Sunday, April 19, 2009

Swirly, SungMin, ShinDong and EunHyuk.

This post is specially dedicated to a few stuffs which i super love in my room.
Oh yes, i super like naming my stuffs. Though, i'm not really creative so... (you'll see. I'm as creative as a bowl of cornflakes. Yeap, that's how creative i am.) but erm... whatever, rofl!!

First, with Swirly!
I heart you Swirly, i think you're the most purr-fect part of the room (after my 13 boys and HeeChul).

Everyone say hi to Swirly =D!
What turf.
Just in case you're wondering, yeah, this was *the chair* that i've mentioned here and here!

Then there was SungMin.
Actually it's because i can't find another name. The name SungMin was reserved for *something else* but in the mean time, SungMin it shall be =D!

Everyone say hi to SungMin!
The first time i saw this table there, i so totally fell in love with it.
... ok lar... i admit BECAUSE It's White. OMG i'm so racist what turf XD!

I sincerely thank anyone who layan me and give me opinions which i truly appreciate! It took me quite some time to decide if i should get SungMin because i already have a table, and feared this would take up more space in my room (remember the "bring things in but nothing comes out" theory?). But anyways, the day i went to get Swirly, i showed mom the table and she said it's very nice, so in the end i got it =D!

And i so didn't regret it even a single bit! It's worth every penny! Best RM45 spent XD! (i say this all the time, just ignore it)
It's just so convenient for everything, even for my lappie Gamba =D!

Then there was ShinDong!

Say hi to ShinDong =D!
Not the plant lar how if i end up killing it?! ShinDong's the pot! So now all my plants will be protected by ShinDong =D!
What turf.
The plant's name shall be... erm... Mr Plant. Yeah! So far it's still alive, so i'm happy, yeah =D!
Told you i'm not the least bit creative. Pfft!

EunHyuk is the best!

Bought at RM55, during a sale ages ago (like seriously). But apparently now it's even cheaper. PFFT!
... and there's also a white version apparently. BAH!!
But anyways, Silver's cool! It reminds me of EunHyuk (because his EUN is written as Silver in Chinese or Hangul), thus, the name!

So yeah, there you have it =D! See how a bowl of cornflakes is even more creative than i am? At least you can add milk to the cereal ok!!
OMG i seriously *love* Ikea a lot, despite the horrible service and everything.
I thought i have Super Junior all around my room... i also have Ikea all around my room!! You can see Ikea in every corner (no seriously). And... Ikea actually have one corner more than Super Junior!!! What the...???

Ok, that's it, byebye!!

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