Friday, September 25, 2009

Awesome Geng.

I don't think it's perfect.
But forever it's 100% purr-fect for me (^^ )!

I will always remember the moment i hear him sing this song. I started crying non-stop due to so many reasons.

So proud of you!!
It's one of my favourite songs (and to be super freaking totally-unrelated biasness to the max what turf Gary Chaw Malaysian singer hahahahaha and it has to be the song i introduced to Geng who totally loves Cam-ssica!!)!!
(HAHAHA, ok, just realized i blur is brain =D!)

Furthermore, i consider this song quite difficult sing! I often find myself cringing when i hear others (other than Gary) sing this song. Even i cringe when i sing it myself! Quite difficult to sing it well lor!
But not at all for Geng! Now got two liao! Gary and Geng =D! Yeah!

sang it with his own style, and i think he pull it off mighty fine (^^ )!
(No hint of biasness there =D!)

To people who thinks Geng is all-dance-no-sing-no-other-talent etc.
This is what i want to say to you.
I think Geng's super awesome =D!

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