Thursday, April 15, 2010

I remember Seoul.

It was 14th July 2009.

I remember my parents sending me off at the airport. It's not my first time traveling alone to somewhere so far... well, my very first time out alone was to the same place anyways, how funny can that be.
Again like the year before, i was not never scared nor afraid. It was like a whole new adventure again, despite this being my second time to Seoul.

However this time there is a difference.

Upon reaching Incheon, the first thing i felt was a familiar feeling.
It's like going home.

I walked out the plane onto Incheon Airport smiling.
And it actually took all the will power in me to not run around with hands up the air saying i'm home =P.

But yes, i am home.

I walked out to the bus terminal with my huge-ass luggage, looked up which stop, bought the tickets and tadah.
You would've thought it's something i do very often, hehe.

Afte resting, i walked to the subway, topped up my card and took the subway somewhere.
While being in the subway, or buying stuffs, or even greeting "안녕하세요" when you enter shops...
Those are just things i was so familiar with, it was as if i stayed there and do it very often.

I love Malaysia to bits. But i guess i can say Seoul is my second home too =D.
I miss it very much, and despite being so far away, despite it being only my second time there, i know when i go back again, it would like going home.

Heck, it would probably be as if i didn't even leave! =D

I love you Seoul. (^^ )

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