Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Regarding annoying kids on the plane...

It's not the kid's fault.
Please go murder the parents.

On the flight home, the kid behind me kept kicking my chair (told him off and he stopped), then he let down his table tray thing, and kept hitting on it.
I "retaliate" by straightening my chair, then let it down again really quick. He got the message.
If his parents are responsible to begin with (can't think of a better word), they wouldn't even let him kick the chair (in the first place) so i don't even need to tell him (the kid) off (in the first place).


On another matter, there was two kids who kept running UP AND DOWN the bloody aisle. One of them was seated at the first row, another at a few rows behind me, so they kept running up and down playing with each other.
I feel like strangling their parents.

ONE: Responsible parents should NOT allow their kid to run around the plane. It's dangerous!!
TWO: What about courtesy to other passengers WHO IS TRYING TO SLEEP???

They are lucky i'm the one seated at the aisle seat, and Cow is next to me.
If Cow got the aisle seat, guarantee somebody will get thrown off the plane.
I'm not telling who~~!
But somebody.
Ok, i'll stop imitating Russell Peters, what turf.

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