, bawled even worst.
After Auntie explained the whole thing to me and all, i just couldn't stop crying. Afterwards i went to talk to mom, and she asked me to pray to GunYum for him, so i did.

I really don't know, or remember, how the day went by after that, but i know i was like... practically "not-living" that whole day, and at night, as i surf the net for news while crying at the same time, i remember posting like what... at least 10 emo posts or more about my feelings at the same time (try checking April 2007 on my archive - you'll be shocked?).
I like to write (more like type honestly) , it get things into perspective so you can see better, no matter the time unless if i'm having writer's block.

And then, to make it sound worst (which it really is), i couldn't sleep, i couldn't eat, i couldn't focus. The more serious part was i wasn't even hungry. And knowing me and how i get hungry all the time, thats saying something. I could've not eaten the whole day and not felt hungry at all! But anyways, i forced myself to eat in the end, but really, i had no appetite nothing.

It was only when news that he is getting better and he had waken up and all that i finally felt better. Not forgetting EunHyuk getting discharged from the hospital, EeTeuk's improving condition etc (he and KangIn playing around the hospital ♡), otherwis e who knows what state i would be in.
Its as if i was on auto-pilot, i'm living and all, but i just felt nothing.

I'm really glad that everything is over now. It actually still scares me every time i think about it, even though it was a year ago...

But every time i look at them now, i feel contended. I'm really grateful that everything is ok now, and well, their back (^^ )!~

Last 22nd February 2008, during the FIRST Super Show, as i sat there watching Super Junior - K.R.Y.'s - 걸음을 멈추고...
Incidentally, that song was the song that brings tears to my eyes every time i hear it this time last year. It still does now, actually, thats why i don't listen to it often.

Anyways... KyuHyun was standing at my side, and as the platform was raised till we were of same height. I looked at him and was reminded of the accident, and how grateful i am that i was seated here, in-front of him, and watching him perform.
Its like a dream. But it really happened.
I was overwhelmed with emotion, and yes i bawled like mad, but i was just so happy and thankful that nothing worst happened, and his back! SUPERKyu's really back (^^ )!~

Super Junior and ELF had really been through a lot... a lot a lot...

I'm just really glad we are where we are now, and as we improve we are growing up together (^^ )!~

우리 슈퍼주니~~ ~~~ 에요!!~~~~~

A Recipe for the Heart

I grew up watching TVB dramas, and no matter how corny or how lame the story can get, i still enjoy TVB drama alot!
In-fact, it can be said i partially learn my Cantonese from TVB dramas (^^ )!~

And one of my most favourite TVB drama would be A Recipe for the Heart 美味天王!

Its just so stupid and so retarded with a good story that i love it so much!~ I will always watch its reruns and now that i bought the DVD, i can always watch it whenever i want (^^ )!~

Ooh, and i really like its theme song (not forgetting the singing and dancing in between the story)! Its nice and catchy! And ooh, the numerous guest stars inside!

It may be a really old show, dating 11 years back, but it still remains my most favourite TVB drama of all time, cause every single actor and actress inside are my favourites (Bobby Au Yong, Jessica Hsuen, Esther Kwan), unlike those majority now who i feel like slapping whenever i see them (its not their problem honestly, i just don't like seeing them as much as others)!

Its really a pity TVB doesn't make good dramas like this now. I realize dramas now has a nice, story and well-developed plot and all, but because they rush to finish it within 20-episodes or so, so most dramas no matter how nice it started, it'll usually have a rush, not-very-nice ending.

Oh well! At least nice classics are still available for us to watch with the convenience of DVD nowadays (^^ )!~

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Today's mood: Still hyper from over-sugar-dosage. Apparently sugar-rush happens for everyone regardless of age?
Current thoughts: I smell good now. Hello DongHae! + I EAT TOO MUCH HELP!!!
As-of-now: JongWoon

I was reading Soompi, when i come across this post which was written:
YeSung & YoungJi's "우리 사랑 이대로" (Our love like this - Love wind love song OST) live on tonight Sukira.
My first thought was, naturally...

