Tuesday, November 18, 2008

HeeChul isn't well.

Update: I think i'm scaring myself, but it might be something serious. I don't know what to do now (apart from bringing her to the vet).

I don't know how i'll cope with it if something happens to her. I really don't know.


There's just something wrong with her, which i don't know what.

Sometimes how i wish i can understand animals better. Like maybe i can communicate with them some way or somehow. Then i can dedicate my life to fighting crime and the forces of evil helping animals and conservation. It's just so frustrating, it's even worst than confronting a baby who is crying his or her lungs out for no reason. At least the baby has a reason, which is no reason. With an stupid fat cat animal it's just... ARGH *pulls hair*!!!

I looked at HeeChul this morning, frustrated to the brim, and asked her what's wrong with her, and if she can tell me what's wrong with her.
She looked back at me with her beady eyes and blinked. I came up with a few theories what that might mean:
"Stop bothering me."
"I want appa."
"You're mad, you're talking to a cat."
"Yes i know i'm beautiful, stop staring."
"You forgot to bow before Her Royal Highness, but because i am Royal, and come from a noble bloodline, you are forgiven."
You know, anything is possible really.

She's going to the vet again tomorrow if she's not improving. I don't know if she's just pulling my leg, or if she really is not feeling well. BAH!!

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