Monday, November 29, 2004

D調的華麗 Grandeur De D Major

D調的華麗 Grandeur De D Major

Bought it just now from Kinokuniya @ KLCC! Actually i'm really broke! But me dad bought it for me! Thank you daddy!!! And of course, must thank you me bro for bringing me there and paying it for me! Arigato ^-^!

Its a really nice book, seriously recommand for Jay fans to know and understand more about him! Hehe, anyway, this book is a must have for Jay fans dee lar, so no point i say "recommand"! Hehehe!

The more i read it, its like, the more you can "feel" Jay! Haha, of course! The book was penned by him what ^-^!

Knowing more about his life, his love life, his views in life and all... we're totally different (Of course, we're different invididuals, and i wouldn't want to be like him lar... *nodds head*)... but theres one thing i find which is quite similiar to me...
「我有点幼稚, 想法也跟一般人不一样。。。」
Make it for MY version is...
「我非常的幼稚, 想法也跟一般人大不一樣。。。」
Hehehe! Yes, i find it kinda alike me... because i'm super childish (=^-^=) and most of my opinions are totally different from a number of people!
Sometimes, when i give out my opinion of something in a team of people who i'm not close with, the whole atmosphere can turn "cold"... Its like, a big bunch of people is laughing about something, giving their opinions everyone agree, but when i give out mine, like i said, the whole atmosphere can go -_-"... Hahaha!
(The way i describe it is not exactly similiar lar, but roughly and its hard to give out the perfect example! I also forget pieces already so no point explaining it in details...)

Hahaha! There are points about "us" i find it similiar, some different. No point i go say everything out. But those i find my attention towards it is deeper lar...

Warning: Spoilers of the book content below! You have been warned! Because i want to elaborate more about my opinions on the book, etc... (Those in brackets are my own words)

Oh, i'm totally not Jay's "dream-girl-type"! Hehe!

In a part of his story, title is 「喜歡你就是欺負你」,
「我覺得有氣質的長頭髮女人﹐ 比較吸引我。 我討厭在公共場合愛大聲講話的聒噪女生 (T_T 就是我啦~)﹐ 那讓我很受不了。 從小到大﹐ 喜歡的女生類型其實都差不多。 就是那種班上女生裡最不愛講話 (視線離我遠。。。)﹑ 不會和男生打打鬧鬧 (。。。 更加遠。。。)﹑ 有著長頭髮 (。。。 非常遠。。。)﹑ 坐在角落裡﹐ 被欺負也不會還手的女生 (不用再說﹐ 離我遠到不能再遠了! 雖然有時被欺負是不會還手﹐ 通常都會還了啦。 不管幼稚方法﹐ 還是理智方法﹐ 能報復就好了﹗)。 ...」
And alot of other stuffs which definately is so unlike me, totally 180 degrees! Hehe, i lazy go search for the pages dee!

Anyhow, i won't change myself to suit the "conditions" above. Natural is good. I want to be myself, and myself. I don't want to change myself just because of someone, accept if its not good, of course! ^-~


Ooh! The book is really cool with nice pics ne! SO FASTER GO BUY XD!!!
Actually this part here is written 2 days later! Today is 30th Nov 2004, Tuesday 0_o! Because i don't have time to finish it that day, and because of some reasons, so... -_-" Hahaha! If i were to continue that day itself, i would've written more... now... forgot what i want to write dee... -_-"

Neeways, maybe will continue part 2 lar (Of my opinions~)... because maybe after reading through the whole book (Since i bought that day i only read 1-2 section nee!), than my opinions will "flood-out" again!!!~ Hahaha!!! ^-~

ps: Dear Auntie, don't "bomb" me if you read this entry of mine!!! All just my opinions nee what!!! ^-~


For me... 「喜歡你就不懂在你視線內怎麼做﹐ 腦袋都凍結起來了﹐ 所以才做出多種奇怪的事情. 因為腦袋凍結了﹐ 想不到理智的事﹐ 心情緊張﹐ 變了超不自然。。。」,
Em... influenced by the "author-writting-style" dee... cincai lar!

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Jay's concert tics!!!

Kya!!! Wu Yu Lun Bi!!! Here comes me and auntie ^-^!!!
Bought it a couple of days ago... ehem, i meant "booked" it a couple of days ago!!! Really pray pray got good seats ^-^!!! Kya!!!

