Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wonder Boys

This is my 3rd time posting this, but really can't help it. I'm amaze every time i see this video.

Anyways, i honestly think the boys are either really good...

Or they secretly want to be girls, and this is their only best chance to act like one, so they go full out on it.
Except my boys and SeungRi, because i honestly they are just plain good (^^ )!

I standby my earlier decision that TaeMin is the best candidate to be a girl, very cute but not too nauseating, but then that JoKwon... menyampah until two slaps across the face also not enough (but you can't deny very good lor, can dance until i doubt even WG can follow exactly).

If you're reading this you should've realize i'm just plain bo-liao! HAHA!!

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