Sunday, May 16, 2010

On zoning and spacing out.

Comeback stage was on May 14th 2010 on KBS MusicBank.
Though i get to watch it LIVE, and i really really love it! I anticipate downloading the HQ version because i like it clear and full-screen FTW =D!

But i'll be honest to say for the Comeback in KBS and MBC, i was too tired to enjoy it it felt weird (and i need new glasses too what turf).
Though the HQ and full-screen thing. It was more like i was listening to them singing and zoning out at the same time. I can't pay attention. It was totally horrible and emos me out.

What happened to the good 'ol Comeback-times of sticking-your-face-to-the-laptop and HQ-full-screen-repeat-13times-round point-gossip-laugh-cry-emo at their dance, expression and being a bit more attentive, being able to see little things they do during performance and all?? Basically just everything lar! Hehe!

It is definitely not the "10-member-thing" (has looked passed it, accepted it and quite frankly very lazy to explain because it would require me going all long-winded and incoherent in a Blog entry), because it's just not that kind of weird... but more like i couldn't pay attention and kept zoning off.

And i don't like it.

I like to watch and repeat the performance over-and-over again, and noticing this and that. And all those stuffs, plus laughing at their clothing style or even hair (sorry i'm weird like this, i like making fun of them even if it was totally unnecessarily).

But i'm not doing any of it (well, i did some hahaHeeChulandSungMinhahaha but... that's beside the point, i still can't concentrate long enough (= =")...).

And these few days have been effing busy too i haven't rested well yet, but you know what, i'm going to keep all the videos in a folder, then when i'm "well-enough", have rested enough, i shall them all and dedicate a Blog entry to each comeback just to taunt and laugh at them =D!

Oh yeah!

But honestly, all those said, despite me zoning out and all... i find it amazing (for myself anyways) i can still see how Awesome and purr-fect their performance were (and they themselves too ♡). It was just Awesome Awesome. =D

I love them so so so so so much ♡.

Ok, GO GO GO! (^^ )

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