Saturday, May 23, 2009

Retarded multi-lingual siblings.

I have SiWon!
It's a Korean phone, that's why i can use Korean as the phone's main language.
The reason why i changed the language to Korean is apart from because i was already used to it to practice my Korean. I don't need to show off, i already show off every time i make a public appearance.
HAHA, ok SS what turf.
That said, my brother claimed i do so so that other people would not be able to use my phone, evidently from when he wanted to use my phone and sweated after seeing that everything is in Korean (a language he has yet to master, like me. but i continued anyways just because).
It's a good point, but i honestly didn't think of that point before, so now i guess i have an extra point =D?

Anyways, then the stupid git bought an iPhone.
Stupid brother. It's super neat ok!!
When i asked for his phone (not like he can refuse), he told me it's in Japanese, and laughed that he put it so so that other people wouldn't know how to use it (evil brother!). He knows i can read Japanese, but he also know that i'm not good at it yet, so he laughed at me as well.
Idiot!! I played with the phone anyways, and changed my name to something really Royal =D! With a cute emoticon! Yeah!~
Ok he better not change it or karate-chop!!

But you see the similarity here? Although both for different reasons...
Both retarded siblings used different languages on their phone, JUST BECAUSE.
I think my reasons more justified. My brother's just showing off.

But yeah, haha! OMG we're both retarded.
My parents must be very proud of their eldest son, who although doesn't know any "extra" foreign language, is not as retarded as the younger two.
Mwehehe? Should i be happy about this? =P

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