Watched "Wai Po"'s MV?
Oh mami, i cried when i watch it! Very "gan dong"!!! But hehe... people might go "Huh? What? You go problem ka?"! >o< I no problem!!! But its true, very "gan dong"! Reminds me of some stuffs... so it "hurts" me to watch it... thats why i vowed never to watch it again... of course, unless the urge to see Jay is stronger =p... but than... there are still other MVs arrr!!!~~

Ok lar, until now today!!! Hahaha!!! First time so short =^-^=!!!
Ja! ^o~

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Auntie's homemade "w-inds. Blog skin"! XD

Em! Got exam later! >.<
Luckily EST... but... hehehe... i haven't study yet... -_-"
Jing Wen keeps on asking me faster go read Auntie's story! Say very interesting (Of course!)! But... hehe, everytime online forgot go read -_-"... because occupied with some other things dee... example... THE BLOG SKIN!!!

Deary auntie made me a really cool, really nice w-inds. Blog skin XD (Arigatou Auntie!!!)! But the first post (First journal) is all in bold letters... i also don't know why... -_-"
But i love it all the same! Once settle the "first-post-all-in-bold-letters-prob" (Or maybe not ^-^), definately changing my Blog skin awhile! Kya XD!

Can see the w-inds. skin specially made by Auntie in my this Blog! Very nice one yo ^-~!

Kya!!! XD

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Sleeping dilemas...

Argh... didn't sleep well for the last 2 days...

Remember the "i-slept-at-4-am-thing-but-i-don't-know-why"? Well, this time more "hebat"... slept at 4am... with SPM Maths paper the next morning!!!
I turn in around 2am, but i was rolling around in my bed and can't sleep! I don't know why! And hehe... because my eyes still feels "kirakira" (*.*), so i erm... turn on the bedside lamp... and see books for awhile...
Neeways, its just awhile... when i look at the clock, its already almost 3am or is it 3.30am!!!
Than continue sleeping... i'm not surprised if i fell asleep around 4am-5am! I remember looking straight and suddenly... next morning dee! But still get up and prepare for Maths 1... got plan the night before, after Maths 1, will go home and sleep but... Watched TV and went online... -_-"

Strange thing is, my heart was beating like mad when i watched F-Generation! Don't know is it because of w-inds., or is it because of Maths 2! And i tried doing Maths 2 revision again... either because wFL on TV is distracting me... or because i'm just nervous... my brain went BLANK!!!
When i was in school, before going into the exam hall, i totally freaked out! Luckily just a small one... its just my brain going blank and all... luckily during exam, i manage to slowly remember one by one after calming down... phew!
But why Maths? I won't be surprised if its Physics (Because... erm... -_-"), but i prepared more for Maths! In fact, the first subject i prepared IS Maths... strange strange... F-Generation must have a little to do with it? Hehe...

And last night, the night before the "big" Physics paper, i started studying Physics (No kidding!) and i remember reading Inersia and stuffs... than, the next thing i knew... its morning, the book is in front of me, i was sleeping face down on the book, and i haven't study enough... -_-"
I just fell asleep like that! Must be first time (Should not feel proud, should not feel proud...)! Usually i'll tell myself, i'll finish it next morning, and keep the books if i feel sleepy... but... maybe because i myself know next morning not enough time? Hehehe...
Luckily the tips was kinda accurate (Thanks Cynthia!)! Most of those came out...
I don't know if its correct or not, but i cincai tembak the answer (Don't know also tembak! Use common sense and the little-bit Physics knowledge i obtained from this past 2 years!)... some maybe correct, some surely wrong... but one things for sure, the examiner will SURELY have a big headache marking my paper (Or he/ she'd probably be laughing his/ her head off!!!)!!!
An analysis of the "big" Physics paper (Ooh~ I'm so scared... bleurgh!)...
Fizik 1 - Ok ok lar... tembak the last minute ones... but proven got some (Maybe alot?) of wrongs...
Fizik 2 - Sure bad dee... no need see also know...
Fizik 3 - At least finish answering everything... just hope for the best lar... but my Bahagian B is kinda weird...

Neeways, don't dwell on whatever thats done dee! Too late to change and definately too late to go regretting the "Oh, i did this wrongly" etc!!!
But the best part is...
Now, concentrate Moral, EST, Accounts, Chem and where to party~~ after those!!! Yeah!!! Finally can "breath-again"!!! Kekeke!!! ^-^

ps: I hate discussing after exams on what you did IN DETAILS!!! Only those i seriously doubt will ask, otherwise, bleak, hate to discuss!!! I've done it once, i don't need it don't want to go doing it again!!! Hee!!!~ Just a note... trying to imitate Ron because Hermoine likes going through the exam paper... Hahaha!
In fact, i felt like i'm a Hogswarts student, taking OWLs or NEWTs!!! Hahaha!!!

pps: Oh ya... i slept late today... again...
And i was complaining what? I didn't sleep enough right?
Haha... typical me...

