Thursday, June 10, 2010

In a bitching mood.

I've basically come up with "two types" of fashion-Blogs by girls.

There are those who acts like a bimbo, but really, between-the-lines(?) or so you can see a very smart and intelligent girl, just with the few bimbo-moments perhaps (face it, we all (girls) do!).

And then... there are those which are effortlessly bimbo.
The "Classic Bimbos".

The former which i really like, and latter which despite the annoyance, i really enjoy reading because it's really REALLY funny, and provides good entertainment XD!


And on to another matter...

I'm starting to not understand attention-seeking me-me-me people, to the extend they are really annoying me even though it's none-of-my-business.

If you don't take the initiative to do something, don't complain if the outcome if not what you want.

If you think you've tried, still not what you wanted, it's probably you didn't try hard enough (though you think you might have).
It is possible that nobody even realize it (since you didn't put any effort in)?
Either ways, still don't complain.

If you are just trying to seek-attention, by all means, my deepest sincerest apology that not everyone/ everything/ every outcome, can and should give in to your attention-seeking-needs.

Seriously, and i thought I was whiney and complainey (which i am, seriously, but this just blow everything out of porportion) (= =")...

Get this:
Not everyone have to do everything you want.

Not everything have to go the way you want it to be.

People have their own life. Things have to run their own course.

If you think people/ matters are not paying enough attention on you, look back, maybe you are the one who didn't pay enough attention back.

You can't blame anyone if so no?

Stop blaming others first, and look at yourself before you whine.

If you still want to continue so, by all means, go ahead.

Just don't blame anyone when things don't go your way, and especially if you are pushing people who are to close/ real/ true(?) to you even further.

Because seriously... GROW UP.

ps: That coming from me is pretty rich, but whatever you know, my Blog =D! Muhaha!

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