Saturday, November 29, 2008


After don't know how many donkey years, the Malaysia Govt is *finally* (heavily emphasized) taking a serious stand on protecting animals against animal abuse!!

Govt gets serious about fighting animal abuse

Of course, now only "say say lar", whether or not they will really implement it is another matter. But at least, we are improving.

Personally, i've always thought people who abuse animals or abandon their pets should be seriously and severely punished. Our old law is seriously hopeless.
He said the department also hoped to table a proposal in Parliament next year to amend provisions under the Animals Act, seeking heavier penalties of up to RM10,000 or six years’ jail or both for animal cruelty, and a fine for people who abandoned their pets.
Honestly, i think they should be lock-up in a jail with no window nor any hole, with only one small bulb, and then it shall has no sewage system so the whole room will stink. Then, their face should get shove down a public toilet bowl, then hung them to dry at lightning rod so shun bian let them kena struck (ok fine, "reusing-idea", but i created it so i have all the rights to reuse it right?), then they shall be spread onto semen floor under hot scorching sun to be dried further (like ikan-masin), then later rendam into air longkang for a further few days, before finally released.

Another thing i can't stand is people who abandon their pets. I realize a lot of Malaysians see puppy very cute, buy buy buy... without realizing they can grow one lor... then when become dog dog already not cute anymore, so throw throw throw... at least now that useless toy breeds are introduced into Malaysia, these are not so rampant anymore.

I can't stand irresponsible owners. Seriously to the core.
I feel like slapping them, then strip them to their undergarments, pour cold water on them, then hang them by their pinkies in a very windy place.
OK, i think i'm getting lebih with all this stuffs. Stop. Even though they deserve it.
“Previously, the fine was only RM200 and there was no jail term. The proposed fine for abandonment will look into the intentions of pet owners to see if their animals got loose by themselves or ran away. Abandonment of pets is the main reason behind the huge number of strays,” he said. (also because you didn't spay your pets)

The department received 57 complaints of animal cruelty and had taken enforcement action against 207 cases last year.

Dr Abd Aziz said it was time that Malaysians treated animals more humanely because “we are a maturing country.”
But honestly, to think it took them THAT long to notice (that the current law is useless)...

How long has it been since Sheena's case which shocked the nation? I think even before then (2005, in case you are wondering), SPCA etc has been collecting signatures for petitions to get the govt to re amend our current law on animal abuse.
Oh well, it only took them THREE YEARS to finally "realize" , at least better than nothing really.
Though, i very char-dou is the reason why the law needs changing is because "we are a maturing country", and not because it is more humane to do so.
It's as if saying "because we maturing so we need to be more humane". Eh?

That said, i'm not complaining. ANYTHING to ensure that the animals gets the respect and "rights" they deserved here.

BUT BEAR IN MIND that guy said they "*hoped* (heavily emphasized) to table a proposal in Parliament next year to amend the Act". HOPE only yah.
Whether it will actually go through, whether they will even approve it... ANOTHER STORY.
Like i said, 3 years ok? The petition got a lot of support from members of the public also like... no news about it. So... yeah... no complains, but to HOPE FOR THE BEST TOO!!

Wait... oi, what about changing the law to protect my sea turtles eggs eh??
Oh well, maybe it'll only take additional 5 years or something i guess.
But seriously lar, it's illegal to harm sea turtles, but not illegal to "harm" their eggs. What's the reasoning in this?
Like say i cannot eat chicken, but i can eat chicken egg. What?

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