YehSung and YoungJi on Sukira tonight?
When did i sing with him tonight?

Then only it came to my mind...

Oh, not me (= =").
Same name nya.

It was beautiful.

YehSung i mean. As usual and no surprise there ♡!~

YoungJi's voice is beautiful too, but i would like to believe that THIS YoungJi, the one typing this NOW, can perform a better duet with my precious present-lover?

I'm summing up my thoughts on SJm, shall post about it soon when my head is in its right place, and completely unbiased.

Which, if you think about it, i've actually placed everything so accordingly its SO not bias anymore it so isn't fun anymore!!

Oh well!

On another completely unbiased matter...


Ok, i should stop taking sugar these days. Sugar-rush!

Was laughing and blurting out lame, boring stories over lunch (=v=")...

But i love it! So like "Fish-on-crack"!~

DongHae would be proud !~

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Today's mood: Hyper!~
Current thoughts: I need to bath. Imma becoming EunHyuk or KangIn now.
As-of-now: KiBum where are you?

HyoRi you byeontae!!

Join the club, you can be our "Byeontae SexyQueen" XD!!! ㅋㅋㅋ

39sec in this vid, thanks to Cam (^^ )!~

And if you think about it... chestnuts indeed =P!

HyoRi-unnie fulfills all requirement to "join the club"! More so for contributing a term to call "something" that most people finds it offensive or shy to talk about!

Lets welcome our new member XD! Muahahahahahaha!!

ps: This post might be edited!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Today's mood: It rained but i fell asleep before it, and woke up after it (= =").
Current thoughts: I want to bath.
As-of-now: JongWoon.


Loo2 once posted about how her "sleeping-time" has gone haywired.

Well, touchwood, i guess i can say my sleeping-time is rather normal. And despite the fact that i've been sleeping late and waking up-early, it was still good.

Till i realize i've been K.O.-ing.

K.O. means Knock Out.
tr.v., KO'd, KO'ing, KO's.

To knock out, as in boxing.

n. (kā-ō', kā'ō')

A knockout, as in boxing.

From Answers.com.

Though in my "knock-out" sense, it means i just fall into a deep sleep without a slightest hint of what is going on around me.

Hmm, no wonder i'm a big SuJu-fan aka ELF *sings Twins (Knock Out)* !!!

Yesterday before heading to pasar malam, i was chatting with my cousin while in the car. I was very sleepy but still ok, when suddenly i just K.O.-ed for a few split second before i woke up in a jump. In the sense i got startled.
And when i mean K.O. i really mean like just suddenly fall into a DEEP SLEEP without knowing what happened!

Scary a not?

And i was tired throughout the whole morning today. When i came home, still good, when i halfway using the computer and felt sleep, so i decided to take a nap around 3pm?

And i slept till 7pm (= =").

I woke up around 5pm, when it rained, shouting to my mom to make sure my 2 precious is well covered from the storm before falling asleep again.

If my mom didn't wake me up i wouldn't know what time i would wake up.

So yeah, its important to sleep early. Or at least adequate rest.
Whether or not you wake up early doesn't matter.


Monday, April 14, 2008

Missin' U.

Today's mood: Looking forward to a heavy rain night, because i love it when it rains at night!
Current thoughts: Is HeeNim's nose real?
As-of-now: RyeoWook and SiWon.


It'll be so cool to listen to the pitter-patters of raindrops as i drift to SuJu-land!

But considering the fact that it'll usually only rain (really heavily - those types i really like) in the afternoon nowadays...

Not complaining, am grateful it rains!
But if it would rain at night will be even better (^^ )!~

That said, i feel really selfish because as much as i love it when it rains, my 2 precious in the cage outside the house gets really scared...

Maybe if it rains, but the wind is not blowing against them plus no thunder storm??

