Sunday, November 01, 2009

How I Met Your Twitter.

Eh, sorry for the lack of updates =P!
I remember the good ol' times i use to blog like... at least once every two days (or until i hit the "writer's-block" road and will stop for a week or so before continuing my usual Blog-a-rhea).

Then came my tweeting phase - which i'm still in now BTW follow me (haha shampoo commercial what turf) - and i find that my "Blog frequencies" have deteriorated by a whole LOT. But at least i try to put in something once a week.

Then now...
My last post was more than two weeks ago FML.

Don't blame me, blame Twitter ehehe =P!

To be fair, i did write a few entries... but those are just blabbers which i need to kemas-kini it but sadly... never found the time to do it hehehe...

Will really try to update my Blog much more frequently. I love my Blog heaps, and despite it being neglected for a newer model (what turf), it has been a 5-year relationship after all. Plus it has been here with me through thick-and-thin and writers block and Blog-a-rhea and all, so... yeah...

No promise, since i'm no Blogger to begin with (i have my own definition of what makes someone a Blogger), but really, will try best =D!

Anyways BTW, follow me at _eikochan but PLEASE BEWARE. I am a Twitter-addict and i always Tweet-diarrhea. I can go up to 10 Tweets in one go, and i think this is my 2nd-3rd month into Twitter but i already have more than 2000 Tweets liao what turf.

Average that and you see how much i Tweet a day! Hahaha!

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