Oooh, must thank you Irena Mommy for the wonderful Physics notes she prepared (For me specially one ne? Hehe! I'll take that as "yes" lar!!!~ ^-^)! Although not enough time to read it throughly, read all and everything and stuffs, but for taking time (1 week! Don't "xiao xiao"!!!) to prepare it, ARIGATO!!! Muaks!!!~ Hee!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Story story...

橘 慶太 - 大好きだよ! (^ω^)~♪~

Tada! What do you think? My wFL's new signature!!!~ Kawaii ne? Hehehe!!! ^-^


Em... remember my monitor problem? Hehe... well, used the old one back, but i'm telling you... the old one very ke lian, spoil dee >
Guess what time i slept last night? 4am *gasp*!!! Aiya *Got hit from mom for sleeping so late*!!!
I don't know what i'm doing last night too so don't ask!!! Heeee!!!~

Yesterday i went out with Jing Wen, Amanda and Jing's friend from Johor because of Jing's birthday. Watched Mr. Incredible! WooooooO! I love it!!! I love Jack-Jack!!! His sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute X3!!!
Also played a prank on Jing... hehe... usual me >v
But i felt soooooooooo sorry to Irena mommy... because i thought she said that she cannot come out because no exams, so didn't ask her... >< GOMEN!

Oooh, i have another new story! Ahhhhhh *Gets hits by Auntie, Jing, Irena, Amanda etc...*!!!
Hehe, because the stories i promised them (Not Auntie lar! Auntie gets maddy because i always start new story but never finish old story... paiseh Auntie =^-^=!) haven't write finish than got new idea dee (^ω^)...

Neeways, the new story (^ω^) is mainly focus on wFL (w-inds., FLAME and Lead!) and erm... the lead... me... *blush*
I don't want to say its a fanfiction, although i based it on them, and on their real personality and age... I would just like to keep as "story" because they're just normal peoples in it! Not Stars!!!~
As for the story plot, characters all, i'll be posting the details up here... but have to wait until i get nice FLAME and Lead pics! Hehe! Than will look cooler mar!~
Though, i doubt i can finish it *blushes redder again* because of exam (And me... usual me... Heee~~), and monitor... i want to type the story out mar... lazy to write... but monitor very blurry, my eyes might pop out soon... Hehehe, jk!

The 2 other stories i "promised" Jing, Irena and Mandy is:
1) Jing's all time favourite = The story where she is Luo Zhi Xiang, Alan or Show, or better known as "Xiao Zhu"'s wife (Thats why she SUPER loves it!!!)! And me, Andy and Jie Er is erm... their children!!! Andy's me bro in it, and Jie Er is my older twin sis... Heee!
+ The prequel of the story on how Jing and Luo Ba Ba (Xiao Zhu) met is in my MSN Story Group! Just a short one to tease (*grins wickedly*) Jing and for fun XD!!!

2) Of 3 sisters...
I wrote a whole book on it during F4, but i realise theres too many "fei hua", nonsence, in it i want to re-write it!
After countless plannings, i finally settle down with a "boarding-school-scheme"... but its tooooo tacky... so...
... i need replanning! Thats whats thats been causing the delay -_-"!!!

Hmm... anything else i want to say? Hehe... Cannot think of any dee! Eyes probably going bonkers 0_o soon and need to study!!! So, later ne? If i think of anything i wanted to add XD!!!~


Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Bad news...

Before i start anything, i have a bad news (For myself, at least)...
Well, i think from tomorrow, my bro is removing the monitor! Because our old one spoil, so he took the spare one from his company home to use.
Now, they have a new addition to the staff (I think). Anyways, they need the monitor back, so... from tomorrow onwards will be "monitor-less"! And until when... i don't know!
Cannot surf net and use com for that period nevermind... can study and concentrate better mar than... but the bad thing is i'm afraid my email will "explode"! Than... cham lor... all my precious emails will be deleted! And my precious emails are all... aiyo! Precious!
Haih... what to do... just hope won't "explode" lar!

Aiyo! Today sakit kepala ne!
I woke up at 8.30am (I slept late last night! Around almost 2am!) again, just hoping that Enews @ Azio (Which Astro is showing last Friday's one!) will show maybe w-inds. press conference or something! But it turns up... grr!!! Only Entertainment News show the press conference! Damn pissed off! Ent News definately no more replay dee and... and... i woke up so early for nothing! 泣きたいよ!
I felt very yun wong ne, waking up so early and not even a single thing on w-inds. or Jay! Ok lar, got mention his name, but no image... for what? Hehe! My eyes somemore cannot open at that time... very sleepy... but hang there hoping... Haih, don't want to talk dee lar!

