Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Wow. Amazing.

Had an amazingly horrible day.
Wow, i love my contradictions almost as much as i love cucumber. What turf.

It's such a shitty day that even one of my favourite shirt kena bird-shit. Wow. Ironic.
(Just in case you're curious, i wasn't wearing it when it kena, it was hanged outside when kena. Somehow this bloody bird has taken up residence at the place where we hang clothes and don't know what the bloody thing it ate that the stain won't come off the minute it comes into contact with your clothes. Turf.)

And what starts out as an innocent good gesture (whatever) ends up me getting politely commented about my grammar.
I never think my grammar is good to begin with, since my approach towards "grammar" is, like what my classmate used to say, "if it sounds right, it's right".
And although i am indeed VERY THANKFUL that someone pointed it out, that way, i can work out some improvements before it gets worst.
But still, it stings (a little) because it reminded me of the fact that i have not master any single language. What turf.
If i was in a good mood that person can start a musical on how much my English sucks and i would even join in the musical (i love musicals!)!!
But now (since i'm already in a bad mood) i just feel like setting the stage's curtains on fire and laugh evilly as the whole place burns down along with its cast and crew. What turf. I'm turning evil. Must be Cow's fault, for once. I think. Whatever.

So from now onwards i'm speaking nothing but English till my grammar improved. What turf. Except to 老婆 just because. Don't ask why.

Apart from that, i totally absolutely hate it when people uses the elevator (not escalator; because when i speak too fast i'll always accidentally calls it "escalator" , what turf) to go one floor up (or down)... when there is an escalator or staircase nearby!!! What turf, walking up one floor won't kill you right??? Not like you're carrying the Crown Jewels or something so heavy you're unable to walk up???
What happened was, and what i very geram about... is this girl came in the elevator, press 1st floor (we're taking the lift from ground floor), then went "eh?" and ran out to use the stairs.
Since you *already* press, might as well just use it right???
Sweat drops.

Then when i went to buy McD, i specifically said LARGE... but the lady gave me a regular... what turf, no wonder so cheap lar. My fault for not checking the screen (drive-thru), but i literally screamed my head "LARGE" ok??? Like that also can??
Then when i had my McFlurry Oreo, it kena-ed my favourite Jay shirt. Luckily can wipe off.
But it kena a second time and left a huge stain in the middle, very visible. My devil seat-belt band thing also kena (yes i know, how ironic my seat-belt bands are Devil when my car's name is Angel). Like bad luck all in a row. Turf.

Also at the stretch of road outside 1-Utama (between Old Wing and New Wing), i was from the junction near the housing area wanting to cross the junction between TTDI and BU, and since the lights were green, but blinking, i *can* still make it.
But the bloody Civic in front of me suddenly decided to drive oh-so-slowly-a-snail-walks-faster-than-him... and so i ended up having to wait a few minutes because the light turned red afterward!!
And here's the geram part...
He drive slowly and happily and cut into the next lane.
The lane which there was no car earlier.
The lane which would not have obstructed me crossing the junction earlier before the lights change.
What turf, can't you cut earlier??? At least if you did, i can still rush before it turns red ok??? Turf turf!!!
Some more not like his an old man you know (some old man drives slow, that i can understand)!! His those young "fa-leng-zai" types!!! TURF!!!

Times like this i miss everyone so badly.
People who love and accept me for who i am, and never leave me behind, leave me out etc no matter what. People who will actually listen to me blab, not hear me, but listen to me, as i ramble on-and-on on how beautiful my 13 boys are. Eh?
Conclusion, people who i can just call and tell them how bad my day was and everything will be fine after wards.
The family is in UK (i hope you guys become popsicles), stupid Nana in Korea, heck, i even miss XiaoDi and is very willing to give a piece of tissue from my car just to see him.
Ok, stop using XiaoDi as a joke. It's not funny. I know.

Ok, it's kinda ironic again when i said those people never leave me behind no matter what, yet those are the people who left me to go abroad, leaving me here. ALONE *heavily emphasized*.
And this year i have to come with another 2 leaving again (but the first one is unimportant, so it's ok.). Then i'll be the only one left here. What turf. I'm getting emo. Byebye.

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