Saturday, November 14, 2009


No, i'm not 8-months pregnant lar.
Even though i may look like one what turf. (Ok, to be fair, 5-months not so scary ok FYL)
Bloody hell. If that is the first thing you thought of.

But rather, it has been 8-MONTHS since i last had McDs in Malaysia.
No, i'm not kidding, not even the slightest.
I'm trying to make it to a ONE YEAR feat, do you think i can?

No lar, that's not mine! I asked my bro to take a pic of his (and made sure he stay well away from me).

I thought i couldn't, but i actually made it past 8-months liao!! Can you believe it?
Sure, sometimes i miss the fries like mad!! Especially at night (especially when PMS what turf)!!
But thankfully, CousinKat is back in Bangkok liao (no more midnight 1am McDs-escapades *sobs*!!), and i used my lazy butt as an excuse to not move and stay where i am.

And and, i'm so freaking proud of myself!!
Bro's friend offered me A WHOLE PACK OF FRIES just now, but i said NO.
*proud sombong face you want to slap*
And OMG i almost gave in. The minute she stepped in the smell of the fries just attacked my nose i should sue bloody hell.


Ok, dang, i feel like stuffing my face with it now i think back of the smell.
Must. Resist. Temptation.
*bites HeeChul's tail*

But you know the funny thing throughout this whole "McDs-fasting" thing?

For starters, i would like to clarify the reason i am "fasting" myself from McDs is NOT because i want to lose weight and all those shit. I don't believe in cutting yourself off your favourite food just to lose weight, no.
The true reason is rather retarded so i shall just keep it to myself.

Ok, anyways, you know how McDs is one of the reason why people get obese and all?
Despite me lacking McDs, and for 8-month as a matter of fact... i'm actually steadily gaining weight FML.

But anyways, i'm trying my best to make it a "ONE-YEAR NO MCD IN MALAYSIA" feat! So wish me luck!

Am very thankful to Ah Poo. Even though she tempt me with McD breakfast/ lunch every now and then, she made sure i stick to what i said!
And like she said, after my one-year feat, i'm sure to stuff myself with McDs everyday liao what turf.

Oh well, let's see how then! Shall keep everyone updated =D!

ps: Please don't be so evil and pray i break my bloody fast lar bloody hell.

pps: Please don't be so evil and buy McDs and eat it in-front of me/ let me smell the smell, especially of the fries.
Because i swear the minute i see/ smell it, the McDs will be gone... along with you.
Kamsia very much.


alwizhyper said...

die lor liddat if i return to kl.

i ALWAYS go to MCDs late at night with my mates last time. everyday also visit MCDs center point i think the people working there recognize my face liao.

nevermind, will not pester u to join me for midnight mcds snax. hahahahahah. unless you want too ;)

eiko-chan said...

TAK BOLEH!! You shall not tempt me, or i'll disown you! LOLS!!

Hahaha, you'll have to do without me, or wait until June next year ok =P!
Unless if i go crazy and make it two years =P! Unlikely, but may try! Hehe!

mycupacake said...

haha !!!! ONE YEAR NO MCD IN MALAYSIA...then go out of malaysia can eat liao lo !!! just go to singapore or thailand... then u can have mc d.... hahaha

eiko-chan said...

Yeap! That's why i say "in Malaysia only"! Go oversea eat until tak mau eat =P! Hehe!