Remember my journal about the story i was going to write and all, because of this huge-selling Japanese book whose title i forgotten than (And the introduction to the beautiful, pretty, smart, elegant and etc etc, 浜崎あゆみ's new single Carols)? Well, the book i mentioned than was the one i mentioned yesterday (One of the books i bought yesterday!), 世界の中心で愛をさけぶ! Just to clear it up! ^-^

Oooh! I know i'm so dead! Why? I'm not telling! Hehe...

I spend almost half the day using the com! From around 9.30am++, stopping a while to eat, watch Ent News (Got Jay and w-inds.! Kya!), bath..., until... i don't know when lar! I got stuffs to do since tomorrow probably last day!

Half of half of the day (Quarter of the day), i spend it in wFL Forums! Thats why i hate forums! I can get addicted badly! But i love it there! Its so "wFL-ly"! Hehehe! Anyways, its about w-inds., FLAME and Lead, so... ^-^ Enough said!

I lazy go put the story up for Jing Wen ne! Although i said i will do it later, i'm doing my stuffs happily now so (So paiseh to her... =^-^=)... aiyar, neeways, if didn't mar either mail it to her, let her read first, or call her and tell her lar! Hehehe! Paiseh! =^0^=

Later must burn CD anot? I scare all my stuffs will get deleted! But no monitor only mar... surely tak apa? Aiyo! And my w-inds. pics damn ALOT! Better put in file instead of the main one first! Later my bro go delete i sure cry lor!

Yeah, yesterday i didn't watch "Stairway to Heaven" (Tian Guo De Jie Ti) on 8TV! Because i went out!!! And totally forgot about it (Thanks to "something"!), when go out i just went, "Ok!" and went out for dinner dee. It was only when i got home, thought something smells fishy (And it did!), only i realise... ISH!
Luckily Cheng Yee told me the story! Although not purr-fect whole episode (Because she didn't watch finish all), still ok lar! Will ask from May Yee next time!
And very lucky is, the parts she watched all very crucial! And also, last Friday, they show the clips for the next week (This week now) so i can imagine it better!

Yeah! Jing Shu married Cheng Jun (Quan Xiang Yu, Kang Sang-won! Kya! Lengcai! ^-^), and the mother went crazy (Serve her right! She's one stupid bitch alright!), and You Li masuk jail because she knocked Jing Shu last time (Pretty she is, but in the movie she's the little bitch! So... like that lor!)!
Sad thing is that Tai Hua commited suicide, so he can give Jing Shu his eyes... haih...

Oh, yah, the "something", about why i can forget about watching "Stairway to Heaven" (I've been chasing it like crazy since day 1 and never missed whole episode before!), its because of the stupid KYOHEI!!!

Kyohei left FLAME!

The thing was officially announced on their website on 11/11/04 (Or issit 12/11/04)! And i knew it on 15/11/04 (Yesterday)! I was totally shocked when i read about it (In wFL Forums), i went to their official website to check and true enough... i saw the news about it, and Kyohei's pic wasn't in the profile anymore. It was replaced with their new member, Noguchi Seigo.

How shocked i was? I can tell you, i cried! Tears almost roll down my cheeks (Got roll down anot, i forgot! But i definately cried)! Because i love Kyohei's voice the most, i think he is the cutest, and his my favourite member, despite him being younger than me 10 days (I don't usually like guys younger than me! Even idols!)!
Also, it feels weird, knowing that FLAME is without Kyohei!
After several confirmations, which included stuffs in the forums (Can say i join because i wanted to ask about Kyohei? Or is it... i forgot! I think its also because of w-inds. i join, than i read about the news... ARGH! I can't remember!), going to their official website (Reading the news again and again), and going to Kyohei's official website... i finally accepted it!

And actually, what really pissed me off is that i knew it this late! It may have just been announced a couple of days ago, but i think fans must have got the rumour earlier! Also, when i know about it dee, Kyohei already left!

Kyohei left because their contract expired and his aspirations of his own leading to his withdrawal from the group. He'll be having his first solo live next year, and he'll also release his solo album! Ones thing for sure, his future is totally not related to Flight Master (Should be their managing company), Pony Canyon or whatsoever.
Sad i was, but i'll still wish him all the best as his voice is really sexy and nice (But i like Jay's and Keita's more! Kya! ^-^), and he IS a really good singer.
Of course, i'll also support the "new" FLAME! I kinda hated Seigo at first, but after the message (Of Kyohei leaving) sank in, i accepted it and done lor! He's (Seigo) not bad lar. Quite good looking after a few stares (I thought he looked ugly at first stare! 0_o). His voice sounded abit like Yuu though! Hehehe! Who knows, he might be my favourite? I haven't heard him sing yet!

