Monday, May 25, 2009

Would you date a Super Junior?

Eeteuk Park JungSu.
Nah, too naggy.

Kim HeeChul.
Too scary. Eeek!

Too quiet. Either one of us will go mad.
(Him because i talk too much, me because he doesn't talk much.)

YehSung Kim JongWoon.
Too too weird. Too too TOO weird. No no!

KangIn Kim YoungWoon.
Too talkative. Everyone will probably know which brand of toilet paper i use. Eeeps!

ShinDong Shin DongHee.
He'll finish my food!!! NO!!!

Lee SungMin.
Too cute, cuter than me lar what turf.

EunHyuk Lee HyukJae.
Too Monkey-ish.

Lee DongHae.
I don't like seafood.
(Haha, i like this reason the most!)

Choi SiWon.
Too OCD.

Kim RyeoWook.
Cooks better than me. BAH!! I'm the best cook ok!!!

Kim KiBum.
Die-smile, tak boleh.

Jo KyuHyun.
No way, too evil!!

So the question goes...
Would you date Super Junior?

Super Junior 13.
Ok, come lar! 13 i want!~

ps: I *do* love seafood ok!!! All the "answers" are just for retardedness purposes, because i think i'm not being retarded enough, what turf, hehe =P!!!
It's just for fun, don't take it too seriously!~

And yes, i'm the lousiest ELF ever! Haha!
I'm so proud of myself what turf.
Ok, good night, i'm off XD!~ YEAHS!!~

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