Saturday, April 24, 2010

Watch this: trailer for "The Cove".

The Cove trailer.

I got so upset watching the videos that well, i got very upset lar what turf.

But it also made me more determined in what i believed in, and how i should do my best to not go against them.

Anyone knows how i can watch the documentary in Malaysia? Thanks!

I just watched the documentary.

It is definitely something i will never ever forget, and something i would never ever thought was possible, the cruelty of it...

If from the Youtube clips, you think the Taiji dolphin killing was horrible, this was just...

I'm actually lost for words. To actually see the whole thing happening at the cove, and mind, this was only from the documentary (cut to fit so to say).
I can only imagine how horrible this would be to the film makers, having to see the whole thing from every camera, and having to edit it.

It's like a "movie", it seemed like a movie... except that it is not. Those dolphins really die.

The worst was seeing a blue ocean, not your usual dirty murky ones in Port Dickson... but a blue ocean, turning into a bright red... SO RED, you can not see any other colour. It's just, well, red. And the whole place was so tainted red, you really cannot imagine it possible.

And a little baby dolphin, from how i see, perhaps in length even smaller than a full-grown Golden Retriever or Siberian Husky, jumped out of the water and landing belly-up right on the shore, and lied there, struggling, while its parents are being harpooned and stabbed(?) to death.

But the worst part was one scene, in the pool of red, one dolphin float across it, dead.
Not moving, nothing.

It was worst than seeing the hundreds of dolphins swimming and struggling across the waters of the cove, bleeding, and crying.

Dolphins are lovable creatures. Whether you have only see them on tv, or (even better) in real life, in captivity or in the wild, you can't deny the attraction and adore you can feel for the animals.

When you see them, you can see the "smile", as if all is right and it just brings warmth to your heart.

When i picture a dolphin, i will always picture them swimming happily across the ocean, jumping, making noises, playing, breaching... it will always be an happy image.

Never in my life, would i ever be able to imagine seeing a dead dolphin floating in the water.

Not washed-up-on-shore-dead, or hunted put-on-sale in the market dead... but rather, just brutally killed and well, died.

I don't know how to describe that feeling. It's like seeing your "friends" being brutally killed in front of you.

It may seemed silly to compare dolphins to the likes of "friends", but that's what i've always felt. Their intelligence and friendliness towards humans, the connection(?), is just something which i feel is difficult to explain, and seeing them so brutally killed is just... wrong.

If everyone really proclaims how much they love dolphins and everything...

So why are we still allowing all these cruelness upon them?

As Margaret Mead said:
"Never depend upon institutions or government to solve any problem. All social movements are founded by, guided by, motivated and seen through by the passion of individuals. "

If you think about it, if you believe in something strong enough, even if it's only you, at least you try to make a difference. And that will make all the difference in the world.

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