Ok lar, enough about it, ne? I think i talked (typed) too much for today! I still have a lot of ramblings i want to go on with... but... hehe, this page is too much dee! Maybe next time or later lar! Hehe!

Ok, until here! Ja!

I'll definately miss the Kyohei of FLAME!
Neeways, do you know how much his solo photobook is?

Monday, November 15, 2004

Another boring day?

Today... another boring day?

I woke up especially at 8.30am like that to see (and record) Enews @ Azio! Why? Because got w-inds. arrival in Taiwan's news!!!~
You might be wondering, they arrive on 11-11-04, why today, 15-11-04 only got leh? Hehe, because Astro's Enew @ Azio is one day late!
Means last Friday (12-11-04) in M'sia is showing Taiwan's Thursday's (11-11-04) news, one day late in M'sia!
And this mornings is repeat of the Friday one so mar... like that lor...
If you don't understand, i don't know how to explain dee lar~~ Hehehe!

Em, w-inds. concert in Taiwan is from 12-11-04 until 14-11-04, so hopefully TVBS-ASIA's Entertainment News will show news about it (I always say "So near... yet, so far... Now this one is the nearest to the concert i can get!!!)!
And surely, Enews @ Azio, today (Monday) will show last Friday's one! Yeah! Maybe get to see their press conference? Hopefully lar! I missed the one on Entertainment News so now very regret!

Ok lar, enough about w-inds. (Ooh, btw, just now on TVBS-ASIA got F-Generation! Kakkoii ne, Kei-chan, Ryo-chan to Ryu-chan!!!~ xD!!!)...

I very smart, yesterday slept late, but this morning, force myself wake up early (By usual standards, i think i might wake up at 10am++ like that?)! So now quite tired, but i don't want to take a nap! Because i scared will sleep very long and when wake up, will be more tired! I hate it so better don't lar! Hehehe!

Hee, i bought 2 books last Fri, haven't read yet! Lazy ne! Its in Chinese mar... so... hehehe...
One is "Dou Yu 2"'s tv novel, another is a very famous Japanese novel, "Shouting Out Love From The Center Of The Earth" (Direct translation, in Chinese is "Zai Shi Jie De Zhong Xin Hu Han Ai Qing". Japanese is "世界の中で、 愛をさけぶ")!
The later one is very famous in Japan. Sold over 3 million (Or issit 30m?) copies in Japan. It was even made into a movie, but if i'm not mistaken, i heard that the movie did not follow exactly like the book!
And i also found it in a Japanese dorama (Drama) website! Is it movie or drama? I also blur dee! Don't care lar! Hehe!

Later will post up Jing Wen's story part 2! The one i "specially" wrote for her (Got part 1 too ne!)! Mind, kinda mean ne me. I always tease her in it (In both parts). But since its with Pig (Zhi Xiang), i don't think she'll mind anymore? Hehehe!

S.H.E.'s latest album, "Encore S.H.E." (I not sure if this is the exact title! Its either just "Encore" or got add "S.H.E." at the back one!) released dee in Malaysia! Yeah! I pre-buy already!!! But... haven't go get yet... -_-"... Soon lar!~ ^-~

Ok lar, i don't know what to say dee! Later must go study and change my baby's smelly poos and see Entertainment News! Ah, tonight the "Stairway to Heaven" sure very interesting! But don't want to talk about it first for now, or else i sure cannot leave this seat anymore! Hehe!

Ok lar, till than, ja!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

w-inds. "PRIME OF LIFE" Tour 2004 in Taipei

w-inds. arriving in Taiwan's airport!

w-inds. arrival in Taipei, Taiwan for their first ever oversea press conference!

ツアータイトル:w-inds. "PRIME OF LIFE" Tour 2004 in Taipei
会場:南港 101(ナンカンワンオーワン)コンサート会場
中華民国 台湾省 台北市 南港区 重陽路
時間::Open 14:00 Start 16:00 (両日)
主催:Asia Rainbow International Co., Ltd
共催:Satellite Entertainment Communication Co., Ltd

チケット発売日::2004年10月9日(土) 12:00より開始
発売場所:年代チケットセンター ※日本国内での取り扱いはありません。

Tour Title: w-inds. "PRIME OF LIFE" Tour 2004 in Taipei
Date: 2004/ 11/ 13 (Sat), 14 (Sun) + 12 (Fri) [Extra day]
Venue: Nan Kang 101 Concert Place, Chong Hua Min Guo, Taiwan Sheng, Taipei City, Nan Kang Qu, Zhong Yang Lu.
Time: Opens at 14:00, Start at 16:00
Ticket price: 2000 yuan (Only RM200!!! WHY!!!)

