Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today (actually two days ago), 18th June 2009, was the 8003th day since the day i was born.
Yes, the most wonderful, glorious, beautiful, amazing 8003 days everyone has just because i was alive =D!
It was also HeeChul's 887th day! Everyone say "YEAH!"! YEAH! XD

Apparently, Koreans uses any reason to celebrate. Whether it's the 100th day, 200th, 300th, 500th, 1000th day (excluding annual celebrations), THEY CELEBRATE!
So to ease people from getting headaches and all from calculating all those days, they actually have a "date counter" for you in Korean brand phones! Seriously!
You just input the date, then the number of days you want (example 1000th day etc), and hey presto, it'll show what date it is after that 1000 days! Isn't it neat =D?
Ok lar, it's all the Korean getting to me, i actually think it's "neat" now, what turf.

Oh yes, and everybody say hi to SiWon my phone =D!
Isn't he lovely? XD

Obviously it's the white one!
And no, that is not SiWon! I lazy take a picture of my own phone =P!
We have a long retarded history together, which nobody shall know, so don't bother asking, haha!
So yes, since SiWon's Korean and everything, these basic "Korean stuffs" are definitely inside (the phone)! Which includes the "date counter" thing, hehehe, that's how i know about it =D!~

Anyways, now for a more retarded story!
Since it's a Korean phone, i can also read and write Korean! Yeah!
I can also use Korean as the main language for the phone. So i changed it from English, so as to "practice" my Korean.
But sometimes you see... there are some functions which i don't know it's name in Korean, so i change it back to English.
Then i realized that i'm more used to using SiWon in Korean... so in the end... i'll still switch it back to Korean.
Sweat nya ne? HAHA!! =P

Bo-liao post again! Yeah!~

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