Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This is what you call DEDICATION.

Four girls in cyber cafe playing L4D2's latest campaign "The Passing".

Oh yeah! We love our Save the World™ session =D!
(That's Cheryl AhMa's hand!)

Here are our characters:

Cheryl AhMa as Britney Spears (Coach),
Lauren AhPoo as Lindsay Lohan (Nick),
Me as Justin Bieber (off to the volcano!!) (Ellis ♡),
and Loo Yee as Paris Hilton (haven't join yet, hehehe) (Rochelle).

We change our character's names every session =D!

We were happily playing, when suddenly, in the midst of finishing the second map (which is super gan cheong!), suddenly, a cockroach crawled across Britney Spears' feet!


Holy crap, EFFING SCARY!

And considering the fact that all four of us are DEAD SCARED of cockroach, we did what geeks who are afraid of cockroaches will do when met with one while in the middle of a game (phew, that's a mouthful...).

We squat on our chairs so our feet will not touch the ground! =D
But the game continues! Muhaha! *shoots into the air*

Yes, that's what we did =D!
Despite that all four of us are extremely terrified of cockroaches, our hands were still on the keyboard and mouse, though we try to sit as far away from the desk as possible XD!

The minute we finish the game (the minute we close the safe house door), all four of us simultaneously jumped to the back screaming (yes, we only scream after we finish the game =P)!!

Dedicated geeks! Oh yeah!
L4D2 FTW ♡!

All photos credit to Cheryl AhMa.


alwizhyper said...

eeeeeeeeee!! i havent played any left for dead!!!! :(

looks like so much fun!! what's the difference between the 2nd one and the passing? never heard. :x

never seen more like...and i LOL at all of you girls cause so into the game! :)

eiko-chan said...

We love the game!
We didn't get to go the last time you were back (= =")... *shoots you with Ak-47*

Haha, come play with us next time! And oh, there's no difference, it's just a new campaign! New map that we haven't try before =D! It's kinda difficult though (@@ )...

alwizhyper said...

yeah we didnt!!

cause 1. you were busy. 2. i was also busy.

omfg i also want to play though im certain i suck maaaaxx!!

we should meet up with may yee (or you call her amane?) and yum cha!!!! yes yes yes!!