Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The things i do for Kim HeeChul.

My baby lar, not *the* Kim HeeChul.
I'm proud to say she's behaving less and less like *the* Kim HeeChul. Her behaviour is getting so much better, and not typically "HeeNim"-ish.
(ps: The "approach and worship" trait is still there though.)

This might be a little known fact, but i'm Claustrophobic (and Enochlophobia (fear of crowds)). And Bromidrosiphobia (fear of body smells) too.
It's not very bad, but... yeah...
I hate crowds. SUPER hate crowds. Which is why i don't like clubbing or going to crowded places. Except concerts (heehee).
There is just something about having to touch random strangers that i seriously hate. And sometimes... the smell... sweat...

That's why when i went to Chatuchak Market, i refused point blank to go into the narrow lanes even though there are more stuffs to shop there.
But because of Kim HeeChul.
Yeah, i braved (i actually took a deep breath before going in) the crowd and smells and everything and went inside the narrow lanes just so i could get HeeChul a bed.

And because i was so "traumatized" (ok lar, more like excited that i'm finally found a nice shop), i forgot to ask for discount (= =")...
But "ok" lar, it'll be much more expensive in Malaysia anyways even without discount... but erm... nevermind, forget about it, otherwise the "buts" will never end.

So yeah... the things i do for Kim HeeChul.

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