The ticket for 2 days was sold out within 23 minutes! Broke record for the fastest ticket sold for Japanese group or something! Congrats w-inds.!


w-inds. first oversea concert in Taipei... Wah! I want to cry! So near... yet, so far...
慶ちゃん欲しい! 可哀相ねあたし!
Haih... what to do... next time (If there IS ever a next time) only go lor... hopefully got the $$ to go than lar... =(

Ganbatte ganbatte! Daijoubu ne? Next time kitto chansu arimasu!

Haih... this is probably my nearest chance to seeing my dear Kei-chan! The price for Japan's concert will probably cause a bomb compared to Taiwan's!
And also... i never seen him (And them) in real life before... =(

Ok lar, stop feeling sad about it ne? Ganbatte!

They even have a w-inds. Musuem in Taiwan! Bought there from Japan just for w-inds. fans! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dakara kanashii yo!!!

Hehe... i started gibbering in Japanese (Or mumbling stupid stuffs) whenever i felt sad...

Mou kinishinai ne?
Bising saja saya!!!

See? Hehehe!

Pics taken from Yahoo! Taiwan News (Arigato!~). For further information about the concert, log on to Yahoo! Taiwan News and search for "w-inds."!


Whats the meaning of unappreciated? Whats the feeling of unappreciated?
Thats what i'm feeling this very instance!
If you're reading this, you might be mad, but i'm still gonna say (type) it out. Well, being me i guess. I don't want to go through it unspeaken of what i felt, how i felt!

First, calm down... Hehe, being mad like this is just not me? I'm more happy-go-lucky, ne?

People go through bad moods. But even if ones mood is not good, the other person to "receive" the outcome of the bad mood DOES NOT DESERVE IT! Especially if he/ she meant no harm!
Ok lar, i sometimes also like that. But i don't simply just "throw" it at anyone!

Today, i was reading the newspaper. I saw a news on a certain idol.
Being a huge "idol-fanatic" person, i know my friend loves her, and i understand how it feels to be left out on idol's stuffs, information...
Erm... maybe only me will feel like that lar, not everyone...
Neeways, i mar call my friend to tell about it lar.

How am i supposed to know she's having her mood swings than?

I speak normally lar, a little bit tad excited... and i expect that from her too.
But what came out wasn't just a normal straight line (I can accept a straight line better)... it went weeee~~~ down!

And what i hate the most came out from her mouth too. Acting like that person knows me alot.
God knows why i hate that lar (People acting they know me)...

But anyway, i mar tell her what i read lar. Read that idol's schedule too, where she's going and that all...

Started with she'll be in Malaysia from when to when.
Received: Not a very good response (From me friend), moody one.
Don't care, continue, ask her want me to read out all.
Received: Kinda moody voice, said those that she cannot go, the late ones.
So mar find the ones she mighta can go one lar. The ones in KL. I read chinese super bad. So mar quite broken, quite slow.
Received: Another thing i really hate (Explain why later), no response when i was reading it out, and after reading it too! I think i got add some words to avoid the "coldness"...

Than i just mentioned lar, "also got Johor and Melaka", like those words you just mumbled out which doesn't really meant a thing...
And the mood when "wee~~~" down there! She started shouting "do you think i can go anot" those stuffs.
Ok, she's kinda loud always. But because i just mumble only (No meaning meant), so felt kinda "snapped back"...
Than i got say the one in KL needs ticket...
Ah, here got the hotline to call to ask about the stuffs. Want me give you anot?
"I don't know i can go anot. I very busy these days... etc... (With shouts, bad mood too...)"
"But i thought you liked her alot."
"Do you think i like you meh,... etc etc..." <--- This stopped the conversation!
To be honest, i hate it when people tell me like this. Even though she always said it since last time, but i still hate it. This were the "words" that oftenly makes me go boiling, unless if i'm in good mood... =^-^=
It might meant no harm, but i still hate it. I'll clear that out later...

Than since i felt really unappreciated, i just went "Than ok lar, bye", really quickly...

Hey, this is totally unappreciative of what people do for you! The least you can do, even if bad mood, is a "thank you", but nope. Just got snapped back. Oh, how sweet, ne?

