Monday, March 09, 2009

"Some" habits die hard.

I heart 988. A local Chinese radio station.
I don't know, it's just weird listening to other Chinese radio stations. I do listen to Hitz FM, FLY FM (when there's nothing good on 988), but i'll never listen to another Chinese radio station.
I don't know. I'm weird i guess. Duh!

This morning very semangat, woke up at like 7.30am to go swimming with mom!
Long story short, only i swim, but it was still fun to get up so early though i waste it all by spending the whole day playing Sims 2!! Imma want to make this a habit, at least once a week! Even if not swimming, at least walk around the park! I need exercise, and i always feel better after exercising (but lazy nya), so it's ok (if i can wake up)!!
Anyways, when we got into the car, Mom's radio was on to another Chinese radio station, and immediately i cringed and changed to 988.
It's just weird not listening to 988!! Especially in the morning! I'm so used to the DJs voice since my radio is on the moment i entered my room at night till when i leave it the next morning!

It's like you wake up every morning and get off from the left side of the bed, then one fine morning you get off from the right side instead.
It's ok i guess. It's just that the right side of your bed is the wall.
Ok lar, i just randomly thought of that this morning, and i wanted to write it down but need to find a good opening for it right?? Besides... ok there's no besides, what turf XD!!!

Hmm, when did i start listening to 988 anyways? I think way back when i started liking J-pop, and knowingly, local English radio stations will never play Japanese songs, that's why i changed to Chinese stations, and that was it.
Haha, i "very Asian". I especially heart that they always play Japanese and Korean songs from time to time, even Thai songs =D!

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