Sunday, June 13, 2010

Of self-righteous people.

If you've read Cheesie's latest entry...
Ok note, i'm not defending her just because she is one of my favourite Bloggers, but putting it from my point-of-view...

I don't believe she said: "Now everyone should go for guys for their looks first. You should follow what i say."
I honestly believe what she has posted is what she herself wants, and she doesn't have to go through her beliefs(?) and all by YOU right?

What's up with self-righteous people really?
You are self-righteous, good for you, please don't go unleash it onto other people because quite frankly, i'm pretty sure i rather live MY life, MY way, rather than YOUR way.

If you think about it, whatever i do *I* have to face the consequences MYSELF. You can go about preaching and being self-righteous, BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE TO FACE WHATEVER I DID.

Not everyone is alike, and quite frankly, i rather be myself even with negative traits, than a self-righteous person.
Those self-righteous people are probably not even those "good-nice-people", just using their self-righteousness to conceal their not-nice-parts.
For example, someone who condemns others for being gold diggers, when they themselves are one, but they find some other way to hide the fact that they are by saying "i'm-in-love-with-his-personality" those crap you know.

I've met people who likes to appear as the "very-nice-likable-to-everyone" person, perhaps in fear of being judged by others?
But in the end they end up manipulating people who are closest to them, who probably won't even judge them to begin with, just so they may appear as the nicest person to everyone else.

Which if you think about it, it's kinda revolting, as in the end they turn out to be someone everyone else wants them to be, not who they want to be.

To those self-righteous people.
Please stop pretending to be self-righteous, and condemn people for THEIR choices.
Because in the end, YOU are not the one who have to live through their choices.

Cheesie for example: Are you her future kid? Are you living with her that whatever choice she makes will effect YOUR life?

So shut your trap really, you are ruining the world for people who aren't afraid to be themselves.

Quite frankly, i rather people admit their flaws than giving reasons to cover those flaws up, because after a while you just see those "cover-ups" as a way of fear of being judged.

Not everyone is perfect, but as long as they can embrace their imperfection by admitting them, instead of making excuses and deny it, they will still be the more "perfect-person" than you are.

Ok, sekian.

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