Well, used to it dee lar.

To be honest, things i do always went unappreciated. Even if i'm busy body only lar (Like seeing stuffs and tell a friend about it who i think might need the information lar). 10 times i see information, like i saw a book and tell friend where it is, only 1 time i get back a "thank you"!
Other times, its either "I know it dee", "Really ar?" etc...

When 10 times people tell me information, 8 times i say back "thank you", 1 times didn't say but will regret it (And i can go thinking "Sh*t! I didn't say thank you!"), another 1 time is cincai one.
I'm not saying that i'm some kinda angel or saint, but... you got what i mean lar...

Sometimes, like i saw some idols on mags/ tv, idols i don't even care of, but i'll just call and tell my friends about it. When my friends are in bad mood, the response is really insulting! Its like "Oh, really ar", "I know already..."...

... thats not what i wanted!

People might not be idol-fanatic (Unlike me... i can go crazy when someone tells me of idol information... hehe...), but still, for the troubles they went through, a "thank you" is all thats needed (Even if you're in a bad mood!). It'll make them feel the troubles worth it.

Even if the information you tell them ends with "Oh, really ar", "I know already", but than top it up at the end of the conversation with a "thank you" too is appreciated, ok and kinda polite too?

I should stop being so "information-feeding" and keep everything to myself lar. Since things can go unappreciated.

Some peoples don't hang "thank yous" around their mouth. Can say as no manners?

And, things i SUPERLY hate (To clear the thing above)...
- People acting like they know me...
These words are VERY likely to get on my nerves, even if it meant no harm... Unless if i'm in a super good mood, otherwise, i'll feel insulted.
"You thought i am you meh..."
"Knowing you, you sure like that..." (My friend asked me out, but i don't want, so apologize and say don't want lar... and she went that! Hate it!)
"You always like that one lar..."
.. and etc... cannot remember too much! Blood boiling dee! Hehehe!

And another thing i really dislike (To explain the thing above)...
Through phone, when you are talking to the certain person, i don't know what others might think about it, but i really appreciate if i get a response back, like "ahuh" or "um" to indicate that the person is listening...
But some people can go straight line! Totally NO RESPONSE! I don't know whether she got heard it anot. To be honest, i always feel insulted when people react like that on phone. Even if you don't want to hear what i'm saying (Or if its just stupid stuffs), the least you can do is "um", "um" (Or my favourite "Ahah", "ahah"...), to show the person that you are listening etc.

Another is what, oh yeah, you are talking halfway and the person interrupt, just to shut you up because what you're talking is nonsense or etc.
Hey, talking about manners here. Its really rude! Especially if the thing you use to interrupt is totally of different topic!
If you really don't want to listen because the thing is uninteresting or stupid, theres nothing you can do! Just listen it out! Its not like its going to kill you! You might hurt anothers feelings (If its an emotional person) and its RUDE! Plain R.U.D.E.!
And also, you end up a story you think its interesting, and the other person has no response to whatever you just said, and ask you something else...
Hello, another rude thing! Its like you totally didn't hear whatever she said.
At least an "Really?", or "Sou ka", those type of expression will be ok what. At least THAT won't make me feel insulted!

Another quite similiar one is you're talking halfway, the person on the other line thinks its boring and stupid, and will go "Eh, i gtg already..."... or you finish the topic, expecting a "Really ka?" or some better response, they go "Eh, i gtg already..."
Like they didn't hear whatever you said!
Plain RUDE!
I understand that sometimes you really need to go, because urgent (Going out etc), but to just cut it out like that is rude! At least go "Really ka? Eh, sorry har, i need to go out now. Buhbye."...
Thats more easy on the ears!

I know sometimes things i said are stupid and uninteresting, boring etc... but its rude to do some of those stuffs i mentioned above! You know, i should stop being like that to people...
Again, i'm not saying that i'm an angel or saint...
But i do those, just expecting the same to come back to me (Being polite to others and expecting politeness in return etc...), but it doesn't...
I might be like those above at times, i apologize here for it, but still, i don't think i do that that often right?
I usually hear out whatever thing (Even if i'm not interested), and end with "Really ka?", right?

Should not care that much... its others business...
I tried not being like that... but i can't help it...
I guess i'm just... i don't know how to say lar...

Oh, i know i sometimes didn't hear finish whatever my friends are saying, than i add in my story dee (Same topic story)... hehe, paiseh ne! Because i got excited regarding the stuffs so... hehehe...

I'm not just heading all these stuffs to a certain person. Its more to a number of people.

