Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hair products.


Considering that i've been rasuk-ed by the Hantu of Beauty Products Past... what turf...
I've been buying a lot of beauty products these days, and one of my best buy, imo, is definitely...

Super heart them i want to marry them, what turf!

Before i start talking about it though, let me first tell you a very long winded story a story.
So yes, i've cut my hair!
... like it's a big news lar really, i cut my hair so often i don't think it surprises anyone, ne?

Anyways, though, the thing with my new hair is, if i don't style it, it's super not nice!
Actually all my previous hairs needs styling lar, but i was just too lazy before... anyways, now it has changed since i know Lucido-L!

The reason why i don't like using hair products before is:
- It makes my head feel "heavier". And my head's heavy enough, i don't need the extra weight!
- I hate the stiff icky oily feeling on my hair! Looking at it even more... yuck!
- It smells bad!

But after using Lucido-L:
- It doesn't make my hair feel "heavy" at all (of course don't lar like use the whole bottle!).
- It's oh-so-natural i like! No "oily look" andi can see the difference after using it!

So see, you say i heart Lucido-L anot? I hard selling it and recommending it to everyone honestly!
And considering the fact that my vainess level just sky rocketed... oh yeah, i actually spend 10 minutes or so (or more) just on my hair before going out!
It's no biggy if you've been doing so all along (some people take even longer ok), but for me... for such a lazy person, ME!!! Oh yeah, Pigs are flying in the sky what turf.

Yes, it is a big statement since it's coming from me!
Here's a picture of all my hair-products from Lucido-L!

First step, the pink bottle behind on the left.
It's actually for people with long hair who uses the curling iron, to style your hair and protect it from the heat at the same time. But for me, i just use it to protect my hair.

Then i would proceed with my wax, the styling pots in the front-line.
The bigger brown pink pot is for volume (#Smash Fixer), brown orange pot is for kinky edges (#Edgy Move), and peach white one is for airy styles (#Nuance More).
What i use depends on what style i want that day! But i will always use #Edgy Move for my tips to make it nicer and edgy!

Note the bigger pot! I actually wanted to get the smaller one, but it ran out of stock EVERYWHERE! More difficult to find than holy grail ok (and considering that it *is* the holy grail of hair products)!
So i was forced to buy the big pot... and now i know why it ran out of stock everywhere! It's super effective!
Just a bit nya your hair seriously VOLUME!!! The first time i use it i used too much i had to wash my hair in the end because it got difficult to style properly (also because my hair was wet, bad time to style), because it was just too effective, and it really stays!
I've only used it twice so far, and the results are super good! Though, i don't really like how it gets all... funny (because i don't know how to describe) at the end of the day. The other ones doesn't have this effect, i wonder if there's any other reason, or it is just the wax's problem? I will still use it of course, but each to their own!

So far my favourite is still #Nuance More! Although it's not very lasting, but it's still the best imo! Super heart it! I highly recommend this if you want your hair to look really nice and fluffy and airy (^^ )!~

Final step, of course, hair spray.
The big red bottle!
I don't like hairsprays actually, they smell vulgar!
But considering that i like Lucido-L, i just thought i give it a try, and it's good!
It keeps my hair in place, doesn't "stiffen" it, and it's not smelly at all! At least to me lar, and i'm a very fussy person!
Though, i still need to master the proper art of spraying hairspray, you'll be surprised, i actually think there is some skill to it, no?
Because my hair still falls at the end of the day, so i want to find out if its because the spray is not good enough my hair is too heavy, or if its because i don't know how to spray properly!

So yeah, there you have it! My love for nice hair-products what turf!
If i'm late for appointments (but aren't i always? I'm type-O mar =P!), you would know why because i usually overslept! Kekeke!

Oh yes, and another "kena rasuk-ed by the Hantu of Beauty Products Past" case...
I find i'm a sucker for glamourous thing.
What's with my love for Anna Sui, Etude House, and now MM. Or Majorlica Majorca!

I heart their pencil liner! And mascara, though i haven't try any yet, what turf!
I'm thankful i'm not a "buy on impulse" type of person, because every time i'm at their counter, i will feel like buying something... even if i don't need it!! Because their stuffs are just too pretty!
Becky Bloomwood but not-quite Becky Bloomwood yah XD?

I may be indecisive when it comes to buying stuffs, but at least i won't regret my buys!
I can imagine if i'm those "buy on impulse" type of person... sure guarantee a lot of unneeded stuffs plus a whole ton of regret!
I'm good at wasting money, but i like to think that i've wasted my money well what turf.

Now you also know why i'm indecisive, hahaha, ok not funny. Ok continue updated Project365 now, hehehe!

ps: Apparently, after i cut my hair... my whole image has changed to the "sweet" type.
No, i'm a rocker lor, what turf.
I don't want to look sweet, why can't i be cool? I know i like to act cool (which always fail, because i'm too lazy to keep up with it), rofl!

Although really, i realized if i'm high, i get very childish and speak through my nose, what the turf XD!!!

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Anonymous said...


I have a question..
what does the "brown orange pot " actually do?
i'm still bit confused XD
Have you tried the green one [round ridge] before and is it especially for curls?

Thanks in advance.