Monday, April 05, 2010

Love. Love? LOVE!

I used to think that if you "love" someone...
And when i say "love" someone, i meant love in general. Whether it's to your family, friends, special someone or whosoever...

I used to think that if you "love" someone, it's all in the heart that matters. You don't need to say it 10 times a day, constantly reemphasizing the point, nor do you need to do something or anything to show your "love". You just feel it, and that's that.

However recently i guess i was proven wrong?
If you really "love and care" for that someone - whether or not you say it 10 times a day or you just feel it bla-bla - i felt that the person should be able to feel it, and know about it too.

Or at least, if you really do, you would care for the person's feelings, and would do your best to never hurt that person. Especially since if you "love and care" for them so much, it should be your utmost and basic knowledge whether what you're doing is hurting them or not.

And of course, to always be there for them. =D

I admit i was a tad bad... ok, i'm really bad at showing my feelings! And especially at expressing myself, that's why i'm always misunderstood. MEH. Let's not go there.

I love my family and friends, especially the ones who are always there for me! (^^ )
But i've never really gotten round to show them how i felt for them, and i especially don't "publicize" how much i love and care for those people who were extra special to me.

One reason is because i think i'm jinx. Seriously.
That somehow, if i publicize how much i love and appreciate that person, etc etc, then somehow the jinx would be on me and they would somehow cease to be my "special people" and leave me =(!
Haha, ok disregard the last one =P! *dramamama*

So if you noticed, or not, my Blog actually contains very few appreciation and gratefulness post. But in my drafts, yeah, ABUNDANT. I write them, but somehow i cannot get myself to post them. Weird huh?

I guess there's no way to stop me from not feeling jinx, it's like in me MEH.

But you know what, after serious considerations and from experience, i really felt that those people who are extra special to me deserve every bit of love and care shown to them (from me of course)!

So i think i'm jinx, but that doesn't mean i shouldn't let them know how special they are to me right?

I don't want to be those people who are only words - say say say bla-bla-bla - but in the end no action... and therefore, i shall say nothing... and also do nothing.
Ok, phail lame joke what turf.

Conclusion, i shall hereby stop being such an idiot, and a moronic expressor(?), and learn to express how special each and every of you peeps are to me! I'm sorry if i ever disappointed anyone before, i promise i'll be good =D! Please continue loving me lols what turf. XD

Ok, i'll stop with the moronic sappy stuff and continue my lameness MUHAHA!!
I promise to do my best!
So GO! (^^ )

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