Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Good morning!

The most adorable-est thing happened today!
I just woke up from a "sorta" afternoon nap (i didn't sleep the night before, so it's not exactly a "nap" isn't it?) at 6-7pmish?
I went to the living room, and Ethan greeted me in his cutest voice:
"Good morning Jo Jo Yee Yee!"
The adorablenesssssssssssss!! XD

I'm at Aussie now! Super excited with everything, hehe!
I'm having a great time with my cousin sister Jo Ann and Ethan-boy! Waiting for my cousin sister Anna and Brandon-boy to join us nyah, then hurray!! XD

Weather's freaking super 'effin cold (oh, what happen to the good 'ol days of Seoul?)!! Or maybe it's just me, my cousins and nephew seem to be doing fine, so i guess i just need to get use to it!

Will update soon with pics! Till then! (^^ )

ps: Ooh, do you know whose SungMin? He'll be making his appearance soon! Wait for it XD!

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