Sunday, November 01, 2009

Funny story.

Backdated entry 18th October 2009.

Went out for tea with Bibi, Amane and LooLooYee today.
Bibi brought her amazing D-SLR so she was taking pics of the cakes and all, when we were approached by this woman.

My first impression on her was, she seemed rather rude (well, not very rude lar, but i couldn't find another word for it) and in a very "accusing" tone, to the extent of being very patronizing.
She asked us why were we taking pictures of the cakes.
We were rather dumbfounded. I mean, years of taking pictures of my food and i have NEVER EVER been asked WHY are we taking pics of the food. I mean, come on lar... isn't it just weird?

I was like, "Er... for... fun?"
Can't remember what she said next, but i really didn't like her tone. I remember her saying that we have to ask her permission if we want to take pictures.
A bit stupid really, seeing we didn't take pics of the cakes on display, but rather, cakes we've bought and eating (or will be eating anyways). Plus, i've never heard of such stupid rule lor. (ok, maybe there is but i was never told lar really.)

She didn't accuse us straight on, but her tone surely is. It's as if she's accusing us for taking pics of her cake like we are competitors trying to steal her cake design and keep it as our own. And mind, she doesn't sound friendly. At least to me lar.
I really really didn't like her tone.
And that day i very emo liao, i don't need another idiot to come turf my life.

So then i said:
"But if we are Blogging the pictures, we are actually bringing customers to your shop aren't we?"
Wah, which then she immediately change her expression and tone (at least to me she did, very noticeable) and explained that there are people who steal her cake designs and everything so she have to be wary, so we were like, "Oh yeah yeah, we understand."

But seriously.
It's not like her cake design are OMG SO WONDERFUL I STEALLLLL~~~~~~~ ok. No seriously, it's not at all. My 3-year-old nephew can design better cakes than her cakes. It's so freaking simple!

And bloody hell. You "wary" also you don't go right on accusing your paying customers like that ok!
Seriously, i'm still kinda dumbfounded. Like... OMG!

But from what happened above, you can see how strong Blogging is nowadays.
Personally, small-business owners might not have the sufficient budget to go for big-ass advertistments like global corporations, so where else is best to rely on, and is (sorta) free?

Or review-Blogs anyways.
I myself turn to the net for reviews on almost everything before i buy it/ visit the place, and truth be told i am 80% review-influenced, whether it's from friends or net whatsoever.

So yeah, next time you want to be rude to your customers, be careful if that person is a Blogger or not.
You'll never know.
*cue dramatic bam-bam-bammm~~*

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