Friday, March 13, 2009

My boys are beautiful.

It's actually very difficult to see when your eyes are full with tears.
But it was awesome. Hmm. Honestly... Awesome just isn't enough to describe it. There's no word to describe it.

Will update later, too excited (and bawling like a crazy git) now.

I'm sorry sorry (how ironic), i know i should be excited and all.
I mean, i am, obviously, but just...
But it's just wrong. It's just all wrong.
Where is KiBum???
범이 오디??? 왜요???

And here's SORRY SORRY's MV.

My 13 boys are beautiful as always!

ps: Omg i actually whined while watching the MV because i wanted more KiBum.
Ah, and i'm 21-years old. XD

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