But most importantly is those 2 precious are well!

HeeChul the silly girl!
I haven't cover her Royal Bed yet, so i just left the towel on it. And instead of waiting for me to straighten her Royal Bed properly, she just lay across on the towel.

I guess it must be a wee-bit uncomfortable too, apart from feeling bored, from the look of her face?

Or maybe... someone misses someone ♪!~

HeeChul and her typical look when she's feeling emo - like omma like daughter?

Do you know HeeChul loves the rain too?
She doesn't like it that she's unable to go out to play, but she likes looking out from the window as the rain pours and all, and the wind are making the trees sway etc...

But i find it especially funny that she also sleeps extra cosily when it rains! Though thunder sometimes wakes her up, but usually she'll just sleep through it because i'll be the one up to ensure her nothing is wrong when thunder strikes, so now she let me do all the worrying and continues sleeping (= =")...!

Gosh i miss my OUR (HeeChul insists) boys so much!!

When will it be till i can see all my 13 beautiful boys together once more?


I miss dancing YMCA with my boys (ㅠ.ㅠ)...

I was playing with Ju-lia when the YMCA song came up, and i was dancing to it, while showing her how to dance to it (SuJu-style)... but she started complaining (= =")...

Young people don't know how to appreciate good dances these days (-┏).

Conspirarcy Theory.

OMG bloody annoyed now (sorta - not that bad lar). Keep in mind this post is written in annoyance.
Though that said, since i had a few moments to ponder on this problem, maybe i might sound as if i lost my head, but as regarding to the facts and points, i'm very sure my brain is intact even if the head decides to lose itself.

So anyways, my worst fear (ok, NOT, its not "my worst fear", but i *know* it'll come some day - I hate it when i'm right !) came, in the form of my brother and mom proclaiming that Ju-lia has allergies, which may come from my most precious and reason to live in the world, Kim HeeChul.

I wonder if i can sue for baseless accusation?

BTW, i think i should rename my Blog title as, "How eiko's brains work?"...
Nah, Dancing Out! is way cooler!
SuJu-fied XD!


Don't get me wrong, i love my brother and SIL and Ju-lia and all, but yeah, this is my Blog and this is how my brain works.

Personally, i have this conspiracy theory that its either an attempt to get rid of HeeChul... again... or so Ju-lia can stay full-time at her maternal grandparent's house without worrying that it might offend anyone, particularly in the form of my grandmother or Ju-lia's great-grandmother. My parents are cool-people see, they don't mind.

Its not that i'm suspicious, but i question and suspect most things (make that everything), so its normal that i think so.

In fact, you should be worried if i don't think so.
Means something wrong somewhere up there, which would require a trip to the doctor to get a medical prescription to go Korea to meet up with my one true love in the form of 13 boys..
Ok please do so XD!~

In fact regarding the Super Junior - M problem, i have this conspiracy theory that LSM is probably actually sitting back in his rundown building's office and enjoying a glass of wine while we ELF fight to protect our boys, and he enjoys it that everything is going well as planned.

Don't blame my mind for thinking so. Blame ICPU, World Issues and Mr Moaz.
And maybe my classmate ShenJi as well due to his conspiracy theory that the movie Super Size Me was probably initiated by McDs competitors in one of their many attempts to bring McDs down. What he said actually got me thinking A LOT.

But yeah, who knows what the "real reason" is behind all this hoohaa, which considering the fact that Ju-lia only spends like, maybe 2-3 hours a week downstairs and most of her time is spent either at her maternal grandparents' house OR her own room... or in the car too which i think she spends more time IN the car than being downstairs (the only time she gets closest to HeeChul, if HeeChul even bothered to walk past her anyways, seeing that afternoon is HeeChul's nap time outside, in study room or my room).

Oh yeah, i forgot the fact that HeeChul is the "trigger-of-all-evil", something like SM, because she was 10 feet away from Ju-lia that 2-3 hours she (Ju-lia ) was downstairs. Brr. Scary.

