Friday, January 16, 2009

Of nicknames and bullying.

HeeChul has a new nickname =D!
She must be the one with the most nicknames honestly. I call her anything which comes into my mind, and the darling just obliged because she knows her omma is crazy!

So yeah, her latest nickname is erm... "Pangsai-chi".
Ok, if you don't know what "pangsai" is, you're better off not knowing what it means. If you do, well... too bad!! XD

I also called her "Monkey-chi", just now when we were walking down the stairs! I think she prefers this to the earlier one? (who won't?)

Apparently, she has started bullying my mom too! Lols! It was hilarious!
I'm proud to say she's very selective of people to bully. If she does, consider yourself lucky =D!!
... ok maybe not. But i am =D!

Somehow i have this theory that she knows who loves her, and who does not, and she's very fussy with people.
If she doesn't like you, she'll totally ignore you. If she likes you, she'll manja to you. If she meets you for the first time, she'll probably greet you just to show that she is well-bred and comes from a Royal bloodline...

... and then goes on to ignore you.

Oh well. So typical.

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