Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I just pulled HeeChul's tail *really hard* (= =").
I mean, i pull at base lar, but conclusion is i shouldn't even have pulled it at all even though i've did it before.
OMG, i feel so guilty now. Its even guiltier than not attending 10 Korean classes by saying i have to bath my gold fish.
Yes, good point i know, i don't even *have* a gold fish, unless i can paint the fish in the freezer gold.

HeeChul likes to wait for me to come home by standing (super freakishly adorably) at the entrance. Then, when i turn off the engine, she'll walked and wait outside my car door, and when i open the car door she'll jump into the car for some exploration time.
Probably seeing if i bought anything new, but it's mostly she's just KPC, and it's *super* difficult to get her out once she entered. It's like she have to performed a series of really complicated acrobats in the car before she's satisfied before coming out.

Anyways, today i just washed my car, interior vacuumed and all... so when she attempted to jump in, i pulled her tail to stop her from getting in.
And now i'm guilt-ridden. Gees.
(Sometimes her paws are dirty and she has gotten paw prints all over my car before (but it's so cute!!), i don't really care about her fur honestly. But anyways, main and irrelevant point is i just wash my car so... whatever lar...)

Will make up to her by giving her tuna, although i really know, she doesn't really care.

And is it me, or WHY in the world does it *always* rain once you wash your car? I JUST WASH MINE AND IT FREAKING RAINS THE MINUTE I GOT OUT FROM PARKING !@#$%^&*...
If anywhere in the world complains that they lack rain and all, you know where to find the dirtiest car in the world. What turf.
People staying in the desert should consider washing their car 24/7.
Ok lame, i go get HeeNim some tuna now.


Am@n3 said...

your cat sayang you mah. hehehehe!

eiko-chan said...

But i pulled her tail!!
I'll be lucky if she doesn't sleep *on* my face tonight XD!!!