Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Self-righteous and judgmental people.

Especially those who starts preaching (non-religious way) how you should be, you shouldn't do this and that...

Who am i? Am i living through you or something? Do i have to live through you to be living, alive and all those?

There are people i admire, because they bring themselves around very well. Not the least pretentious, and just very, well, "ME". (not "me", as in me myself and all, but rather, "they are very themselves" lar!)

But there are also those who goes around judging everyone else but themselves, being kinda pretentious "i am like this" (when in actual fact they are not), and judging others and putting the way they live as the way YOU should live.
And also go around thinking they know you very well based on what they judge from the surface, and assume who you are (OMG these are the worst!), and not even bothering to know what is actually behind etc. Or why do you act this way.

When actual fact... they aren't all-that.
It's like they are so caught up with judging others etc they forget to judge themselves.

And it's usually those people who actually go against whatever they had said or judge about other people. It makes them, well... there's no other word for it, a hypocrite.

And i don't like to think of someone i know that way.
I don't know, if it's someone you respect - a person elder than you, or a friend etc - it makes you lose your respect for that person, and i don't like that feeling.

I don't want to go around saying, "i am like this", because i know i'm one of the most contradicting person around.
Contradict, mind, not hypocrite.
Well, maybe a bit but let's not go there.

And maybe by writing this it's like i'm judging others liao isn't it? Sure someone else will come along and say, "hey you are also like that".

Now i won't say you are wrong, but i won't say you are right either. This kind of stuff is kinda subjective don't you think? Nobody's way to live is the most absolute. Something which you think is ok, may not be ok with me isn't it?

So to put it simple, i live the way i want to. As long as i can justify and explain it to myself, as long as i can live with it, then ok it is!
If i may had did something which makes others think i'm pretentious and hypocrite, well, i can't say i blame them (it being a subjective thing and all...)... as long as i know that i am doing it for myself only, and no one else (to see whatsoever), then that is all i need!
Yes, it's ALL ABOUT ME =D!

Life is well, LIFE. It's not a bloody contract where every time i say or do something, i have to come up with all those clauses etc etc to back myself up you know. I don't want to live my life worrying that i have to be by the book - strictly - and all.

I want to LIVE, be ALIVE... and not live my life by being a bloody contract (or a book) duh!

I think i'm kind of a very "to-your-face" kind of person. And hey, if you can't accept me for who i really am, there's nothing much i can do you know. So nothing i shall do =D!

As quoting Marilyn Monroe:
"If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best."
And that is very well-said indeed!

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