Saturday, September 12, 2009

Not punny lor.

If you have been following my tweet (right-hand side of the page), you would notice that i'm a bit of a "tweet-spammer".
Ok fine, i super spammer lar.
Which probably resulted in the lack of Blogging =P!

I don't know, anyways, if you have been, you would notice the sudden outburst of whiny and dramatic tweets.
Seriously, i know i'm whiny (and likes to complain), but i didn't realize i'm quite a Drama Queen (Princess) lor!!

This week has not been going smooth for me. So many little bumps and boo-boos on the way, which made my mood the whole week down weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee off, like it was pushed off a cliff.
Which, the two most "major" one was superly "magnifed and highlighted" in my tweet (one was on my Blog - the previous two entries).

I seriously still miss JayBum a lot. I want him back so badly. In fact, i sometimes caught myself being really selfish and think, "Why can't this just happen to other 2PM members? Why Jay?"
Which is so selfish i am ashamed of myself for even thinking about it!! Tsk tsk.
But nevertheless, i want Jay back. Badly. I know how proud Koreans are, but seriously...

Anyways, i had actually written a post-Blog-entry (post?) towards the whole incident (after reading JYP's letter thing) - which seems a lot calmer compared to the previous two - but very lazy to edit so yeah... man-man wait lar before i publish it =P!

Another one would definitely be the one i'm still whining about now.
My bloody turfing (i cannot believe i still couldn't put it in myself to write the "F" word. How old am i? SE7EN? *lalala*) wisdom.

And then comes along a super huge flood of "wisdom" not-funny-but-only-i-find-it-funny "pun" jokes.
"I blame my wisdom for this."

Seriously, can anyone get lamer than me??
Classic man. Classic.
To me lar at least.
What the turf.
Check my tweet for more "not-punny-wisdom-jokes" FML.

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