Or she may really have allergies to begin with and no conspiracy theory intact. It could either be hereditary (but which is not prominent in our sjde of the family), or it may be the fact that being their "first born", my brother and SIL are specially paranoid about everything, and thus being too-clean, which may lead to the fact that everything can be sensitive and thus allergenic to Ju-lia.

Oh yeah, i should stop telling every vet i meet that my brother is paranoid. I'm making a bad name for him in the "vet-world", but i'm sure i'm not the first-story nor would i be the last.

I would prefer the first option btw. Then i wouldn't have too much arguments, or noises to make, and it'll be more peaceful honestly.
Because knowing me, i like to fight for rights for animals, or children, who can't represent themselves. Its just me, really.

Like my cousin Joey said, its normal to be paranoid, its, after all, their own child. Even I am paranoid about my HeeChul all the time, which is so bloody true.

But using my baby is...

Oh well.

I rest my case.

I have to halt writing this post because i need to go take care of Ju-lia now! SING SONG TIME XD!~

Something to laugh at...

I don't like to end my Blog with such post for the day.
So just something to add before i go to sleep.

Just now i was chatting with hoobae on greediness: on how much more we want to see the boys, who we want to see do this and that, who we want etc etc...

When i concluded the fact "ELF are greedy" (in a lovingly good way XD).


You would've thought with 13 (beautiful) BOYS it would be "enough" for us ELF!

Apparently... not quite so...

Imagine if ELF are TVXQ fans!!


Guarantee NOT ENOUGH x 2 + 3 lor XD!!!~

ps: Its ok if you don't get it =P!

I'm just being retarded XD!~

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A new format.

Today's mood: 13
Current thoughts: Where are my 13 boys?
As-of-now: 13


Of the new format i added above on today's whatsa whats...


Ok, its because i'm kinda envious that LJ can add all those sorts of stuffs, and as much as i have an LJ-account... i'm rather lazy to go explore LJ at the moment =P! Maybe soon?

Also because i love my this blog, and i guess you can say i'm obsessed with this Blog of mine.

Me and my obsessions. Lols.
Its as if i'm obsessed with everything isn't it?
Shall compile a list of my obsessions soon, lols (due to my short-memory-span, i'm still in midst of compiling it and noting it down, because i'm sure to forget... can you believe it? My memory's horrible!)!

I love it that i was a previous ICPU student, no matter how limited an ICPU students' boundaries may be...
Anyways, and that i've attended the Challenge and Change in Society class! Which can literally also be translated as "Psychology" in a way.

So yeah, after attending that classes (or maybe just being an ICPU student helps), it makes you very, or more, analytical.
So i have this habit of analyzing behaviours and all, loads of thanks to the "so-called-Psychology-subject" which really broaden minds! I really love the classes and enjoy attending (albeit dreaming in class) and i never miss a class!

But honestly... if you ask me WHAT did i actually *learn* from my class... i'll keep quiet, close my eyes, think back and...

Remember nothing.


The only things i remember from my class is:
- My good-looking buff with a nice-bod Mr Collins (AhMa, he have a nice butt - omg sound so wrong telling AhMa your teacher's butt is nice (= =")...) and my wonderful classmates!
- Our presentations (details forgotten, except the one i did about Wildlife Products)
- Sleeping in class
- Learn to analyze behaviours, personality, habit etc, to get a better understanding of things
- While half listening and paying attention to what the teacher is saying, jotting down on my notebook the names of 13 boys and memorizing them along with birthdates.

If you're wondering how i can remember 13 boys and their names so fast, along with everything else... hehehe, i did it in just 3 days over 3 Challenge and Change class *proud* !~ Which probably leads up to like, took me an hour plus if so?
And i made sure i wrote the correct hangul! I guess i can say my hangul improves thanks to my 13 boys too (^^ )!~

Hahaha, i love my ICPU classes, apart from the fact that i get to do all Wildlife or Environment related assignments i want (you get to choose any related topic you want), which i do best (achieving level4 - something like an A - for all of it)!!
Actually i miss doing Social Sciences a lot, it may be "easy", but its something i can really put my butt in it to do, because its nice and interesting!