Hmm... my this journal turns up to become a "shout-out" journal! Hehe! Majority things i'm really unpleased about regarding conversations is all shout out here. Hmm... felt a little better lar... but still... well...
I'm suspecting that i'm so mad, i'm gibbering everything out! Hehehe! My bad point! When i'm mad, or too happy, the things i type out and explain becomes very blur one! Oops! Hehehe!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

浜崎あゆみ "Carols"...

Ayumi's latest single, "Carols"!

I may not always talk about Ayumi (As i talk more about Jay... -_-"), but all the same, Ayumi also stands at a very important place in my heart!
She is one of the female artist (Probably the "toppest", next to Faye Wong, but i love Ayumi more! =p) i greatly, superly and incredibly admire! Apart from her wonderful and brilliant singing, she can act (See her movie, 月に沈む and her other MVs!) and host (She have her own talk-show on Japan TV) and of course, write songs!

This single's lyrics is written by Ayumi (Of course! My talented Ayumi!).
I've read in some forum that Ayumi is "recycling-the-lyrics-AGAIN". Since that she wrote all her own lyrics... no doubt, there MAYBE some parts which are "recycled"... But maybe they are pointing at the feelings the lyrics are presenting? And it leads them to conclude that Ayumi's life is very tragic or something... -_-" (Most her songs are quite tragic... i think... haven't read all yet... =p)

Recycle or not, NOT everyone can write such good lyrics, especially Japanese (I find it harder to write in Japanese, since some sentences are long, etc...)! Ayumi can write lyrics which can really touch people!
Well, most Japanese lyrics, after translating, IS VERY touching and sounds very poetic and artistic, even if its a fast-tempo song...
Anyway, the lyrics to "Carols" is really nice! Sweet!

So... moi, the "great" (Yeah right!) storywriter, plans to write a story on it! *Given theres SPM, maybe not that soon,... newayss... (And don't nag i'm starting a new one... AGAIN... this one is just a short one!)*
I'm not following the lyrics exactly, but when you read the story, listen to the song. It'll bring out the "feelings" and "emotions"... unless you have the emotion range of a teaspoon... frankly speaking... Hehe!

I got this story's idea when i was watching TVBS's "Entertaiment News". Theres this book which was a REALLY BIG HIT in Japan (I can't read Japanese that well, so i'll try to hunt for the chinese version... hopefully got...), it was made into a movie. And of course, the movie became a big hit as well (I can't remember the statistics...).
Typical Japanese movie, tragic ending, and the favourite, the leads of the movie thinks back of what happened last time, when they were teenagers (Flashbacks of when they were young)...
The "flashback-young-version" of the leads were running at the beach... thats when the idea "hit me"!
It reflects a little bit on this current story i'm writting (Just a little bit, its the lead characters and the place the story is set...).
As i see the news further on, Hirai Ken's song was the movie's theme-song. I started thinking abit of my storyline, than during SPM today (Don't scold me!), i got the idea, why not write a story based on Ayumi's "Carols"?
Confusing? Yes, i love confusing people... hehehe... because my minds works in a funny way when writting, so don't blame me. Also, its hard for me to "present" what i was thinking and feeling, if its not written in a confusing way... Hehe...
Conclusion, if you find this confusing, ask me. I'll be glad to explain. Ones things for sure is I AM NOT COPYING THE MOVIE OR THE BOOK'S STORYLINE!!!
Maybe just the flashback parts... but what i'm trying to say from the nonsense i'm trying to explain above is, when i saw the leads in the movie running at the beach, it reminds me of my current story so... ta-da!
If you still can't get it, ask me...
Haha, if you want to read the story (Which will be written soon...), go to my MSN Story Group! I'll post it up there! But be warned... its in chinese! Hehe!

As for Ayumi's "Carols", if you really want to know what it means, go find the translation yourself! Hehe! I'll post it up if i feel like it!
Neways, i'll add the lyrics translations in the story one lar...

Ok lar, gotto go bath2 and than laze around, do stupid stuffs... not studying today... need rest after today's hectic, tiring, irritating etc Add Maths paper!!!... I'm continuing studying tomorrow! Heee!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


At first, i thought i can't open my Blog! But it turns out... its because of the stupid skin,... or so i think so!
I change the unicode thing, even though the page is empty, than, my Blog appears! Weird!
I guess back to the old one? Aiyo!
Hopefully theres some nice one i'll like and can also "encode" Japanese and Chinese! Ish!
After SPM, i'll definately change the skin and title... make a new changeover/ makeover! Hopefully can make it completely different!
After all, after SPM, i AM free...
Now, to study... Haih... =(