Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Why 13.

I will be lying to you if i say i don't have a favourite member.
I will also be lying to you if i say i do have a favourite member.


I don't even remember since when i started going all 13-members.
Even with other artists who i've liked before, i will always have a favourite member, and never like, allllll *greedy what turf*.
Special case? ㅋㅋ

But yeah, ever since i could remember, 13-members has always been something to me. Like... one.
I care about every single members (of course, we all do), and somehow or rather every single member's business is mine.

To the extend that i got really selfish i just want to see all 13-members together always. Even if one is missing, for whatever reason, i still don't feel it's right. I still want to see all 13-members.

To some new ELF i met, sometimes i would just say my favourite is SiWon or HeeChul or RyeoWook (ok but let's be honest it's usually SiWon ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ).
And i won't lie, i really really like that git due to some reason ♡.
But do you know i never like seeing him alone? Even if it was solo activities?

I like it better when he was at least with some of the boys, but i love him most when he is with all the boys. I love it most when all the boys are together.

The same goes for every member. Sorry, i'm selfish that way. I just like seeing all of them together.
And considering the number of people to group, it is a difficult feat no?

Even SuShow2. So only KiBum was missing. And my own nickname for him was Ghost Member lols (he's there but you never see him ㅋㅋㅋ).
The rest was there, but still... something still feels wrong. Something still feels missing.

And considering the situation now, it's possible that i'll never ever get to see 13 together again.

But you know what, as sad as this is (to me at least), somehow the happy memories are keeping it all intact.
I will still laugh, i will still cry, i will still emo, i will still be depressed, i will still start insulting them (sorry, bad habit, don't bother understand)...

But yeah, i is ELF, and we is strong =D.

Some might not agree with me, some will condemn me for it, but i'll still keep calling them my 13 boys.

Because i don't like Super Junior, but rather that 13 individual that started it all in the first place =D.

Ok GO!!

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