Anyways, what i'm trying to say is (omg see i side-tracked big time again XD), regarding analyzing behaviours... its good because it puts you in another perspective and all those stuffs... and as you do so, you gradually try to achieve Self-Actualization and to be a better person!

So yeah, i've been analyzing my behaviour these days and i realize that the reason i've been feeling lethargic these days is because of...

No seriously.

The last time i had it was before the release of their 2nd album, after coming back from Korea and now.
I miss them so much, but there's not much update nor any videos which could keep me sane and all, so yeah...
And i guess its cause i'm rather bored roo despite like, having so many things to do (but not doing, yet)...

But yeah, i'm sure i'm having SuJu-Withdrawl-Symptoms now.

When is my 13 boys coming back?
I miss them so much (ㅠ.ㅠ)...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

My obsession...

... with WHITE... has dramatically increased thank you very much MR PARK JUNGSU!!

I love colours, and white is one of them. But pre-EeTeuk, i like the colour WHITE but i'll prioritize BLUE... but now... it seems its WHITE all the way what the heaven...

But thinking... actually, i'll prioritize whichever colours which looks nicest! More over i'm very fussy with its shade: My favourite colours are Blue (Pearl Sapphire Blue or Ocean Blue), This shade of PINK, Apple Green, Bright Yellow-ish Orange, and White. Nothing else unless if it looks nice in that particular shade!

But honestly, i seem to have more white stuffs now, and i go crazy over white stuffs as well. Hmm...

Oh and my obsession with Post-its which is also known as waste money hello!

This are all the post-its i have!

I won't say its a lot, but compared to the ordinary person-next-door i personally thinks its really A LOT. Not forgetting some are those smaller-types which are not really visible from the picure.
Anyways, i counted, including all the small ones: i have 26 post-its.
Which also means 13+13 !!

If you want to know which brand of post-its are nice and cheap, ask me! I know! Since i've "experimented" with a few brands (actually only 2, but the other one is good and cheap so its sufficient really, and talking about those commercially available at most places, not like in some random bookstore 12913928371273km away)!

And recently after getting back from Korea, i also realize that post-its can actually comes in loads of patterns and shapes and sizes as well !
But i regretted buying so little post-its back from Korea (only 9, but its a set so it doesn't count really)!
And stickers too please (my obsession with stickers are coming back as well, lols!)!

OMG, Korea is like... my land of post-its and stickers and Super Junior. They are everywhere there!! I must devote more time for post-its and sticker hunt next time!

Hmm, i guess the reason i like post-its so much is because its nice, you can write on it and stick them anywhere you like, whether as a reminder, or as a joke or to make it look nicer etc...

Overall, post-its are FUN =D !~
(and wasting money and harming the environment in a way because its still paper but i can't help it! Way to go you "so-called" Environmentalist)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Today i...

I amaze myself.

In 40 minutes, i manage to go toilet, bath, dress-up, pack bag, leave house and drive to OU, enter carpark and park car, walk into the shopping mall, buy movie tickets, enter cinema and sit down at chosen seat.


The best part was, the whole cinema was EMPTY!! COOL XD!!!~
Its like i pay RM7 for one whole cinema to myself!! Neat!~

So i happily took out my organizer which i've named Wookie and was writing on it, when i just glanced behind and saw this long hair girl sitting behind me.

Terkejut lor (= =").

Anyways, the whole cinema was only this older working guy, a couple and me and my 13 boys.

Then immediately after the movie, i glanced at my watch and realize i'll just be 10 minutes late for this movie i wanted to watch, so i rushed back to the cinema, bought another ticket for the next movie and rushed in. The movie started the minute i sit down.

