Monday, May 17, 2010

Lesson learnt.

I maintain that i still believe in cutting my hair very often, and that getting a bad cut every now and then isn't a bad thing (you know what works for you and what not).

That said, i had learned an extremely important lesson from my haircut this time round.

I have learned that i have to be responsible for whatever i may have said, or not, to my hairstylist - even body language.
Because whatever i may, or may not, say, will ultimately determine my final cut.

I told my stylist i want a new style with my usual (slimmer face - ㅋㅋ)... then hesitantly, i also asked for a style which looks "younger", as i honestly feel my long(er) hair makes me look much older.

... but then i forget that whenever i have short hair it does makes me look younger anyways what turf (= =")... totally redundant...

Lesson #1: Don't say redundant pointless stuffs. Remember, before and after are always different.

Then, my hairstylist asked if i wanted a more "funky" style.
Now, i thought "funky" means something like this.

Hmm, maybe it won't be too bad after all??

Haha, kidding! If that was what my stylist meant, i would beg on both knees for it =D!

I thought it was something along the line of, i don't know, the first image into my mind was quite stupid...
So i kept quiet not knowing what to say...

But thinking back, i think when my hairstylist said "funky", she meant my usual messy "rockish" hairstyle.

And thus, when i kept mum, this lead her to think that i don't want a "funky" style, and so...

Lesson #2: Know your hairstylist's terms.

When she started on my head, i remember i wanted a more "rockish-messy" style.
But then i figured, nah, just let it be.

Big mistake.

Lesson #3: Always know what you want.

And thus, because i phail-ed to follow all 3 "lessons" above...
That's how i ended up with this Justin Bieberber head meh FMAL.


Because young + not funky (messy) = Justin Bierberber-ish (apparently) what turf.

I won't say i regret not telling her i wanted a more messy style, after all, this is something new! I looked extremely fluffy now what turf 8D!

That said... the tauntings i got from everyone (= =")...

*M16 everyone*

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