Wednesday, March 11, 2009


It's weird not doing anything (at all) now as i wait for tomorrow.

Remember to BUY THE ALBUM!!!
And always love the boys very very much!!~

OMG please let me cut HeeNim's hair. Sorry, tak tahan.

I love my 13 boys (except HeeNim's hair)!~
But gosh really... i lost my "ability" to be able to tell the boys apart very quickly one from another.
I actually needed a bigger picture ↑ to 100% confirm which one's KiBum (because i miss him most)!!
AND I DIDN'T EVEN REALIZE IT WAS KANGIN WAS MISSING (i mean, i did a 13 count, and know someone was missing (the head lar i mean) but it didn't hit me that it was KangIn)!!

Ah, it's not my fault, this one... KangIn himself also forgot the members so it's ok LOLS XD!!
And i love you 최시.
Gosh, he has the most nicknames among the 13 really XD!!
Wookie, Hyunnie-yah!~
Old man Teuk, DongDong (do you hang out with 나나 too much?), Ah Hae~~~ *느끼*, Monkey, Hamburger, ChinaMandooBoy, the one who i almost step on his shoe...
Did i get everyone?
Yes i did. I love counting to 13!~

언니나나 난언니를 너무너무 사랑해요요!!~~ ♡♡
(as in not doing anything, seriously, it's just... weird XD!!)

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