Though the bad part is because i went for the next movie too fast, the previous movie's plot is still floating around my head and haven't settled, and thus when i watched the new movie, it was a bit... "what is this" to begin with, more over both movies are of complete different genre.

And the worst part...
I was seated in between two guys who doesn't know the importance to dry your clothes properly, and also doesn't know what detergent, shampoo, soap, deodorant, cologne and Lee DongHae is. I'm very sensitive to smell see.
I would've changed my seat, but since the movie started and the cinema's quite full, it would be troublesome to find a new seat, so i had to improvise the situation, and applied lotion on my nostrils so at least the air would smell nicer.

Ok to be fair, it was more from the guy on my right, and he even shake his legs lor. Like... what the hell. I actually shifted towards my left as the movie plays on, that i almost couldn't stand it. The shaking legs make it worst. I almost sue.

Do you know how sometimes certain rows are extra shaky as compared to others? I think its because the patrons always shake their legs or kick the row in-front of them, which leads to the bolts and all loosen, and thus be extra shaky...

So yeah, the cinema management should so not allow people who has a habit of shaking legs, kicking seats and doesn't know who Lee DongHae is into the cinema. It'll be a hazard to other patrons.
Not forgetting people who keeps on repeating the whole movie's plot to their friend and all, like OMG. I met this woman once who kept on telling the whole story AGAIN to her boyfriend... like, OI WOMAN, I'M ALSO WATCHING THE MOVIE LOR! DON'T NEED YOU TELL ME WHATS HAPPENING!

Excuse me.

I love watching movies, and in cinemas especially, so i'm rather fussy towards my overall environment. After all, i do pay for the ticket.

Ok, as to what movie i watched today:
I first watched Awake.

I've waited SO LONG to watch this movie, i'm really glad i didn't miss it!
Hayden Christensen is ADORABLE! Not "adorable" in the looks factor, but more towards his voice! I absolutely adore his voice and accent if i may say so. He always sounds like he has a cold! CUTE XD!~
And Jessica Alba is hot! I like the pair (Hayden and Jessica)! It'll be cooler if they could star in another movie together, and unlike the type of couple in this movie!

I'm not a "review-writing" type of person, but the movie is decent, its rather suspenseful and the stars are good in the movie, and the message it shows, or rather as i perceive it, is good! I'd give it a 4 out of 5 star! The extra star is for the Hayden-Jessica couple! I'm not sure if i would like it if someone else other than Jessica stars in it, because its like the role is made for her! In a way...

The next movie i watched is Definitely, Maybe.

3.5 out of 4 star, because 3 is too little, 4 is a tad too much.

Both movies are of completely different genre (One is drama and thriller, another is comedy), so when i sat down to watch this movie, plots from Awake are still fresh in my mind, so its kinda weird to watch a totally different type of movie this quick!
Nevertheless, its a good movie! I love Rachel Weisz in the movie! I personally feel if its not for her, i wouldn't have wanted to watch this movie in the first place! Abigail Breslin is cute, and the main reason to laugh in the film for what she said, because overall the film's rather... not dull, but not like... hope you got what i mean because i don't know what to say =P! But it still deserves the stars i give, because its not boring and it kept me till the end wanting to know "who"!

Oh yes, and i teared while watching both movies because its so family-ish storyline touching!!
One is the love between mother-and-son (Auntie your type of movie), the other is the bond between father-and-daughter! Me likey!~

But ah, after watching these two movies... no more new movies to watch (= =")... i hate it when its so, like... all the movies i want to watch will just bombard the cinemas when i don't have the time to watch... but when i have the time it'll all just go slowly... what the!!

But L Change the WorLd is still the best... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!~

10 out of 5 stars =D!
10 because of Matsuyama Kenichi as L =D!


Hmm... should i start a new Blog about movies?
I actually wanted to start another one on food... but knowing me... after a while sure lazy post one...

Oh well!~