Monday, November 02, 2009

I will space out...

1) After eating a very very spicy meal.
2) Fishing the remaining pearls out of my Bubble Milk Tea.
3) After playing L4D using a sucky mouse.
4) Lack of sleep.
5) Shopping. (When i find loads of stuffs i like that is.)
6) Hungry.
(There should be more but only remember these now!)

Please bear in mind during said "space out periods", i will either:
- Have absolutely no idea you're talking to me.
- Do not know that you're talking to me until i wonder why are you looking at me.
- Might totally ignore you (varies, if you're unlucky only lar).
- Won't get what you're talking to me about.
- Cannot process properly what you've just said.
- It's possible i might decipher what you've said wrongly.
- Very very random.
- Will ask you who you are.
- Does not know who you are.

So please please please be extra considerate during my space out periods. Thank you!


katztales said...

Hey thanks for linking to us. We're honoured!

Can't get into Twitter. What do you like about it?

eiko-chan said...

No probs! I like reading about Target and Au (^^ )! Plus they are really cute! Please do post up more pics of them!

I have a cat myself too, so some of the information you've posted are really helpful and fun to read!