Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Why lar!!!

Apparently, my brother doesn't like PS3.
So even if i buy the bloody console for him, i doubt he'll even like it (cue best sister in the world material).

He doesn't even want to get FFXIII.
Even if i'm willing to share, he'll still think about it first, because he doesn't want to play FFXII.

But at least, he'll allow let me use his (precious) XBOX360 if i buy the game =D!
HAH, TAKE THAT STUPID BROTHERS WHO BULLIES THEIR SISTERS!! My brother is the best brother in the whole wide world =D!

Ok, but no doubt my brother is actually a very mean brother. Nice... but can be very very mean when he wants to.
Maybe i should consider conning my eldest brother into buying a PS3 for my niece... who is er... not a day older than two... hmm...

Good childhood brain skills development activity thingy???

Ok, this post is officially very freakingishly really... a waste of post. Ehem.
It goes to show why you should never believe anything out of my mouth especially when i'm high on sugar. Oh gosh, i'm still such a kid.

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