Saturday, November 21, 2009


Let's face it, growing up sucks!!
I want to be a kid forever and move into Disneyland!! YEAH! XD

But one part of growing up which i do like is discovering new things about myself everyday! The possibility is limitless/ endless/ blah-blah =)!

And one of the few things i discovered, well, not "recently", but definitely er, recently... what turf.
Ignore that, ehem... neeways, one of the few things i discovered is my preference in music. My choice in music and all!

I love music! I like relating stuffs to songs i heard and everything. Lyrics are a beautiful thing (i have a thing with words, that said, i hate poetry. Nuff said.)!

While my choice of music, the music i like and listen to often is very limited, but hey, whatever lar! I'm the one listening you know!

I love bands, it is official. I super heart bands! There is just something i super like when it comes to music which has an infusion of drums and electric guitar!
My favourite genre of music is Alternative Rock, or Pop Rock. I never know how to categorize which-is-which, but 3 of my favourite bands are of that genre, so that genre it is hehe!

And like how i don't know how to tell genres apart, my knowledge on how a band's instrument is are also quite limited. I have totally no idea how does a rhythm guitar sounds in a band. I'm like a 5-year-old in a car factory. Wheels go on car, bam, it moves.
Same, mine is "guitar - check. drums - check. bass - check... ok you have a band" what turf.

But it's ok! I don't want to sound all pretentious especially when i really know nothing about it!! If i know then ok, i have all rights to be pretentious, haha!

And yes, i don't update myself with new songs and everything. I may dig something out years later, and then suddenly like it. Old, but whatever, i like can liao!

I know how to listen nya, i know how to appreciate music which i like nya, and if it's good enough for me, it will have to be for you. =D

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